Vigrax test, experience and effect 2019 – A means to success?

By | 4. October 2020

For many men, erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing and difficult issue. Men are accompanied by feelings of helplessness and lack of self-confidence when they have erectile dysfunction. Men of all ages are affected and the exact numbers of those affected can be shocking. There can be several reasons for this and often it is a disorder of the hormonal system. The penis is then insufficiently supplied with blood and erectile dysfunction occurs.

Vigrax is said to be able to help men with erectile dysfunction, according to the manufacturer. The capsules are intended to be quickly absorbed by the body. They are intended to regulate the testosterone level in the body and the product also has a positive effect on the libido. Vigrax is a sexual enhancer, which should not be confused with Viagra. With this product, problems should be tackled where they arise and then solved. The manufacturer states that only natural ingredients are present and therefore the side effects are not present. A test should show whether the erection really lasts longer and is stronger and whether stamina improves.

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  • Vigrax experiences and test 2019
    • Vigrax Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Vigrax experiences
    • Which alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Vigrax intake and dosage
    • Side effects
    • Should I buy Vigrax? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Vigrax Test

Jürgen is 43 years old and he wanted to get rid of his problems. Before resorting to chemical products or considering surgery, he wanted to try natural sexual enhancers. Jürgen had read a lot about Vigrax and the promises of the manufacturer were convincing. Jürgen wanted to test the product over 4 weeks and he was very curious about the effect. The sexual enhancer is well known and it has already been tested by several men. There are many different opinions about the product and while some men swear by it, others are still waiting in vain for success. Klaus wanted to try this himself to get a more precise picture of Vigrax. Of course Klaus already knew that the effect can be different from man to man. Jürgen bought the product without a prescription on the internet and the capsule form was interesting for him because of the easy taking. The test person hoped that the erectile dysfunction could be improved with it.

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Day 7

The manufacturer states that the first successes are felt after only 7 days. Although no side effects could be determined, Klaus has not had any effect so far. The product has been used twice daily for 7 days. In the first week, the test person found that this product did not yet show any effect on erectile dysfunction. The strength and duration of the erection did not increase.

Day 14

Klaus waited anxiously for the result after two weeks, because half of the time is already over here. After two weeks, Klaus informed again that the results are not satisfying. The promises made by the manufacturer could not be determined. However, the product was tested for another two weeks. After the second week, Jürgen only found that there were no side effects and the tolerability was good. However, the ejaculation could not be prolonged and sex was no longer fun.

Day 21

When Klaus did not notice any changes even after three weeks, he no longer believed in the effectiveness of the product. Of course it is pleasant if there are no side effects, but the test persons also hope for an effect. Klaus had followed the manufacturer’s instructions exactly when taking the product and yet no success was achieved. Even after three weeks the test person noticed that the testosterone level had not yet increased. The performance during sex was not increased and the improved blood supply did not occur. There was no change during sex and Jürgen’s girlfriend could not find any result either.

Day 28

After the whole test period Jürgen and his girlfriend were very disappointed. He had hoped that the effect stated by the manufacturer would be at least partially achieved. The capsule form can be taken easily, but Klaus would not recommend the sexual enhancer.

Further Vigrax experiences

If you read up on Vigrax on the Internet, you will find opinions and experiences about this product. Side effects are not noticed by some testers, but also a satisfactory effect is often not found. Many interested parties are surprised that the effect is said to have been clinically proven and the results of the study have not been published. Some testers assume that the advertising promises cannot be kept. Self-tests often showed that an alternative would have been better. In comparison with other products, better experiences were made. According to experience, there are only three ingredients in the potency product and the special combination is supposed to have a great effect. According to the experiences of some testers, the effect could not be reproduced. Of course, all men are different and therefore different results are often achieved. Some experiences also say that a small effect was found, which test person Klaus could not confirm after 4 weeks of taking the product.

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Which alternative do I have?

Those who have erection problems usually have other difficulties as well. Self-confidence often suffers, men feel ashamed and relationships often suffer greatly. Men then look for an alternative that can really help. MSX6 is one of the over-the-counter products that are supposed to work as a natural erectile stimulant. The testers report that the stamina of the product improved and that there was more desire for sex. With the help of MSX6 the blood circulation should improve, the hormone production should be stimulated and the stress hormones should be reduced. With the help of MSX6 the relationship should work better again in the end.

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Guarana has a positive effect on the bloodstream, because the vessels are dilated. In the body there is thus the better blood circulation, which should also lead to the improvement of the erection. Earth-root thorn is a natural aphrodisiac, which has the effect on cholesterol level and blood pressure. The immunity is strengthened, the mood is improved and the libido is increased. Earth-rootthorn is also in demand as a steroid substitute in bodybuilding and weight training. L-Arginine is also used for erectile dysfunction and the amino acid is often used by athletes. L-Arginine is known as an amino acid compound for improved performance. The manufacturer states with regard to the effect that the strength and duration of the erection improves significantly. Korean ginseng also improves blood circulation and provides energy. The overall composition is said to ensure a lasting and strong erection and Tribulus Terrestris is also used in many other natural sexual enhancers. It is said to have a potency-promoting effect. Also present is ginseng, which has also been used for a long time as a natural sexual enhancer. Ginseng is known for some potency-promoting properties. At the root the cause of the problem should be fought and then eliminated. The manufacturer states that the combination of the active ingredients should lead to the effect and this without side effects.

Vigrax intake and dosage

Vigrax is taken for a longer period of time and this daily. Two tablets are taken per day and the capsules are swallowed with water. If you plan to have sexual intercourse, you can take the capsule about thirty minutes before. This is to ensure sexual performance. Many people take the product with meals, but the times at which it is taken are flexible.

Care should always be taken with all products, even if they are advertised with 100 percent natural ingredients. After all, side effects can never be 100 percent excluded.

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Natural sexual enhancers are not miracle cures and therefore sport and a suitable diet can only be supported but not replaced.

Side effects

It is important with Vigrax that the manufacturer advertises with the natural active ingredients and therefore side effects should not occur. However, interactions with other drugs cannot be excluded. After ginseng is included, patients with high blood pressure should be somewhat careful. Also dangerous are the drugs that regulate the blood circulation. General intolerances or allergies must of course be taken into account.

Should I buy Vigrax? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If men want to buy Vigrax even though they have read the bad opinions and experiences, then the product is not available in stores and not in pharmacies. The product is best ordered from the official website of the manufacturer, because not infrequently there are also inferior fakes on the Internet.


Due to the many negative reviews and experiences on the Internet, Vigrax is apparently a sexual enhancer that cannot be helpful in erectile dysfunction. Although it is relatively free of side effects due to the alleged natural ingredients, it does not have the promised effect. The alarm bells are ringing with many buyers after alleged studies are mentioned, but these have never been published. There is a big question mark over the product and therefore there is often no clear recommendation to buy.

In most cases it is recommended that alternatives are tried. MSX6 is a good alternative to Vigrax and here too, the easy intake is guaranteed with the capsule form. MSX6 can be bought without a prescription and the ingredients are also herbal. MSX6 is produced in Germany, there are positive effects on the erectile tissue, the hormone production is stimulated, the stress hormones are reduced and the blood circulation in the genital area is promoted.

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