Testo Ultra experiences and Test 2019 – an effective solution?

By | 28. September 2020

In very many cultural circles, the real man must have a high level of sexual ability, which goes hand in hand with a great libido. Men with sexual and libido problems often suffer from severe depression and have problems with self-esteem.

There is a wide range of products available to remedy these disorders. In addition to the medical field, natural products are also very popular. They promise to be a balanced supplement to eating habits in addition to the recurring fun in bed.

In order to have an opinion on this, individual products were repeatedly targeted, researched and tested. These tests should also help people to find the right product in their search for a remedy. One of these tests can be read in the following.

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Table of contents

  • Testo Ultra experiences and test 2019
    • Testo Ultra Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Testo Ultra field reports
    • What alternatives do I have?
    • Ingredients of Testo Ultra
    • Testo Ultra intake and dosage
    • Testo Ultra dangerous? Side effects
    • Opinions of the consumer advice centre
    • Should I buy Testo Ultra? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Testo Ultra Test

Mr Simon Ds. Self-esteem hasn’t been where it should be for a long time. The fact that he was finding it harder and harder to stand up for his man when it came to sex was getting to him. First depressions set in with him. His partner was also anything but satisfied with the situation. A solution was needed, and relatively quickly.

In Testo Ultra Mr. Simon D. saw his hope. Natural ingredients should give his sex life a new impetus. Convinced by ingredients and the positive opinions about the product, he finally bought it.

To help his fellow sufferers, he documented the intake over a period of four weeks. He wrote down a weekly summary and made it available for publication.

Day 7

Delivery has arrived very promptly to the order and has been inspected. Four tablets in the morning too much water should be no problem. Since I could not determine exactly whether with food or on an empty stomach, I decided to take Testo Ultra very promptly with food. The anticipation of what is to come is great.

The first week is over and nothing has happened yet. This does not necessarily lift my spirits, but my partner gives in. Natural products take a little longer to work, she says. So the test continues.

Day 14

Unfortunately, there has still been no success. Perhaps natural products need a little longer with me. The mood does not lift that however also straight. I had expected to see at least a small improvement.

Day 21

Still no success. Doubts are slowly growing as to whether Testo Ultra has any effect at all. With me, nothing is definitely happening yet.

Day 28

As the saying goes, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” And unfortunately, that’s how it will remain with me. In the four weeks of testing, not a single thing has changed. Money is gone, frustration remains, it’s desperate.

Unfortunately, I can only give the advice at Testo Ultra to leave it alone. Nothing has changed in terms of sex and healthy food is definitely cheaper.

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Further Testo Ultra Field reports

The majority of Testo Ultra testers came to the conclusion that the product could not help them. A few opinions were:

“Unfortunately any change of any kind could not be detected, therefore no benefit and I will not order again “

“I, or my husband, are very unhappy. No improvement or success at all. I cannot recommend it.”

“Well-intentioned, only it didn’t help at all, in all areas. And you have to go to the bathroom all the time so it’s not so awesome.”

What alternatives do I have?

One of the best known alternatives is the over-the-counter sexual enhancer MSX6. With its well-balanced, natural ingredients, which have been coordinated with each other, it is an ideal remedy for problems with erection and potency.

Of course, MSX6 was also tested by testers over a period of four weeks in practice to determine its effectiveness. The result was more than satisfactory. It is a joy to hear and read that the testers can finally enjoy their sex life again.

The following is known about the ingredients of MSX6:

Muria Puama is found in the rainforest and high savannah forests of Brazil, the northern part of South America, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname and is called potency wood in German.

The ginkgo is a tree that was originally native to China. It was brought to Europe by Dutch sailors and is now cultivated all over the world. At the turn of the millennium it was voted tree of the year. It is often used in medical form.

Ashwagandhaist the Indian name of the sleeping berry. It is also known as the winter cherry. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayuvera medicine. Because of similar effects it is also called Indian ginseng. Its application range in Ayuvera medicine is wide, among other things it is used to reduce stress levels.

In general the following ingredients are specified for MSX6:

” L-arginine hydrochloride, potency wood, oat leaf and stem extract 10:1 (Avena sativa), Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 50:1 (contains 24 % flavone glycosides), Ashwagandha root extract 4:1 (Withania somnifera), L-ascorbic acid, D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, nicotinamide, manganese gluconate, ferrous fumarate, calcium D-pantothenate, zinc oxide, cyanocobalamin, retinyl acetate, sodium molybdate dihydrate, copper sulfate, cholecalciferol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin”.

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Ingredients of Testo Ultra

According to the manufacturer, only natural products are contained in Testo Ultra. These are processed according to the highest specifications to the standard.

The following ingredients are listed by the manufacturer:

Creatine Monohydrate, Tribulus Terrestris, Beta Ecdysterone, Avena Sativa, Release Agent Magnesium Stearate, Colour E 171, E172

Creatine Monohydratist a food supplement based on keratin. Keratin in turn supplies the muscles with energy. Keratin is mainly found in fish such as salmon and tuna, pork and beef, milk, cranberries.

Tribulus terrestris or earth-root thorn is native to some tropical and subtropical countries. Is in the field of bodybuilding as a natural anabolic is welcome. In experiments on rats, it had a potency-enhancing effect.

Beta Ecdysterone is supposed to promote strength and endurance during active physical activity.

Avena Sativa is a remedy from homeopathy, which is supposed to give strength again after long and serious illnesses.

E171 or titanium dioxide is used in many foods as a whitening agent. It is not entirely uncontroversial, as a renowned gastroenterologist from the University Hospital in Zurich reports:
“We know that patients with intestinal inflammation absorb more titanium dioxide and more nanoparticles. We know what effect this has in human cells. When the nanoparticles impact directly on the cell surface, they are like small projectiles and can penetrate through the cell skin, through the cell membrane, thus triggering certain inflammatory processes in the cell. Any form of chronic irritation of cells can ultimately lead to the development of tumours.

E172, also known as iron oxide, can be used without restrictions as a colouring agent for foodstuffs. E 172 is mainly found in foods such as sweets, olives, dragées, coatings and e.g. cheese rind. It colours foods brown or ochre.

Testo Ultra intake and dosage

Four capsules are recommended in the morning. These should be taken with plenty of liquid. It is not known whether the intake of food plays a role in this.

Testo Ultra dangerous? side effects

There are no known side effects, but there are no long-term studies on this. These could not yet be made, as the market is too short for this.

However, allergic reactions to an ingredient cannot be excluded. If they occur, the product must be discontinued immediately,

For small children, Testo Ultra should always be kept out of reach.

Even if the manufacturer claims to produce under high standards, this standard is not comparable to that of drugs. The manufacturers are happy to omit the proof of the production sites completely or at least partially. This way even questionable substances can be processed without being detected during an inspection.

Opinions of the consumer advice centre

Since Testo Ultra was repeatedly out of stock at certain retailers, consumers had to resort to other methods to obtain it. The consumer advice centre also has an opinion on this:

“For orders from abroad, the supervisory authority repeatedly takes random samples. In general, unauthorized substances that were added to products and impurities were found. This can have a negative effect on health.”

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Customs may withdraw the shipment from circulation if there is any suspicion and dispose of it properly.

The consumer protection points out the following: The advertising claims are scientifically untenable. Such advertising claims are, for example, “Immediate help with low potency” or “For a better and harder erection”.

Allergy information

According to the manufacturer, Testo Ultra may contain traces of gluten, lactose, soya and chicken egg protein. In case of known allergies or intolerances to individual ingredients, the product should be avoided.

Should I buy Testo Ultra? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

As there is no one to prevent you from testing Testro Ultra anyway, you can order it conveniently via Amazon or the distributor.


After some research, it turned out that Testo Ultra should work once as a supplement for weight training and once as a testosterone booster for men. This brings some confusion into the matter. However, the majority of the testers agree that it did not work for one or the other.

The product has only been on the market for a very short time. It is far from clear what it can do when taken over a long period of time. It has been tested on rats, but that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about humans. It is also questionable whether the individual active ingredients are in such high doses that they have an effect on humans.

The dosage is also a little questionable. Four capsules at once with plenty of liquid may promote the urge to urinate, but this is not in the least important for the actual result. The homeopathic substances that have emerged from the research do not exactly inspire confidence either.

To be sure that you get what you want, you should use tried and tested products. MSX6 is such a product for natural potency enhancement. It is clear that every organism reacts differently to natural products, but with MSX6 there have been no problems in this respect.

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