Synephrin Test and Experience 2020 – the weight loss product par excellence?

By | 2. October 2020

Synephrine is a substance extracted from the bitter orange. It is said to stimulate the metabolism and at the same time to increase your performance. Whether this is really the case should be found out in an experiment. Nevertheless, it can already be said at this point that synephrine is not only beneficial. It can cause considerable physical limitations in people who are already overweight.

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Table of contents

  • Synephrine test and experience 2020
    • Synephrine Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Which alternative do I have?
    • More Synephrin field reports
    • Synephrine scam?
    • Ingredients
    • Ingestion
    • Effect
    • Synephrine side effects
    • Buy Synephrine – where?
    • Synephrine dm?
    • Synephrin Rossmann?
    • Synephrine Pharmacy?
    • Our Synephrin experience
    • Our conclusion on Synephrine

Synephrine Test

Katrin tested Synephrine for us. This test of Synephrine has brought important findings and you should bear in mind that you should not take too many risks yourself. Katrin is middle-aged. She is 35 years old and is actually not too overweight. With a height of 165 cm she weighs 70 kg and wants to get off. With Synephrin she hopes to finally get rid of her excess pounds.

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Day 7

Katrin has decided to test synephrine. She takes the capsules and follows the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. She takes the required amount daily and has decided to do some additional sports, because Synephrine stimulates the metabolism and is supposed to increase performance. Katrin has made no progress this week. She has neither lost nor gained weight. But this is usually always the case. Usually you only lose weight when you consistently do something about it. It’s no use increasing the dosage. Don’t forget that synephrine is already associated with side effects and therefore quick success should never be a priority.

Day 14

After 14 days you should finally see an effect, right? Unfortunately no, quite the opposite. Katrin celebrated her birthday and for this reason she did not get the chance to do sports. She has even put on weight and that is more than frustrating when you consider how consistent she was. But so the next week she starts virtually from scratch and should finally see some success.

Day 21

Now is the time when Katrin finally feels a success. She has lost half a kilo. On the one hand, she was pleased about that, but on the other hand she has also had difficulties breathing recently. She has noticed that her pulse is always extremely high and therefore she is a bit restricted and does less sport. But unfortunately one cannot lose weight and that is why she relies more and more on the product Synephrine during this time. She has high hopes that it will finally work as it should.

Day 28

Katrin had to stop taking synephrine this week. Her pulse has gotten worse and worse. She just felt uncomfortable and overwhelmed. She even went to the doctor because she got a nosebleed on top of it. The doctor advised her to stop synephrine immediately. By the way, Katrin is a passionate coffee drinker. Maybe that’s her downfall, because caffeine increases the effect of synephrine.

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Which alternative do I have?

Of course you can try to lose weight or keep your weight with synephrine. But there should still be alternatives. These could be bought with riboslim. Riboslim is also a drug that you can take as a dietary supplement. It has no side effects and is therefore suitable for people who want to finally change their weight.

About riboSlim

More Synephrin experience reports

There are of course Synephrin experience reports from other people. We met Katrin and other people who tested it because they were promised it would work didn’t find anything good about it. Synephrine should be used with absolute caution. It is a drug that does not work and can even be dangerous.

Synephrine scam?

We have found entries for Riboslim in several forums. There are even announcements that this product is a fraud.


The main ingredient is bitter orange. Depending on the product, the concentration varies. The product is offered and sold in capsule or tablet form. It contains other ingredients including fillers and fruit extracts.


It is recommended to take Synephrine once a day. You should take one tablet of it.


The effect promises of course great possibilities. Synephrine stimulates the metabolism and one should become more efficient.

Synephrine side effects

Possible side effects can be heart problems. This side effect can lead to considerable restrictions in daily life.

Buy Synephrine – where?

Of course you are free to buy Synephrine anyway. The drug is mainly sold on the Internet. But there are also many questionable providers who are simply trying to get your money.

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Synephrine dm?

We couldn’t find anything on synephrine at dm.

Synephrin Rossmann?

They don’t sell Synephrine at Rossmann.

Synephrine Pharmacy?

You won’t find anything about synephrine in the pharmacy either.

Our Synephrine experience

In our experience, synephrine is not suitable for weight loss. In the worst case it can even make you sick.

Our conclusion on Synephrine

We don’t advise you to take synephrine for weight loss. Instead of that drug, go with riboslim.

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