Slimberry test and experience 2020 – a successful product?

By | 30. September 2020

The manufacturer of Slimberry promises that anyone can lose weight quickly and easily with the capsules. Fat burning and metabolism should be promoted and the intake of calories and fat should be reduced.

The cholesterol level should be normalized and joint pain should be improved. Sleep should also be improved, headaches should be relieved and the mood should be optimized. A test is to show whether the promised effects of Slimberry really kick in.

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Table of contents

  • Slimberry Test & experiences 2020
    • Slimberry Test – Black Latte to lose weight effectively?
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • What alternative do I have?
    • More Slimberry field reports
    • Slimberry scam?
    • Ingredients
    • Ingestion
    • Effect
    • Slimberry side effects
    • Slimberry buy – where?
    • Slimberry dm?
    • Slimberry Rossmann?
    • Slimberry Pharmacy?
    • Our Slimberry experiences

Slimberry Test – Black Latte to lose weight effectively?

Beatrice B. made it her business to test the product over a period of four weeks. The test person has problems with her weight and she wanted to try it first without sport and a change of diet. According to the manufacturer, the test person had high hopes for the product and she was very excited. Immediately after the delivery she started taking it.

Day 7

After the first week, the test person could still not detect any difference. However, she was convinced that the effect could only be determined after the second or third week. However, the intake was easy and Beatrice B. waited eagerly for the next weeks.

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Day 14

After the second week, visually and according to the scales, no weight was lost. The desired effects did not occur after the second week. The test person waited even more eagerly for the next two weeks.

Day 21

After the third week, disappointment slowly spread and it looked as if the product had been bought for free. The mood did not improve and the promised fat burning did not seem to take place.

Day 28

After the entire test period of 4 weeks, the test person had to realize that the money was thrown out of the window. Without sport and without changing her lifestyle she could not achieve any improvement with the product. She would rather turn to the other alternatives on the market.

Which alternative do I have?

If an alternative to Slimberry is sought, Riboslim is the better choice. The classic diet pills promise the strong fat burning effect within a short time. The composition is unique and consists of different metabolism boosters and fat burners. Riboslim is supposed to boost the fat metabolism effectively and efficiently and the appetite should be curbed. The product is supposed to prevent ravenous appetite attacks and stop the production of fat.

About riboSlim

More Slimberry field reports

If experience reports about products are read on the Internet, everyone has to be a little careful. Sometimes it happens that they are fake experiences. Unfortunately, there are many black sheep on the market who mistakenly present the products in a very positive light. Every person reacts differently to the various weight loss products and without sport and a change in diet, none of the products can bring great success.

Slimberry scam?

In forums experiences with Slimberry are often read. Many of the experiences are negative and it is read that no effect could be achieved. Some testers are very disappointed and say that the money was thrown out the window. Although many of them did not experience any side effects, a desired effect was not achieved. Many experiences say that it is probably fraud and fake reports on the effect. According to statements, many buyers do not keep the advertising promises of the manufacturer.

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The manufacturer emphasizes time and again that weight reduction is done in an absolutely natural way. That is why only vegetable or natural ingredients are found in the capsules. They contain chokeberry berry extract, goji berry extract, acai berry extract and chili extract. The berries should be rich in minerals and vitamins. The metabolism is said to be accelerated and capsaicin in chili is said to have a positive effect on the fat metabolism.


Two capsules a day are recommended by the manufacturer. The intake should be easy to integrate into the day. The capsules are taken with sufficient liquid after meals. According to the manufacturer, taking the capsules after meals is important for optimal results. A recommended dose should not be exceeded. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced and varied diet cannot be replaced.


The ingredients are designed to ensure that weight is lost. The metabolism should be accelerated and the fat burning processes should also be optimized. The cholesterol level should remain at the normal level and the body absorbs less fat. Sleep should also be optimized and headaches reduced.

It is important to note that weight loss products do not achieve the desired effects without a change in diet and regular exercise. These are not prescription drugs, but over-the-counter products, which means that the effect is reduced.

Slimberry side effects

The manufacturer does not mention any side effects with the product. There is only the indication that allergies to certain active ingredients may be present. Otherwise, the herbal active ingredients should not cause any side effects. General allergies, hypersensitivity reactions or intolerance cannot be excluded.

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Buy Slimberry – where?

If you want to buy the product despite the negative experiences, you should do so directly via the manufacturer’s website. As an alternative, the product should also be found again and again on the Amazon trading platform.

Slimberry dm?

In drugstores the product is generally not found.

Slimberry Rossmann?

The agent is not found at Rossmann’s.

Slimberry Pharmacy?

According to some experience and research, the product cannot be bought in a pharmacy and cannot be ordered.

Our Slimberry experience

It has to be said about Slimberry that there are many experiences with the product. Many of the customers say that there is little or no effect on the product. Without exercise or a change in diet, hardly any results can be achieved with the product. The promises of the manufacturer seem to be wrong. Even though many testers find no side effects, the product does not have the desired effect. It is better if the more effective alternatives on the market are used, which includes Riboslim. The experience with Riboslim is much better and the product is read to have a positive effect.

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