Vital Slim Experiences 2019 – Warning: All fraud? Get informed now

By | 27. September 2020

Vital Slim experiences and test – How good are the Vital Slim capsules?

Nowadays, many people reach for the so-called slimmers. Like Vital Slim, these are dietary products. The Fatburner tablets are advertised with many properties and different results should be possible. The manufacturer states more alertness and vitality as well as a faster metabolism.

The calorie intake should be reduced and there should be no more attacks of ravenous appetite. The feeling of satiety and blood sugar level should be given and there should be many micronutrients for increased muscle growth.

According to the manufacturer, the body should also be detoxified, which means more calories are consumed at rest. Many interested parties ask themselves the question how good the capsules really are.

But can the weight loss capsules really convince? Read on to find out the answer.

To make a long story short: Vital Slim has unfortunately not convinced us, the better alternative is riboSlim:

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Table of contents

  • Vital Slim experiences and test – How good are the Vital Slim capsules?
    • Lose weight with Vital Slim capsules: test report
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Vital Slim experiences
    • Which alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Effect
    • Intake
    • Side effects
    • Buy Vital Slim at dm?
    • Buy Vital Slim in pharmacy?
    • Bottom line:

Lose weight with Vital Slim capsules: test report

Janina is 37 years old, she is 1.62 meters tall and weighs 74 kilograms. Janina wanted to lose a few kilograms and was looking for a suitable aid. It was agreed with the test person that the diet would not be changed and that no sports would be done. The aim was to determine the effect of the product in the test. Janina had looked at the before and after pictures before and she could not really believe it.

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Day 7

The test person had strictly followed the manufacturer’s intake recommendations. In the first week, no more energy and vitality were felt and the feeling of ravenous appetite was still present. The scales showed the same weight as a week ago.

Day 14

After two weeks Janina asked friends and acquaintances if they noticed anything about her. This question was answered in the negative. Even Janina herself did not notice any difference compared to before taking the medicine.

Day 21

Now that three weeks have passed, Janina hoped for at least a slight weight loss on the scales. The test person was not yet able to detect any difference in clothing, and her energy and vitality did not increase either. However, the scales still showed exactly the same weight as before.

Day 28

After 4 weeks of taking the tablets Janina was very disappointed. She said that she could have saved herself the money. Even after four weeks no effect was found in the test person. The only positive thing to mention was that she did not notice any side effects and that the tablets could be taken easily.

Further Vital Slim experiences

Some users reported that the before/after pictures could not be correct because they themselves did not find any success. Only a few testers reported success, but this in combination with sport and a change of diet. According to some users, losing weight without exercise hardly works at all.

Some testers reported that the yoyo effect can be expected even with a small effect. The weight can only be maintained for a longer period of time if good nutrition and sport are followed over the long term.

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Which alternative do I have?

The alternative is often called riboslim, which is supposed to be a unique and highly concentrated slimming formula. It should contain effective, high-quality ingredients. The ingredients should convert the superfluous carbohydrates into energy and fats should not be stored.

The emotional balance is to be promoted and the Seratonin level is to be normalized. There should be no undesirable side effects due to the purely natural ingredients and the product is often recommended for self-testing.

Now finally take it off!


The ingredients are of course always decisive for success or effect. The manufacturer is relatively covered to the ingredients and the talk is only of Isoleucine and Leucine. Leucine is said to stimulate muscle growth, counteract the breakdown of muscles and improve insulin sensitivity. The fat burning should also be promoted. The amount of leucine or the other ingredients are not specified.


The manufacturer states that up to 6 kilograms of fat are burned in 4 weeks. At rest, the calorie reduction should be increased and the body is detoxified by micro substances. Everyone should have more energy and vitality and during physical activity the muscle build-up should be increased.

The metabolism should be stimulated and the calorie intake should be reduced. Furthermore, the blood sugar level should be lowered and there should be no feeling of ravenous appetite.


The package insert states that it is recommended to take one capsule a day with a glass of water. Plenty of liquid is generally always important for the tablet form.

Side effects

The manufacturer states that the formula is 100 percent natural and therefore the tablets should be free of side effects. Whether there are really no side effects is difficult to judge. Allergies and intolerances are never excluded, even with natural products.

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Buy Vital Slim at dm?

The product is mainly sold via the manufacturer’s homepage. With some dealers, the product can also be bought on Ebay, for example. The product cannot be found on Amazon or in drugstores like Rossmann or dm.

Buy Vital Slim at a pharmacy?

Whoever wants to buy Vital Slim can usually only do so on the manufacturer’s website. With other websites it must be expected that it could also be counterfeit. Vital Slim is not found in pharmacies.


If you take a closer look at the experiences regarding Vital Slim, you will find some negative experiences regarding the alleged miracle pill. The products serve to support diets. Without a change in diet or exercise, however, it is difficult to lose weight.

According to some testers, simply taking Vital Slim should not lead to a desired result. Risks and side effects can almost be excluded if taken correctly and if there are no intolerances. Nevertheless, it may be better to resort to alternative products such as Riboslim.

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