Sliminazer experiences and test 2019 – weight loss products in test

By | 2. October 2020

Who does not wish to lose weight and reduce their weight permanently? Here you can now find out more about the product Sliminazer and learn more about it. It is about the fact that many people wish to reduce their weight. This is not unusual even from a certain degree. But for many people, changing their diet is out of the question and then you have to act. Now you can either do sports or you simply take a drug that is promising, like Sliminazer.

However, you should not take this product if you have any concerns. It is important to know everything about Sliminazer. By the way, there is also the Sliminazer patch that can be used. This product will curb your appetite and that is not so good. You should know for yourself when it is time to stop eating and try to curb your appetite. But that is a different matter. This is now about testing a test person. But she is to be introduced briefly before the test. So everybody gets the chance to get a picture of her and to get a good first impression.

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Table of contents

  • Sliminazer experience and test
    • Sliminazer test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Sliminazer experience reports from forums
    • What alternatives are there?
    • Sliminazer ingredients and effect
    • Ingestion/Application
    • Side effects
    • Where can Sliminazer buy?
    • Conclusion

Sliminazer test

The test refers only to the person in question. Her name is Erika and she is 38 years old. It is important that Erika’s experience has nothing to do with yours. However, we can tell you that it is important to be informed about all things concerning Sliminazer. Erika has a starting weight of 69 kg and she is 1.58 m tall. So she is a small person with a slight overweight. Nevertheless, it is important that she does something and starts doing something in time. She has decided to do the test with Sliminazer and sent the results. The test period was four weeks in total. Sliminazer was used by Erika as a patch.

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Day 7

The test begins on the day when Erika received the package with Sliminazer. She has used the patches for a week and can say that she has not noticed anything yet. According to her, the patches themselves tickle the skin a bit. However, she has held out this week, although her skin is already showing some irritation. She was still hoping and would like to share some good news with you as the Sliminazer patch test progresses. After seven days at least, she has not yet had any weight loss that she wants to share. She was still at her starting weight after seven days.

Day 14

Putting a band-aid on every day is getting on your nerves. But she wants to hang on and still hopes to lose weight soon. After the two weeks she has been using the patch, unfortunately, nothing has happened yet. Unfortunately she is also rather the person who gets impatient quickly. She finally wanted results because she threatened to stop the experiment. But after a short reflection, she was clear about the fact that you shouldn’t expect miracles, you just have to hang on.

Day 21

Erika was sure that Sliminazer would drive her crazy. The injuries from the Sliminazer patch alone are not nice to look at. She didn’t lose any weight either after three weeks. She is passing the buck because she hasn’t changed anything. In the end she relied on the promise of the manufacturer of Sliminazer patches and was bitterly disappointed. Until this period at least.

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Day 28

After four weeks something should have shown up. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Sliminazer. The patch disappointed all along the line. It didn’t work and Erika even stopped the experiment prematurely because she was simply very disappointed. She had hoped for more and now she is facing the same problem as before the test. So she has to rethink. We have had a good tip for her, which everyone can take into account.

More Sliminazer experience reports from forums

If Erika had known before her experiment what she was expecting and that she would be disappointed all along the line, she would certainly have left it alone from the start. But she is not the type of person to mourn. She wants to carry on and offer everyone the opportunity she has found. There’s a better product to recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight. In forums it has been shown that many people have been disappointed by Sliminazer patches. These people would not recommend it.

What alternatives are there?

There are several alternatives for not using Sliminazer. You can rely on the agent riboslim and use it. Riboslim is absolutely vegan and 100%. It consists of purely vegetable ingredients and is very well tolerated. In addition, the capsules can be taken very easily. Riboslim allows you to lose weight without sport or hunger. You do not have to change your diet for this.

About riboSlim

Sliminazer ingredients and effect

Sliminazer is available as a plaster. The effect originates from Chinese medicine. You have to stick it on the navel. It contains mainly herbal ingredients. The warming effect is said to increase fat burning.

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The patch must be used daily. There were 20 patches in the package that Erika had. So she even had to order a second pack while she was trying it. You just put a patch on the navel.

Side effects

Actually it is not supposed to cause any side effects. However, the patch takes getting used to.

Where can Sliminazer buy?

Anyone can buy Sliminazer online. Of course you could also buy it in a pharmacy. But here you will also want to give information directly. Anyone can buy it conveniently from the manufacturer and make sure that you really get the original.


The conclusion about Sliminazer is unfortunately not good. For this reason you can say, just try riboslim if you hope to finally lose weight. Sliminazer did not work and it is a disappointment across the board. It’s a pity about the money.

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