Vibro Shaper Experience & Test 2019 – WARNING: Big scam?

By | 5. October 2020

Vibro Shaper experience and test

The Vibro Shaper has been the subject of increasing discussion lately.
Sure, it promises efficient support for losing weight and building muscle – and everyone wants better results with less effort!

A Vibro Shaper is a vibration plate
, which can not only help you lose weight,
but can also effectively help you build up muscles.

But can the Vibro Shaper convince with its advantages? We explain.

Various complaints that can be caused by overweight are reduced by using a Vibro Shaper, the muscles are activated and built up in the long term.
This works with vibration that is able to penetrate deep into the skin. The muscles are activated and the vibration causes them to oscillate. This muscle movement consumes energy and trains your muscles. You could describe the functioning of such a vibration plate as simple as this.

In the following you will find all information that is important for the correct use of a Vibro Shaper or a vibration plate. Details on how it works, a basic training plan and other tips on losing weight are summarised below.

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Table of contents

  • Vibro Shaper experience and test
    • Advantages of the Vibro Shaper:
    • Disadvantages of the Vibro Shaper:
    • Vibro Shaper Test: Application report about training with the Vibro Shaper device
      • Day 1
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
      • Day 35
      • Day 42
      • Conclusion about the own Vibro Shape experience
    • Effect – How does a Vibro Shaper work?
    • Vibro Shaper side effects
      • Respect for these diseases
      • Is the Vibro Shaper suitable for you?
    • Further Vibro Shaper experiences in weight loss and test reports
      • Vibro Shaper Test Stiftung Warentest
      • Vibro Shaper Experience AOK
    • Vibro Shaper buy cheap – Price comparison
      • Amazon
      • Ebay
      • Mediashop
      • Otto
      • Real
    • Vibro Shaper exercises
      • Push-up
      • Abdominal muscle training
      • Squats
      • Lunge
    • Conclusion: What is the Vibro Shaper good for overall?

Mediashop VibroShaper.

  • GENERAL: Vibro Shaper trains different muscle groups with only one device
  • IMPORTANT: high-quality oscillation technology – builds up muscles through vibration and tightens the body
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Protects joints, ligaments and bones – increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles
  • APPLICATION: Only 10 minutes training per day to get the body in shape, 3 different levels: walking / jogging / sprinting, 50 muscle contractions and 99 different speeds in one machine
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Vibro-Shaper – vibrating plate, power stretching bands (2 pieces of resistance bands), 1x nutrition plan, 1x remote control (without battery

179,00 EUR

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Advantages of the Vibro Shaper:

    • Fast training success,
    • Effective training of individual muscle groups,
    • Time-independent training,
    • Can be done alone, no instruction or training group necessary,
    • Variety of exercises possible,
    • Very good motivation to continue when first successes are quickly visible,
    • Doing sports without having to move,
    • ideal for people with little time

In our opinion the advantages of the Vibro Shaper clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the Vibro Shaper:

    • Relatively high acquisition costs
    • The training can become lonely in the long run, because you do not train in a group
    • Corrections by a trainer at home are not possible (so make sure that the exercises are performed very well yourself)

Vibro Shaper Test: Anwendungsbericht zum Training with the Vibro-Shape device

One thing in advance: Before you start your own training plan, you should also adjust your diet and drinking habits. Your body needs to be supplied with sufficient fluids and nutrients. You should also avoid ready meals or fast food during the training period.

You should also be disciplined to see quick results. For this purpose 10 minutes of training per day on the Vibro Shaper are a must. After all, you can do this while watching TV. Through regular use, the body gets used to the vibrations better on the one hand, but on the other hand the training effect is the greater, the more regularly you do the respective sport, and of course this also applies to vibration platforms.

Exercises with fitness bands are especially recommended, so the exercises on the platform are also much more varied. They can also be used for stretching after the training, because this is also very important when doing sports on such a Vibro Shape plate to prevent sore muscles.
Make sure that you always lace the straps as short as possible so that they do not absorb unwanted vibrations and make the exercise less effective. Ideally, the bands increase the vibration and extend the range of action to the tips of the feet and toes.

Our test person Annika, 40 years, was allowed to test the Vibro Shaper for six weeks.

Day 1

Every beginning is hard. The vibration makes Annika laugh quickly, in the beginning there were big problems with the balance. The coordination of the arms and legs and at the same time a firm stand is difficult. For this reason the test person concentrated on optimizing her balance on day 2. As a tip: Draw a point on the wall, it can be easily fixed, that helps enormously. Already on day two you got used to the vibrations and also to the new body feeling. Dizziness or a feeling of staggering was no longer present in the test person from day two.

Day 7

Back, neck and hips, the main problem areas of the test person were only identified correctly with the help of the training. There are different exercises, which she did from now on, because of the exercise effect you don’t have to look any more, you just apply. The test person worked from top to bottom and started with shoulder circles on the Vibro Shape Platform, then it goes directly into hip circles and then knee bends follow. The daily training is part of the daily routine, sore muscles almost never occur again.

Weight loss: 1.0 kg.

Day 14

Time to increase the frequency slightly or increase the duration of the training time. Just like the lateral lunge, deep knee bends are among the favourite exercises of the test person, maybe it is similar for you. Just use your arms more and more to train not only the lower region but also the upper body. All in all, the exercises are more complex and from this training level on, the test person also uses latex fitness bands.

Weight loss: 1.25 kg.

Day 21

The daily exercise time is now 2 times 15 minutes. The skin surface is clearly tightened and the test person can clearly feel muscles which she did not have before or would have suspected at all. In the morning and evening there is a fixed sequence of exercises that should be performed. This is followed by five minutes of stretching exercises.

Weight loss: 1.5 kg.

Day 28

In addition to improved posture and a much better sense of balance, the vibration platform has also revealed quite other advantages. It can be used very well for stretching and massage, for example for stressed calves. If you squat down on the floor and place your arms stretched out on the platform, the shoulders can be stretched effectively and the chest opened.

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Weight loss: 1,25 kg.

Day 35

Movements that are known from aerobics are now part of the Vibro Shaper training program. Condition and fitness feel much better, which is why you should be more and more confident in yourself. Like the test person, you can combine different exercises in a fluid sequence, just not just on the floor, but with the support of the platform. The calorie consumption has increased significantly due to the reinforcement, the kilos just fall.

Weight loss: 1.5 kg.

day 42

In the test, the test person achieved a super success. She feels fit as never before. The body no longer knows tension, it almost feels as if every muscle in the body is activated. And above all, after this test it was clear to the test person that she can control every muscle as she wants. This feeling of well-being is the reason why she will continue the training with the Vibro Shaper.

Weight loss: 1.5 kg.

Conclusion about the own Vibro Shape experience

The result is very satisfying.

8 kilograms of weight loss in 42 days is a value that could satisfy Annika as well as us completely. It took Annika the first two weeks to get completely used to the vibrations and not to feel them constantly while practicing. There were no headaches or other complaints, only a daily muscle ache had to be accepted, which was no longer present from week two on.

If you don’t want to take any food supplements, the Vibro Shaper is a very good way of boosting fat burning.

However, we must note that the combination of the workout with the Vibro Shaper and the regular intake of a fat burner such as riboSlim would have achieved even greater success, as the fat burner also accelerates the calorie burning process considerably (up to 50%).

Now directly to the manufacturer

But how is it possible to lose weight so well with the Vibro Shaper in combination with riboSlim?

Effect – How does a Vibro Shaper work?

Many interested people cannot imagine exactly how the weight loss and strengthening of muscles through vibration should work. Actually, one does nothing else but stand on a vibrating plate. Sounds simple, is simple!
The vibrations can be adjusted in different strengths. But even at the lowest level, the body reacts to the vibrations emitted by the device all by itself. Our natural sense of balance is addressed and we try to keep ourselves stable on the plate so as not to fall.
These balancing movements alone ensure that our muscles are activated. The good thing is that the micro-vibrations from the Vibro Shaper become active even in the smallest muscle groups, i.e. in the area of the muscle fibres. Through this stimulation the muscles grow by themselves.

So to speak, it addresses muscle groups that we don’t normally use, and normally only when we do sports. Swinging back and forth, because nothing else is vibration, brings movement to the muscle fibres.
It is also the muscle fibres that are responsible for the stability and strength in the trunk, as well as in the abdominal region. If our muscles are strengthened in the middle of the body, herniated discs and other joint diseases are effectively prevented, because the response of the muscle fibres and muscles provides more strength and thus prevents joints pressing against each other. This can be the case in the back, but also, for example, in the knee joint, and muscle building is a must in order to be fit in the long term and strengthen your health.
If, for example, it is on the programme to strengthen the back, secondary diseases and further joint wear can be reduced. No matter which body region is to be trained, you can support every training with the Vibro Shaper and promote the deep muscle build-up.

And this is easily achieved with vibrations!

When standing on the vibration plate, the muscle fibres are activated, you support the whole thing with your own posture, so you can train your back and other parts of the body in a targeted manner. You will find more information on this in the section on exercises with a Vibro Shaper.

However, the vibrations are not only transmitted to the depth of the muscles, the skin surface is also trained by the vibrations. Furthermore, the metabolism is stimulated by the physical activity, which helps the body to feel better. Waste products and toxins can be removed from the body much more easily in an active body. So it is possible that through this physical activation, in addition to a healthy diet, one quickly experiences the effect that the kilos just tumble.
The combination of the muscle activation on the Vibro Shaper and a balanced diet is the key to a healthier and fitter life.
The muscle build-up is then further supported by various exercises that can be performed on the platform. Already with a daily training of about 10 minutes positive results can be achieved, if you extend this time and support it with special exercises, nothing stands in the way of your training success and your muscle build-up.

Exercising with a vibration plate has proven to have an effect on your skin, because water retention and small fat pads disappear after a short period of use. The vibrations loosen the deposits in the tissue, so to speak. Unpleasant dents, which can often be seen with cellulite, are minimised when you work out on a vibration plate permanently and regularly.
Training with the Vibro Shaper has a skin tightening effect, cellulite can be fought in the long term, but regular training is a must.
The whole body gets into vibration, so to speak, and thus especially waste products or fat and water deposits can be removed more easily, which are the main causes for the development of cellulite.
The training increases the body’s basal metabolic rate and the entire organism is stimulated, i.e. the metabolism. This also increases the likelihood of becoming fresher and fitter and also of having less cellulite. The skin appears firmer and more radiant, but this is mainly due to the fact that you move more physically and your metabolism also functions better.

Through this whole new body awareness a whole new body awareness is created. Through the change in diet and the elimination of substances that our body does not actually need and whereby the vibrations are a first-class support, our body juices can literally flow better. The result of this new body awareness is a completely new feeling of well-being. We feel our body more and more intensely than ever before, which is also due to the fact that you can feel muscles that you would not have even suspected before using the Vibro Shaper.
You have already successfully taken the first steps and literally feel lighter, just because our stomach and intestines are no longer so heavily loaded and we feed our metabolism as if at full speed, but only with healthy and an increased level of vibration.

The complete digestion is relieved by a change of diet, if then the vibrations are added, we support our body and in this case the peristalsis to function properly. Only when everything is working well within us can the body absorb good substances such as vitamins and minerals. If it is blocked, so to speak, this is not possible and this is exactly where such vibration plates can help. The great thing is that this new body feeling leads to a feeling of well-being, which makes it easier for anyone interested to continue with the sport or diet programme. There is simply no better motivation than a previously unknown feeling of well-being!

Now finally lose weight!

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But training on a vibration plate has even more advantages for you and your fitness. For example, you can not only strengthen your muscles and stimulate your metabolism, but also release muscle tensions. No matter where they are located, whether in the neck, the neck area or the back region, the gentle vibrations of the plate harmonize the muscles and release tension.
The muscle fibres are not only activated, but also loosened and set in motion. This light movement makes it easier to loosen muscle strands that are linked together, and strains and tensions can be released by using vibrations or by training on a vibration plate.

A further advantage of exercising on a vibration plate is that fat burning is increased in passing. Because the more muscles you have and the more you exercise them, the more energy is needed for this. Through the movement that is created by a vibration, energy or calories are also burned. So the training and the response of the muscles has the effect that you lose calories with the right diet and without much effort. If you support the whole thing with exercises, your total calorie turnover will continue to increase and you will consume more and more energy. Effectively, you lose fat, not necessarily kilos, but if you keep working on your muscles, you get fitter and fitter and the kilos go down over time.

As you can see, training with vibrations has many positive effects. In any case, the activation of the muscles should be accompanied by a protein-rich but very healthy and balanced diet. Fruit and lots of vegetables make it even easier for the body to activate itself and also to flush out waste products.
Drink a lot of liquids during training with the Vibro Shaper, as only in this way is there enough liquid available to supply the body with oxygen and also to remove toxins as quickly as possible.
The combination of the use of the Vibro Shaper, a healthier diet and a set of personal favorite exercises make a long term weight loss success including a top fitness possible.

Vibro Shaper side effects

Are there any side effects when using the Vibro Shaper? In more and more fitness centres nowadays you can find vibrating plates. The question is not completely unjustified, how effective are these devices actually and are there side effects. In any case, these plates belong to the trend sports equipment at all and they make it possible to get out a maximum of muscle movement with a minimum of movement.

To find out about side effects, it is always important to analyse whether any side effects are directly related to the sports equipment or to a wrong application. Especially posture problems and damage to the joint apparatus, which one had before training on a vibration plate, can give the impression that pain depends on the new training method. However, it is much more the muscles that are put back into activity for a long time that can come out and cause slight muscle pain.
As with any fitness sport or training, a health check should be carried out at the beginning so that any health risks can be taken into account in the training plan.

It is also very important that you increase slowly and do not want to give 100% or more right at the beginning of the training. The body must slowly get used to the new movement and vibration. This is recommended if no sport was done on the vibration plate for a long time before the training. During a long phase of passivity, tensions can develop, even complete malpositions of the joint apparatus.
In order for the body to get used to the new sport slowly, the duration and also the intensity of the vibrations should be increased step by step. In doing so, you should pay attention to your well-being and gut feeling. Everything that feels good is also good for the body.

It is always an individual case decision which exercises and which training duration on the Vibro Shaper are best for the user. Because there are actually different opinions about the effectiveness of the vibration plates in general and also about their possible side effects.

As was already established in the 1970s, the efficiency of a training can be increased three to four times more powerful by using vibration plates, the training success occurs much faster and with one exercise many more muscle groups are addressed, during a normal training session.
The depth effect is much more efficient with vibration plates.

But this is exactly the point that is also criticized. It is possible that already weakened joints or cartilage are further loosened or pressed together by vibrations. It is also conceivable that blood clots or even kidney stones or the like inside the ligament are only loosened by the vibration and thus become a danger. However, these are possibilities, a precise connection between a certain vibration and the occurrence of a certain side effect has not yet been proven.

The causes of complaints can be much more likely to be a wrong posture, which is now being corrected. What is certain is that different vibrations and exercises on the plate can address different parts of the body. If there are concerns for one body region, the exercises can easily be directed to other areas or the vibration level can be adjusted.

Attention with these diseases

In the case of the following clinical pictures, the use of a vibration plate should be discussed in advance with the doctor or trainer:

    • Diseases of the cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure
    • For acute illnesses or inflammatory wounds
    • In the presence of thrombosis and other vascular constrictions
    • After heart surgery / with existing stents or bypasses
    • Arthrosis
    • Advanced osteoporosis
    • If gallstones or even kidney stones have been diagnosed

Since the calorie consumption by the Vibro Shaper during training increases significantly, a balanced and protein-rich diet must be ensured. Magnesium can also be added, because muscle contractions occur during muscle building, which consume energy. If we do not supply the body with this energy, deficiency symptoms or perhaps even slight cramps will occur.

To ensure that the reactivated muscles are sufficiently supplied, you should drink enough fluid and perhaps a protein shake before training. The more muscles are then built, the higher the calorie consumption. You gradually lose weight and convert fat into muscle mass by training for a few minutes.

Is the Vibro Shaper suitable for you?

Actually, the Vibro Shaper can be used by anyone interested, there is no age limit. For proper use, however, it should be ensured that one does not use such a plate with a cold and fever. Also risk groups like children, elderly and pregnant women should not use the vibration plate. All others can use various exercises to improve balance, tone the body or build up muscles.

Whether neck, trunk, hip region or even knees, with the right exercises every body region can be trained effectively with the Vibro Shaper. If vascular diseases are present or if a pacemaker has even been inserted, you should talk to your doctor before starting training. But even for this user group there are gentle exercises that do not overload the heart and circulation system.

Anyone who wants to burn calories and tone their body can take advantage of the vibrations of the Vibro Shaper Platform. Without effort and without dieting, this sports equipment allows you to quickly achieve successes that work deep down and can be maintained for a long time.

All those who want to improve their flexibility and physical strength quickly and effectively can use the Vibro Shaper. The Vibro Shaper Platform is also suitable for the therapy of slight pain and pre-tension. This device can even be used for stress management, because the vibrations release not only physical but also psychological tension. As is well known, movement is always good for the head and the well-being that results from using the Vibro Shaper Platform further enhances this positive, liberating and stress-relieving effect.

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More Vibro Shaper experiences in weight loss and test reports

In various forums you can inform yourself about the vibration platforms and above all get suggestions for exercises. There are countless videos and illustrations that always give new ideas for your own training program.
You will also find one or the other experience report in the various forums. In my experience, you have to try out these platforms yourself to find out whether this type of training is suitable or not.

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Vibro Shaper Test Stiftung Warentest

In the test report of Stiftung Warentest, the experience with the vibratory plate is described as consistently good. The quality of the device itself and also the workmanship was convincing in the test and in comparison with other vibratory plates. The test result includes the price and the different modification possibilities! Like for example the number of adjustable vibration levels or the user-friendliness, all in all the Vibro Shaper can be awarded the test result “good”.

Vibro Shaper Experience AOK

On the part of the statutory health insurances there is no compliant statement regarding the increase in efficiency of a training with the Vibro Shaper. A cost absorption by health insurances will only take place in exceptional cases and after close examination. This is also the case with the AOK and any other major health insurance company.
However, in many cases, participation in body-conserving fitness courses is already supported by health insurance companies. So why not get suggestions in such courses, which can then be used for training on the platform!
A conversation with a trainer is usually free of charge and every health insurance patient should use the opportunity to ask questions and get the best information, if the costs for Vibro Shaper courses are not covered in most cases. But you can still ask questions!

Buy Vibro Shaper cheap – Price comparison

Before you buy a vibratory plate, it is advisable to make a price comparison. For this purpose, the prices offered by suppliers are sometimes simply too different. A comparison is also appropriate for the equipment, because not all suppliers have all components in their offer. For example, fitness bands are not included in every package. So take a close look at the components, compare the pictures and the product descriptions and of course compare the prices. Also which guarantee is offered or whether shipping costs are incurred could be a purchase criterion for you. Therefore, compare the offers on Amazon, Ebay and in the Mediashop, only then make a choice!


The Vibro Shaper is available in the Amazon Marketplace. A large number of vibration plates are embedded directly under the product. So you can compare here again and get informed about the opinion of other customers. You save the shipping costs when buying a Vibro Shaper via Amazon, because there are no shipping costs from this price on.


The Vibro Shaper is new and used also available on Ebay. But here the prices for such a vibration plate vary the most. It is also not the original supplier, but in the worst case resellers who do not offer the legal warranty. Prices and components for the Vibro Shaper are very similar to the originals from the manufacturer or from the mediashop. However, there is always a limited quantity and a low sales price is a matter of luck. Therefore it is recommended to buy your vibro shaper from Amazon.


The Vibro Shaper is available in the Mediashop and can be ordered free of shipping costs. In the Mediashop there is a wide range of supporting equipment like gymnastic bands, but you can also get the original vibratory plates from the manufacturer. The Mediashop also gives you a lot of information about the exercise with the vibration plates and what you have to consider. This helped me and will probably also make it easier for you to start training.


You can also order the Vibro Shaper easily via a mail order catalogue. Otto also offers the Vibro Shaper.


If you are on the road in Real, you may also be lucky enough to come across a special offer in Real for the Vibro Shaper, because the vibration plates are so popular that you can find them on sale here. The equipment features are in the Real as in the online offer, also here the selling price can be higher than the online offer.

Vibro Shaper exercises

You can actually do any exercise on the Vibro Shaper that you normally do on the floor or on a training mat. From shoulder circles, knee bends to push-ups, you can literally work yourself out on the Vibro Shaper.


The wrists are positioned on the plate, the feet are pulled close together and you lean up and reach the support position. Do not lift your bottom too far and form a horizontal line with your body. It helps if you do this exercise on the platform in front of a mirror, then you can correct better and you can see if your posture is good or bad.

Abdominal muscle training

Actually, all muscle groups are addressed when training on the plate. To train the abdominal muscles, you lie down on your back, your feet come on the plate. If you slowly raise and lower your pelvis, you will not only feel a stretching of the hips, but also the abdominal muscles are stretched and strained, which strengthens them in the long run. You go, so to speak, with your lower body in a horizontal position and lift the pelvis from the vibration plate with the inhalation and lower it with the exhalation.


Squats are always a good workout and on the Vibro Shaper they are much more effective. Stand on the platform with your legs spread hip-wide. The pelvis is upright, buttocks and stomach are slightly tensed so that you don’t stand in a hollow back, then you bend your knees as slowly as possible and make sure that there is a 90 degree angle between buttocks and lower legs. You walk with your buttocks more backwards than downwards, if you do squats correctly. The vibrations ensure that the effort is much deeper and the training effect when squats is much higher than normal.


From the standing position you alternately take a big step forward. You start with the leg that is not on the ground and put it on the vibration plate, you do this in turns. It is also possible to stand completely on the plate and do the lunge on the floor, this trains the balance very well. You and your training progress determine in which direction the lunge is done. In any case, it is more difficult to do a lunge from the plate where he moves his whole body. Increase slowly but steadily.

Conclusion: What is the Vibro Shaper good for overall?

If you want to lose weight quickly and efficiently and also want to build and strengthen your muscles, you should definitely do training sessions on a Vibro Shaper. You will see results very quickly, probably already in the first two weeks. Together with a balanced diet and with exercises performed on the Vibro Shaper plate, you will achieve results very quickly.

However, a combination of workouts with the Vibro Shaper and regular intake of riboSlim is even more effective, as the fat burning effect of the Vibro Shaper is additionally supported by riboSlim.

Buy now at the best price!

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