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By | 2. October 2020

Sensamax experiences and tests – do the capsules keep what they promise?

Male potency is dependent on a number of factors and often there is a natural decrease in testosterone. The feeling of pleasure also depends on diet or stress. Many men have difficulties with the quality and frequency of sex.

Other important factors are endurance and stamina. Senamax belongs to the group of natural sexual enhancers and the manufacturer states that the capsules help with potency problems. The manufacturer promises a longer lasting, stronger and harder erection with the intake. Up to 48 hours the aphrodisiac effect should then last and increase the pleasure of man and woman.

In our test we want to find out whether Sensamax also keeps its promise.

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Table of contents

  • Sensamax experiences and tests – do the capsules keep their promise?
    • Increase potency with Sensamax: Test report
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Sensamax experiences and Sensamax reviews from the forum
    • What alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Effect
    • Intake
    • Side effects
    • Where to buy Sensamax? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Bottom line:

Increase potency with Sensamax: Test report

Martin is 46 years old and due to potency problems he wanted to test a natural product about which he had read a lot. Sex is very important for Martin, as many areas can be influenced by it.

Martin was a little sceptical at the beginning of the test, because what should the freely available and natural product finally achieve. The capsules can be easily ordered on the internet and the test could start relatively quickly after delivery of the package.

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Day 7

It should take about one hour until the effect begins. Of course the effect can always vary and this can depend on the food. The capsules should not be taken on a full stomach, because the effect can be reduced. Martin has taken the capsules in different ways in order to ensure the appropriate effect. After one week he unfortunately had to realize that there was no effect yet.

Day 14

The manufacturer states that the different food supplements were put together in a sensible way. Martin also thought that he would certainly notice an effect in the second week, after this had failed to happen in the first week. Also in the second week Martin was not sure if he noticed anything at all. He was still not harder and also not more excited.

Day 21

After 3 weeks of ingestion Martin wondered if he was doing something wrong with the ingestion, but he followed the manufacturer’s instructions. The sexual mood did not improve after three weeks of taking the capsules. Even though no side effects have been observed so far, the desired effect did not occur.

Day 28

Martin had not expected a strong effect as it is not a prescription drug. However, the 100 percent natural ingredients not only ensure a minimal effect, but Martin could not detect any effect. Martin’s personal experience does not correspond with the manufacturer’s prescribed effect. Of course, the effect can vary from man to man, but Martin was surprised that nothing moved.

More Sensamax experiences and Sensamax reviews from the forum

Some convincing reviews have been found for the product and thus some men have been able to make seemingly positive experiences. More and more men finally have no desire for sex, they come too early or the erection is not satisfying. Unfortunately, some testers also say that they have thrown their money out the window and that it is better to go for more products. Side effects are usually not reported, although they can even occur with natural products.

With the product, even in the positive reports, there is always talk of fluctuations, which can be day-dependent. It is often read that the over-the-counter capsules cannot keep up with prescription drugs after the effect is simply too weak.

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What alternative do I have?

Phallosan Forte is often mentioned as an alternative to natural capsules. With herbal sexual enhancers the effect is often minimal, because after all prescription drugs usually work better. Anyone who buys a freely available sexual enhancer on the Internet should not get their hopes up too high. Phallosan Forte has a mechanical effect and is based on proven principles.

After all, the indigenous peoples have already lengthened their necks with these principles. Pulling with negative pressure increases the blood circulation, which was described by testers as very helpful. The orthopedic belt system offers the vacuum-protector technology, which should give men a new quality of life and more sovereignty. The model is worn at night or in everyday life. The model can be worn comfortably and the new formation of cells should be activated.

Now to the alternative


The manufacturer uses natural ingredients in the product, which are supposed to have different effects. The list of ingredients is found on the product. These are vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin E, zinc, green tea, astragalus root, grape seed extract, ginseng root and maca root.

The minerals and vitamins are supposed to influence and stimulate the body functions. All active ingredients have different tasks and there should be an effect in the body. The sexual desire and the willingness to perform should be increased.


The active ingredients should have an effect on blood circulation and performance. In the case of ginseng, there is said to be a circulation-enhancing effect. Maca root and green tea are also said to increase blood circulation. Erection and stamina should be promoted and supported. The vessels should be dilated and the manufacturer aims at a holistic support. It is also about strengthening the immune system and improving health so that stress and discomfort can be eliminated.


It is best to take it only by adults, even if it contains herbal substances, minerals and vitamins. The manufacturer states that no capsule should be taken for 48 hours after taking a capsule.

According to the manufacturer, the capsules are used about one to three hours before planned sexual intercourse. For a better effect, the last meal should be at least 2 hours before. If sexual intercourse is desired, the capsules can be taken. The effect can be observed after all people react differently.

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Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, Sensamax is supposed to consist of 100 percent natural ingredients, which means that there are no dependencies or side effects. However, if there are any intolerances, accompanying symptoms or side effects can always occur. According to the manufacturer, the blood circulation should be promoted, which makes it less suitable for men with cardiovascular diseases.

Where to buy Sensamax? Aptoheke, dm, Amazon

If you want to test the product despite some negative experiences, you can order it on the internet. A neutral packaging will be sent, so that the discretion is high. Different packaging sizes are offered by the manufacturer. Since the effect should last longer, one package is sufficient for a longer period of time. The product is not available in pharmacies, but you can buy it on the manufacturer’s website or at Amazon.

Bottom line:

Various opinions on the product can be found on the Internet. The positive effect of some users and of the manufacturer could not be determined with our test person. All men are naturally different, but natural sexual enhancers do not usually work like prescription drugs from the pharmacy.

Even if the side effects are often minor, a desired effect is often not achieved. Often it can be recommended to use products that have a mechanical effect. With Senamax there are many different evaluations, whereby no clear conclusion is possible. Patients with cardiovascular problems are better off not using the product.

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