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By | 2. October 2020

Titan Gel experiences and test reports

Many men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. Often it is not easy to talk about this problem, which eventually leads to despair in many men. Various companies have set themselves the goal of solving this problem.

With the Titan Gel, a lengthening of the penis should be possible without side effects and pain. No surgical procedures should be necessary, which are otherwise associated with risks. According to the manufacturer, the gel is an effective alternative.

During sexual intercourse the sensation should be increased, erectile dysfunction should be inhibited and the libido should be increased by the preparation. Men should be able to make love more often and for longer periods of time thanks to the gel.

Erectile problems should thus be a thing of the past and the manufacturer guarantees a strong and large erection. The manufacturer even assures that it is a leading product for penis enlargement and can be considered as an alternative to Viagra.

But can Titanium Gel convince? Unfortunately we were disappointed in the test. A better alternative is Phallosan forte.

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Table of contents

  • Titan Gel experiences and test reports
    • Titanium Gel Test Report
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Titan Gel experiences from the forum
    • Which alternative to Titan Premium Gel do I have?
    • Titanium ingredients
    • Effect: Titanium Gel
    • Titanium Gel Application
    • Side effects of Titan Premium Gel
    • Buy titanium gel. Where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon & Price
    • Titan Gel Rating / Conclusion

Titanium Gel Test Report

Alexander is 53 years old and he wanted to test the Titan gel himself. The effect was to loosen the blood vessels within the tissue so that more blood could be absorbed. When excited, the limb should then react better and become larger. Alexander was also concerned that the product should have no side effects.

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For Alexander it was important that the penis could increase slightly in size and girth. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients should have an effect on the penis tissue and endurance should also increase. Alexander hoped that the product would help him to achieve longer and stronger erections and more intense orgasms.

Day 7

Alexander had now applied the Titan Gel to the penis for a week and massaged it in. The test person did not notice any allergic reactions with the penis. The test person had been dissatisfied with the size of his penis for several years and this had a negative effect on his sex life.

Alexander had already tried products for penis enlargement, but without success. Even with the titanium gel, there were no noticeable differences in the first week. During the first week, Alexander followed the manufacturer’s instructions exactly and initially refrained from sexual activity.

Day 14

Two weeks after the start of the test it was found that the penis did not lengthen. Alexander stated that the erections did not last longer and did not become more intense. The sensitivity of the penis did not increase and the test person was not very impressed with the first results.

Day 21

At a control after 3 weeks Alexander could not find any change. The penis did not become thicker and also not longer. The duration of the erection again did not increase. The only positive thing that can be mentioned positively is that there were no side effects.

Day 28

After a total of 4 weeks of testing Alexander made a final check. The penis did not become thicker or longer. Alexander was not satisfied with the result, which was also noticed in his psychological state. The sexuality could not improve. No side effects were noticed, but there was no effect either.

More Titan Gel experiences from the forum

Many experiences say that the Titanium Gel can be applied relatively easily. The testers also report that there were no side effects with the product. While some testers found that the penis grew slightly, some did not grow at all. All men are naturally different and therefore the results may not be the same. After all, the anatomy is different for every man

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. Not all testers can really give clear recommendations for the product, which often means that it is better to test other products.

As with many products, opinions are very different and so there are critical, neutral and positive statements. Many men admit that they are disappointed with the results and that there was no enlargement of the penis. Even if there was no enlargement, it was occasionally stated that at least erections became stronger or sexual problems got a little better.

Which alternative to Titan Premium Gel do I have?

If an effective alternative to the product is required, Phallosan Forte may be suitable. Phallosan Forte is especially popular compared to some herbal sexual enhancers because there is a maximum marginal effect with herbal ingredients. After all, real sexual enhancers are only available as prescription drugs and not simply on the internet. Phallosan Forte, however, has a mechanical effect – it is based on proven principles. Even the indigenous peoples used these principles to lengthen the necks.

Pulling with negative pressure causes an increase in blood flow and this also works for the penis. After all, this is an orthopedic belt system that is supposed to lead to penis enlargement. The tissue is stretched and this leads to the sustained cell growth. The penis should be able to increase in width and also in length. Phallosan Forte can be worn without pain at night and during the day.

To the Phallosan forte

Titangel Ingredients

The effect of the gel is based on the composition of the ingredients. It is guarana extract, magnolia, glycine and L-arginine. Through L-Arginine there should be an improvement of the blood circulation in the genital area. Glycine is said to have a vasodilating effect and the psycho-emotional tension should be reduced. With magnesium the blood circulation in the pelvic area should be normalized. Guarana extract is said to cause erections and dilate the blood vessels.

Effect: Titanium Gel

The gel is intended to improve erection and blood circulation. With glycine and magnesium the erections should become longer and more intense. The special ingredients have a positive effect on the tissue in the penis. The length and also the circumference of the penis should increase according to the manufacturer. The formula is based on natural plant extracts and other substances.

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Titanium Gel Application

For all products the correct application is important for the effect. The penis is always washed thoroughly and then dried. A small amount of the cream is then applied to the root of the penis. By massaging movements the cream is spread over the whole penis. The penis should be in an erect state. There are no residues and no unpleasant smell. According to the manufacturer, sex should be avoided in the first week.

Side effects of Titan Premium Gel

According to the manufacturer, there should be no side effects due to the natural plant extracts. However, it should be noted that natural ingredients can also lead to side effects. With regard to the ingredients, it should be considered whether men are allergic to them. In the beginning it is always best to use a small amount.

Buy titanium gel. Where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon & Price

If you would like to order Titan Gel despite the negative experiences, it is best to do so over the Internet. Since there are always fakes on the market, it is best to order via the official sales site of the manufacturer. On Amazon or ebay fakes are often listed as original. The product cannot be obtained from the pharmacy.

Titan Gel Rating / Conclusion

A self-test can quickly show that the effect is often not present as described by the manufacturer. The circumference and length of the penis can often only be changed minimally or not at all. Even if there are no side effects, a verifiable effect is often missing. The cream can otherwise be easily integrated into the daily process, but according to some opinions there are better products on the market. Better are products like Phallosan Forte, which trains and stretches the penis.

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