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Many men have problems during sex and this includes that they come too quickly, do not feel any real desire or that there is too little semen. According to legend, goat herb was discovered by a goatherd. A goat had eaten the herb and then it was particularly sexually active. Goatweed is also known as large-flowered sock flower or large-flowered fairy flower. The plant grows mainly in Asia up to the Mediterranean area.

The plant is said to have two different modes of action and so the alkaloids are said to have a psychologically stimulating effect and the glycosides are said to have a testosterone-increasing effect. The herb is said to have aphrodisiac effects on men and even on women. The herb is therefore used for pain, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. This product can be purchased as an over-the-counter sexual enhancer. A test should show whether the effect is really present in goat’s herb.

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Table of contents

  • Goat weed experiences and test 2019
    • Goat weed test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Other goat’s herb experiences
    • What alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Goat weed intake and dosage
    • Side effects
    • Should I buy goat’s weed? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Goatweed Test

Herbert is 45 years old and he wanted to test the Goat’s Herb. He had planned to test the Goat’s Herb over a period of four weeks and then share his experiences. Herbert suffered a lot from his potency problems and there were also problems in the partnership because of this. The love play no longer works properly and Herbert and his partner were in a bad mood and depressed. With Herbert there was also the low self-confidence. After Herbert read that goat herb is supposed to have an effect on his sex life, he had some hope.

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Day 7

The test person had read that the effect often only sets in after about two weeks and therefore he did not expect too much of the product in the first week. In fact, no difference was noticed in the first week and the test person waited anxiously for the following weeks.

Day 14

After the second week the test person reported that he still had sexual unwillingness. In general, his well-being was not increased and he did not notice any difference in general fatigue.

Day 21

After three weeks Herbert and his girlfriend did not notice any difference in the testosterone level. The desire for sexuality had not changed and, according to the test person, there was no visible increase in the number of sperm, nor did he notice the increased blood supply in the penis.

Day 28

The disappointment at the end of the test was relatively big. Herbert had quite high expectations of the goat weed, but they were not fulfilled. The test person knew that it cannot work the same way for all men, but he did not find any difference a pity. Not only did the sex not get better, but the rejuvenating effect was also missing and a memory enhancing effect was also not found.

Further goatweed experiences

When the different opinions about goat’s herb are looked at more closely, it is often read that no effect was observed. The number of sperm was often not increased, the blood supply to the penis was not increased and the desire for sex was not increased. Of course, some of the experiences and opinions are not directly recognized if they are serious and honest. Before the goat weed is tested and the disappointment at the end is great, it is best to reach for an alternative on the market.

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What alternative do I have?

Anyone who wants to do something about the potency problems will look for natural potency drugs. Many men do not go to a doctor and chemical products should not be tried directly. MSX6 belongs to the group of natural sexual enhancers and it is said to be an effective and good product. Whoever wants to buy MSX6 will find it not only from the manufacturer but also, for example, from Amazon. The product can therefore be called serious.

MSX6 is intended to offer various advantages in one product and is manufactured in Germany. The erection should be promoted, the sperm count should be regulated, the endurance should be increased and the product should be good for fitness. Many opinions say that the sex has been significantly improved and therefore the product can stand out clearly from other products on the market.

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The whole herb is usually used for goat weed and the ingredients are Icariin Des-O-methylicariin, n-hexacosylalkohal and fighterol derivatives.

Goat weed intake and dosage

The whole plant is mostly used dried. One cup of tea can be prepared per day. It is also said to be very effective when goat’s herb is pickled in alcohol. The only important thing about the herb is that it should not be taken over a long period of time.

Side effects

There is hardly anything read about side effects with the goat weed, but with the overdose it is possible to experience nosebleeds, vomiting and dizziness.

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Should I buy goat’s weed? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

Whoever wants to buy goat’s cabbage despite the bad experiences will find it on the Internet. Many different online shops offer goat herb and also for example on eBay the herb is found.


Goat weed is generally said to be helpful for various complaints. However, some testers cannot confirm this and especially in the sexual area often no difference could be found. Even after several weeks there was often no effect and the product should not be used for too long. If you really want to fight your problems effectively, you should resort to the alternative MSX6. Even if there should be hardly any side effects with the goat’s herb, it is better to use MSX6, because there is a real effect. MSX6 is well tolerated and therefore no one has to resort directly to Viagra. MSX6 can be bought over the counter and is manufactured in Germany.

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