Revolyn Ultra Experience & Test 2019 – WARNING: Big scam?

By | 3. October 2020

Revolyn Ultra experiences and test – All fraud?

Revolyn Ultra is a diet pill which promises effective weight loss.

It should be made of 100% natural ingredients, developed by experts and be ideal for fat reduction and weight loss. Revolyn Ultra is sold and shipped by NATHANS NATURAL.

But is all this true?
Is Revolyn Ultra just one of many ineffective nutritional supplements, or can the product convince with its effectiveness?
We clarify.

To make a long story short: Revolyn Ultra has unfortunately not convinced us, the better alternative is riboSlim:

For a better Revolyn Ultra alternative

Revolyn Ultra Test

We would like to find out for ourselves whether Revolyn Ultra can work reliably, and if so, how reliably. The test subject is 27-year-old Diana, 179 cm tall and weighing 93 kg, who gained weight after her pregnancy and would like to lose this now overdue weight without having to change her lifestyle.

Revolyn Ultra advertises the fact that there is no need for sports and no need for a controlled diet. The test person will therefore take Revolyn Ultra twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for 4 weeks, without doing any sports or otherwise adapting or changing their diet.

Day 7

The test person had been taking Revolyn Ultra for one week up to this point. After one week, the test person did not notice any changes. There was no noticeable weight gain, nor was any weight loss noted. Nor have any side effects occurred so far. However, she hopes that the promised effect will occur in the following days.

Day 14

Until the 14th day, the test person continued to take Revolyn Ultra twice daily according to the instructions. Although the diet pill does not have a particularly noticeable negative effect on the well-being of the woman, there is still no weight loss.

According to information on the Revolyn Ultra website, consumers have succeeded in losing a full 17.5 kg of body weight after 6 weeks. Under these conditions, our test person should actually already show a weight loss.

Our test person will nevertheless probably take the pill for another two weeks and then evaluate the results.

Day 21

Despite the lack of success so far, the test person continues to take the diet pill. The 27-year-old noticed a certain listlessness with the days, but cannot say with full probability that Revolyn Ultra is responsible for this.

At the end of the third week, the test person realizes that, contrary to high expectations, he or she has unfortunately still not lost any weight. Meanwhile she can only doubt the information on Revolyn’s website. Even though it is already slowly becoming apparent that the “Rovolyn Diet” so often described on the Internet will not be successful, the test person still takes the food supplement in the last week of the month.

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Day 28

On the 28th day, the product is discontinued by the tester because she does not want to take the risk of potential side effects and was unable to show any successful weight loss until the last day.

She assumes that her current weight will not change even if she continues taking the diet pill. Her body did not show any signs of positive weight change in the last week of the trial. Although there were no dangerous side effects over the course of the month, the desired success was completely absent.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that really help with weight loss:

The Revolyn Ultra Alternative?

riboSLIM is particularly impressive because of its natural ingredients, its outstanding effectiveness (which we have tested on our website) and the fact that its manufacture is Made in Germany.

Our test person Anna started with an initial weight of 87 kilograms and was able to lose 9 kilograms within 30 days. It is easy to lose weight, the right means are important.

All these factors combined make riboSLIM a much better alternative.

Now directly to the manufacturer

Fake and fraud? Name change to Herzolex Ultra

There is a lively discussion about Revolyn Ultra as to whether the product is a big scam after all. According to some statements, Revolyn Ultra is just a product full of empty promises without any prospect of a real dietary success.

Many different test reports can be found on the Internet which show that Revolyn Ultra could not cause any change in weight. There are also test reports which rave about the product and describe Revolyn Ultra as the miracle cure for the desirable body.

A certain scepticism first appears when researching Revolyn Ultra. Apparently, the manufacturer of Revolyn Ultra has launched a second, almost identical product on the market and only changed the name to “Herzolex Ultra”. It is suspected that the manufacturer did this in order to bring a competitor for Revolyn Ultra onto the market and at the same time earn even more money.

Revolyn Ultra Lion’s Den

Revolyn Ultra is often associated and advertised with its appearance on the television show “Lion’s Den”. The “Lion’s Den” is a famous TV show where inventors and developers can present their own products to a jury of experienced business people and investors. If a product appeals to one or more members of the jury, they can acquire shares in the product and support the presented product with their investments.

Revolyn Ultra is also said to have been presented to the jury in spring 2018 and apparently met with great enthusiasm. According to different statements, Carsten Maschmeyer and Frank Thelen were very enthusiastic about the product and are said to have invested a high six-figure sum of money in Revolyn Ultra. Revolyn Ultra was allegedly traded as the product of the year. In the meantime it has turned out that Revolyn Ultra was never presented in the TV show. Due to the false advertising that Revolyn Ultra made on the back of the show, the channel VOX may now want to take legal action against the company. A similar incident already occurred in connection with the celebrity Daniela Katzenberger.

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Revolyn Ultra and Pure Cleanse

Revolyn Ultra is sometimes associated with another diet pill called “Pure Cleanse”.

Pure Cleanse” is also said to provide fast and effective weight loss. However, health scientists do not only regard “Pure Cleanse” as an unnecessary dietary supplement, but even as dangerous. “Pure Cleanse” contains laxatives such as Cape Aloe, Cascara sagrada, barberry, rhubarb and buckthorn, among others, and is basically just a mixture of various laxatives and, when ingested, causes severe dehydration, which inevitably leads to unhealthy weight loss.

Revolyn Ultra ingredients

The most important ingredients of Revolyn Ultra include Green Tea; Guarana; Acai; Konjac Mannan; Pomegranate and Siberian Ginseng. These ingredients, when combined, are said to have a fat-burning and health-promoting effect.

Whether this is really true, we will now check.

Revolyn Ultra ingestion/application

Revolyn Ultra is taken via small capsules. One should take two of these capsules a day. One capsule is taken in the morning and one in the evening. The two daily rations should be taken independently of the other meals and should not be influenced by the general diet of the day.


Revolyn Ultra is said to work through the natural ingredients. The ingredients should help the body to burn fat and lose weight faster. The diet capsule is supposed to combine the different effects of the ingredients such as green tea, guarana, mate and ginseng and thus promises both a fast and effective weight loss and a noticeable fat burning. Revolyn Ultra is also supposed to fight against ravenous appetite and thus prevent further weight gain.

Revolyn Ultra side effects

Although the manufacturer states in several product descriptions that Revolyn Ultra has no side effects whatsoever, health scientists and experts disagree. Revolyn Ultra may therefore have several different side effects.

Among other things, only relatively minor side effects such as sweating or fluctuations in sensation occur.

Furthermore, Revolyn Ultra can also manifest itself in longer periods of insomnia, palpitations or also in blood pressure values that are too low or too high. Other complaints which can occur when using Revolyn Ultra are heartburn or stomach ache. In addition, Revolyn Ultra can cause listlessness in combination with headaches and possible muscle inflammation.

Further Revolyn Ultra experiences

Our test person could neither record negative nor positive effects. However, every person can react differently to the food supplement. In order to get a better picture of the Revolyn Ultra, you should look at other experiences with the diet pill.

Most experience reports on the Internet reflect a similar opinion: Revolyn Ultra does not burn fat, but it burns money. The promised effect is not achieved by the majority of consumers. Buyers are often plagued by annoying side effects and complain about wasted money. The experience does not differ conspicuously between male and female consumers. At the moment not a single customer review can be found on Amazon.

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Revolyn Ultra Stiftung Warentest

A test report for Revolyn Ultra from Stiftung Warentest cannot be found.

Stiftung Warentest is an independent non-profit organisation that tests and evaluates different products according to individual standards.

Order Revolyn Ultra- Where?

If you are interested in Revolyn Ultra despite the experience and the test: Revolyn Ultra can be ordered on the various popular online marketplaces such as or, as well as on the official Revolyn website.
The prices can vary more or less from dealer to dealer.

Revolyn Ultra in the pharmacy

Revolyn Ultra cannot be purchased in pharmacies and is not sold through online pharmacies.

Revolyn Ultra DM

Revolyn Ultra can also not be purchased in the DM drugstore and is not sold through its online shop.
Also Rossmann or similar stores do not sell it.

Conclusion – Our Revolyn Ultra Rating

Revolyn Ultra almost certainly seems to be just another product on the diet and nutritional supplement market that awakens the longing for a slim and young body without great effort in many people, pretending to be the miracle product that can reliably and effectively achieve this goal.

The false advertising campaign of Revolyn Ultra in the “Lion’s Den”, as well as a high risk of side effects and lack of success unfortunately do not allow us to have confidence in Revolyn Ultra.

The fact that pharmacies and drugstores do not sell Revolyn Ultra also makes us sceptical.

The fact that the manufacturer brings an almost identical product to market under a different name in order to generate more sales does not leave us with the impression that the manufacturer is concerned about the concerns and wishes of the customers.

At first we did not want to be blinded by other reviews, but after our own test we had to realize that taking the diet pill obviously does not lead to healthy fat burning and weight loss.

With a price of around 40EUR for 60 pills on Amazon, you lose a relatively large amount of money, but only little or no weight.

Those who would like to take supplements to their normal meals will find a better alternative in riboSLIM, for example. In conclusion, it can be said that the consumption of Revolyn Ultra is a gross disproportion between the promised success and the risk to be taken.

Buy riboSLIM here at the best price!

Comparison winner: riboSlim

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