Skinxmed experience & test 2020 – does the product deliver what it promises?

By | 4. October 2020

SkinXmed is an anti-aging cream. This skin cream is based on natural raw materials. Many have tested the SkinXmed cream and even speak of it as a “miracle cream against wrinkles”. After all, this cream contains a number of highly effective active ingredients whose anti-aging effect has been scientifically proven. According to the manufacturer, this anti-aging cream is not only supposed to eliminate wrinkles, but also to tighten and strengthen the skin. In addition, dark circles under the eyes are supposed to disappear and puffiness to be eliminated.

About Skinxmed

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  • SkinXmed experience and test 2020
    • Skinxmed Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • day 28
      • Day 90
    • Further SkinXmed experiences and test reports
    • SkinXmed Anti-Aging Cream Effect and application
    • SkinXmed ingredients
    • Buy SkinXmed – where?
    • Buy SkinXmed in a pharmacy
    • Order SkinXmed on Amazon
    • SkinXmed price
    • SkinXmed reviews

Skinxmed Test

We have carried out a SkinXmed test. The test person was Antonia W. She applied the anti-aging cream for 4 weeks. The changes that could be seen and felt on her skin were excellent. The test person was initially skeptical. She had already tried many anti-ageing creams. None had really shown the desired effect. This is why the test person was a little sceptical about the test. But she noticed that her skin looked fresher right after the first application of the cream. This was also confirmed by her husband and a friend. She herself felt that the skin felt much smoother than before when stroking it. However, the test person did not have the impression – not even during the test – that she would look 10 to 15 years younger. Here is the 4-week test phase with the individual sensations and findings of the test person in the period up to 90 days after the start of application:

Day 7

Already in the first few days, the test person noticed a clear change in the appearance of their skin towards the positive. The test person noticed that the SkinXmed cream is easy to apply and distribute. In the first few days, the test person was also struck by the pleasant scent of the cream. She applied the SkinXmed anti-aging cream in the morning and in the evening.

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Day 14

The application of the anti-aging cream had become routine for the test person. It was also noticed by the environment – not only by the interviewed husband and girlfriend – that the test person’s skin texture had clearly improved. She received compliments. Above all because her dark circles had disappeared. Previously, these dark circles made Antonia W. look a little tired every day in the middle of the day.

Day 21

Antonia W. did not look intensively into the mirror every day during the test and searched for an effect. However, between the 2nd and 3rd week of application on her day off, she took some time to do so and noticed that the small wrinkles on the eye, which had already disturbed her massively, almost disappeared. She also noticed that the skin really does feel very smooth. After day 18, she took the plunge and used the SkinXmed cream as a base under her make-up, as there was an occasion for her to put on make-up on this very day. She found out that this is possible and was positively surprised.

Day 28

Since the test person did not obsessively check every day to see if a result of the regular use of the SkinXmed anti-aging cream, she only asked her husband and her friend directly how they felt about the result after almost 4 weeks of use. Her husband said – as a layman – her complexion would look much softer. And her friend noted that the dark circles had disappeared, which was positive and that Antonia W. would look a little younger.

Day 90

Antonia W. continues to use the SkinXmed cream even after the end of the test phase of 4 weeks. She constantly notices that her complexion still looks fresher than before the test. And slowly Antonia W. is also beginning to feel that she does look a little younger by using the SkinXmed anti-aging cream. Thanks to the practical dispenser, it is very easy to dose the amount of cream needed for one application. The SkinXmed cream is therefore very economical.

Further SkinXmed experiences and test reports

There is a lot of experience with SkinXmed on the Internet. These experiences with SkinXmed are not all positive. With the experiences with SkinXmed it is not easy to find out how long those who have tested the SkinXmed cream have waited for an effect. It is possible that, depending on the extent of the wrinkles, the effect will only set in a little later. In the first few days, many people report that they have not yet felt or visually perceived any positive effect of the SkinXmed anti-aging cream. The scent of the cream is also often a point of criticism in the experience reports. Where the effect and the scent of SkinXmed is sometimes the subject of lively debate, there are forums on the Internet – always popular when it comes to asking about product experiences.

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SkinXmed Anti-Aging Cream Effect and application

The application of the SkinXmed anti-aging cream is described by the manufacturer as easy. Because you don’t have to spend extra time for the application of the SkinXmed cream. Also a special pre-treatment of the skin is not necessary. Just wash your face as usual. The SkinXmed anti-aging cream is simply applied to the skin at the usual time, preferably in the morning as part of the normal morning care.

The practical dosage dispenser ensures that exactly the right amount of cream lands on the hand, which is then spread over the face. For one application you need two pump strokes from the dispenser. On the evening before going to bed, simply repeat the procedure again. Another cream for daily care is not needed. The effect of the SkinXmed anti-aging cream sets in quite quickly. After only a few days of use, it becomes apparent that especially small and not so deep wrinkles have diminished.

The complexion also appears softer and previously visible dark circles under the eyes disappear – the user no longer feels tired. And these are not only visible phenomena that the user notices for himself in the first days of application. Also the immediate environment of the user notices this change, which becomes visible by regular application in the morning and evening of SkinXmed cream. The SkinXmed serum has the same effect. The method of application corresponds to the SkinXmed cream.

The serum is also applied directly to the wrinkles and fine lines. The 30 ml content is sufficient for an application over 4 weeks. The SkinXmed cream has an excellent anti-aging complex. Because already in the first weeks of application, the anti-aging complex ensures that the skin looks firmer and wrinkles disappear. The skin is also strengthened and looks younger. And age spots are literally conjured away.

SkinXmed ingredients

The anti-aging complex is brought about by various ingredients, all of which are scientifically proven to work against wrinkles and other skin problems. The ingredients of SkinXmed anti-aging cream are:
. Hyaluronic acid
. Ubiquinone (Q10)
. Retinol (Vitamin A)
. DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) :
. Alteromonas Ferment Extract, a peptide of lysine, histidine and glysine
. Pullulan

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Buy SkinXmed – where?

There are different possibilities where you can buy the SkinXmed anti-aging cream. There is a manufacturer’s page where you can buy it. Unfortunately drugstores do not carry the product.

Buy SkinXmed in pharmacy

The SkinXmed cream is also available in some pharmacies. However, the price here is higher than when purchasing the SkinXmed anti-aging cream directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Order SkinXmed on Amazon

Amazon also carries the product in its range. However, you cannot be sure that you will not be sent home with a counterfeit. Unfortunately there are more and more fake products on Amazon and other sites in circulation.

SkinXmed Price

The recommended retail price for 1 can of SkinXmed cream is 49.90 euros. There are graduated prices, because 2 cans cost 99.90 Euro, 1 can is free. And 3 cans cost 149.00 Euro + 3 cans free.

About Skinxmed

SkinXmed reviews

Not without good reason the SkinXmed anti-aging cream is called “miracle cream against wrinkles”. After only a few days, the first visible results can be seen: small or shallow wrinkles begin to disappear. The reason why this anti-ageing cream works so well is that it is produced on a purely vegetable basis. And each individual ingredient has been very well researched with regard to its effect on anti-wrinkle action and improvement of the skin’s appearance. The application of the SkinXmed anti-ageing cream is also easy. No special preparation is required before applying the cream. And this cream is even suitable as a base for make-up.

Order Skinxmed now

Test winner: Skinxmed

Bestseller No. 1 in Anti-Aging

  • firmer & younger skin
  • German quality product
  • reduces wrinkles & age spots
  • fast action


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