Reduxan Experience & Test 2019 – WARNING: Big scam?

By | 5. October 2020

Buy Reduxan?! Experience 2018

People who want to lose weight for health or aesthetic reasons will continue to find Reduxan a proven support, according to the manufacturer. The product is now available over the Internet from various suppliers as well as in pharmacies without a prescription and is therefore easily available to everyone.

Of course, there is always the question if Reduxan is really effective and if it is worthwhile to order the preparation.


…so that you make the right decision

Ingredients, effect…

…and everything else you need to know!

Is it worth…

…and is it worth the money?

Table of contents

  • Buy Reduxan?! Experience 2018
    • What triggers the effect of Reduxan? Ingredients
    • Reduxan intake – different possibilities
      • Losing weight with Reduxan capsules
        • Morning
        • Midday
        • Night
      • Reduxan drink – how to take it?
    • Reduxan side effects
    • Reduxan Test
      • Day 1
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
      • Day 30
    • Other Reduxan experiences
    • Reduxan Foundation Product Test
    • Reduxan price comparison – where is the Reduxan price the cheapest?
      • Buy Reduxan capsules in pharmacy?
      • Amazon
      • Buy Reduxan on account
      • dm
    • My conclusion about Reduxan
    • Frequently asked questions:
      • Reduxan for how many years?
      • Which is better Reduxan or Almased?
      • Does Reduxan help with losing weight?

Info: Reduxan was renamed to riboSlim in August 2019, so if you click on the pictures or the links you will be taken to riboSlim.

Click here to go to riboSLim

What causes the effect of Reduxan? Ingredients

Reduxan capsules are offered for morning, noon and evening. In each case a different combination of active ingredients is used to support weight loss. The aim is to suppress the feeling of hunger on the one hand and to block the absorption of fat in the body on the other.

The main ingredient of the capsules for the morning is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. This active ingredient is intended to both curb the appetite and Stimulate metabolism. 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine is the chemical name for Caffeine. It is therefore also a stimulant that can increase performance. The Attention and the ability to concentrate can be improved will be. It has also been proven that 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine has a positive effect on the peristalsis of the intestine, so that digestion can be improved.
The active ingredient creates an important basis for stimulating the body to break down fat every day. Therefore it is also recommended to take this capsule before breakfast.

Later in the day, the Reduxan Midday capsule is taken, which has two ingredients. These are ß-1,4-polymer of D-glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. These active ingredients have the task of inhibiting the absorption of fat from food. It is therefore recommended that they be taken before lunch, which should be the main meal of the day. In this way an optimal effect can be achieved when losing weight.

ß-1,4 polymer of D-glucosamine is the biopolymer Chitosanwhich is used to Fat binding serves. Its property as a lipid adsorbent has been scientifically proven in the laboratory. Thus, the ß-1,4-polymer of D-glucosamine is an ideal aid to losing weight and can also lower cholesterol levels.

N-acetyl-D-glucosamine can further support this effect and at the same time provide protection for the intestine. Therefore, the combination of the two active ingredients in the Reduxan Midday Capsule is also very effective when taken immediately before a meal.

The third capsule of the Reduxan weight loss program is taken in the evening. The main active ingredient of this capsule is 1,2-dihydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid, which is known in specialist circles as HCA is called. HCA is derived from the Garcinia Cambogia plant that originates from India. This plant has often been talked about in recent years because of its positive effect on weight loss. It is hoped that the intake of HCA Conversion of carbohydrates into body fat reduced can be.

A typical property of HCA is the Increase of the metabolism. When HCA is taken, more heat is generated, which results in higher energy consumption. As a result, fat and sugar can be burned quickly to meet the body’s increased energy requirements. In addition, HCA can stimulate the formation of enzymes that contribute to the metabolism of fat. In this way, less fat is stored in the body cells. At the same time the feeling of hunger is also reducedbecause the body can draw its energy from fat reserves.

Reduxan intake – different possibilities

Reduxan is a preparation that is very precisely tailored to the needs of the body at any time of day. Therefore, it is also recommended to follow the suggested use and dosage, which can be found in the package leaflet. Reduxan is available in capsule form and can also be combined with the Reduxan drink. You can choose to treat with or without the drink.

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It is important that you ask yourself at the beginning of the treatment: “how do I take Reduxan correctly? “If you decide to take Reduxan capsules, you will find that the treatment consists of three different capsules: Reduxan Morning, Midday and Night. The different capsules are taken in the morning, midday and night according to their name. The combination of the active ingredients is different for the three tablets, so you should always keep the right rhythm. The capsules should be taken with water before each meal.

Losing weight with Reduxan capsules

The ingredients of Reduxan tablets make it possible to lose weight in a relatively simple way. Fats and carbohydrates are immediately metabolized and not stored in the body cells. At the same time you feel less appetite and can therefore limit calorie intake more easily.

You can get the best effect with Reduxan tablets by combining them with a calorie-reduced diet and also doing some exercise.


Start your day with the Reduxan tablet for the morning. This tablet is designed to boost your metabolism right at the start of the day and make sure you feel less hungry. Take the tablet with plenty of water about 30 minutes before breakfast. It also provides energy so that you can start the day in a positive way.


The Midday Tablet helps you to bind and dispose of fats from food. It also helps to prevent the carbohydrates from your meal from being stored in fat cells. This tablet should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before lunch. In this way, you can eat your midday meal without gaining weight.


The last tablet is the Night Capsule. This serves to stimulate the metabolism. This tablet contains HCA, with which the conversion of carbohydrates into fat can be reduced. You should take the tablet half an hour before dinner. In this way the fat burning process can also function optimally in the evening. In addition, you will feel full, so that the temptation to snack in front of the television is reduced.

Reduxan Drink – how to take it?

If you prefer the Reduxan drink, you can also take it before meals. For each drink mix 33 grams of the powder with 250 ml of water. The valuable Reduxan ingredients like HCA are also included in the drink. It is also possible to replace a meal with such a drink and thus achieve results even faster.

The drink is characterized by a neutral taste, which is perceived as pleasant by most people. It is also very well tolerated. It causes a feeling of satiety, so you can have smaller meals if you drink the drink before meals.

Reduxan side effects

If you choose Reduxan, it is important that you follow the recommended dosage of three tablets daily. Take one tablet with water in the morning, at noon and in the evening. In this way there are no side effects. However, if the dose is increased, digestive problems may occur. Minor intolerances can also be caused by not taking the tablets with enough water, or by taking too little water during the day. A feeling of fullness or flatulence can result from such a lack of fluid.

Therefore you should always make sure to drink enough. Reduxan binds fat that is excreted in the stool. If you eat a high-fat diet while taking the product, the so-called fatty stool can occur. However, this disappears again if the diet is adjusted accordingly. Losing weight with Reduxan is basically risk-free and suitable for all persons. Negative experiences with Reduxan are usually due to users not using the product correctly.
The Reduxan drink is just as well tolerated as the tablets.

If you take other medicines, there may be interactions. This is especially true for thyroid hormones, fat-soluble vitamins and also for the contraceptive pill. In any case, such medications should never be taken at the same time as Reduxan, but as far as possible at different times. In case of doubt you should ask your doctor.

If you want to use Reduxan for children or adolescents, it is also recommended to consult your doctor first. The same applies to women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Reduxan Test

As a diet coach I like to use Reduxan because I have made the experience that this product can greatly assist in weight loss. One of my patients, Anna, a woman of 42 years of age, who had been trying to lose weight for a long time without success, achieved excellent results with Reduxan. I introduced her to both the Reduxan drink and the capsules. The drink convinced her from a taste point of view, but she found it cumbersome to take the drink. So she decided to accompany her diet with the Reduxan capsules.

Like all my patients I first explained that Reduxan is not a miracle cure. It can help with weight loss, but it cannot do it by itself. Therefore I set certain basic conditions for my patient. These included, for example, a strict renunciation of junk food. Pizza and hamburgers are simply not compatible with a weight loss diet and should therefore be banned from the menu. I also drew up a plan to increase physical activity. This involved twice a week of 25-minute workouts. In only 30 days Anna was able to lose a proud 9 kg and is very satisfied with this result. Losing weight with Reduxan was a very positive experience for her. This is how her diet went:

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Day 1

On the first day of the program, the starting weight was first determined. Anna weighed 87 kg. I familiarized her with the three different capsules that are taken in the morning, at noon and in the evening and Anna started taking the first capsule.

Day 7

The first two kilos are down! Today Anna weighed only 85 kg and was happy about the first success. So far the cure has gone without any complaints. However, Anna noticed a high fat stool, which is a result of the fat binders in Reduxan. I advised her to consume less fatty foods, as these have a direct result on the excretions.

Day 14

Ana has changed her diet a little bit and has largely renounced fat. The result can be seen today. Ana now weighs only 82 kg. Another 3 kg could be lost. Furthermore she feels comfortable and efficient with her diet.

Day 21

After Anna first reached a plateau where she did not lose weight in the first few days, the pounds started to fall again. 1.5 kg could be lost and Anna weighs 80.5 kg today.

Day 28

Also today again a positive result in weighing. Anna has lost another 2 kg and today she weighs only 78.5 kg.

Day 30

After one month with the Reduxan diet, Anna takes stock. In total she has now lost 9 kg and shows a total weight of 78 kg today. Ana is proud and happy. It is the first time that she could lose so much weight in one month. With her new weight she looks slimmer and also more confident.

Other Reduxan experiences

The Reduxan experience that this diet coach was able to make with a patient is also confirmed by numerous other satisfied customers.

Gerda from Berlin, for example, reports that she was able to achieve better results with Reduxan already in the first week of her diet. As a result, she felt strongly motivated to continue with her weight loss plan and finally, after six weeks, she was able to achieve the weight goal she had set herself. She would always go back to Reduxan.

Reduxan experience reports are also available from men. Heinz from Aachen, for example, reports that the doctor had recommended that he lose 20 kg. This task initially seemed impossible until a friend recommended Reduxan capsules to him. With Reduxan, Heinz was soon able to see results and was also not plagued by the intense hunger that had previously always led to giving up a diet. According to his information, Heinz took Reduxan for three months and was able to lose a total of 23 kg.

Werner from Hannover, on the other hand, thinks that most Reduxan experience reports are exaggerated. His wife encouraged him to take the capsules. Werner took the capsules for two months and his personal Reduxan experiences turned out to be less positive. During the time of taking the capsules he could only lose 2.5 kg. However, he admits that he often forgot to take the medication and did not follow any sports activities.

Such Reduxan experiences of real users can often be found on the internet today, as the drug is very well known. These reports help you to form your own opinion about the product. In this way you make an informed purchase decision.

Reduxan Foundation Product Test

The Reduxan experience, which can be read on the Internet, is viewed sceptically by many people. They prefer to orientate themselves on well-known sources such as Apotheken Umschau or Stiftung Warentest. Stiftung Warentest is a consumer organisation that tests various products and provides an independent expert opinion

Reduxan has not yet been tested by Stiftung Warentest. However, several other similar products have been tested for their effectiveness. Stiftung Warentest distinguished between the categories saturation capsule, fat blocker and carbohydrate blocker. If you look at the results for fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers, you can also draw conclusions about Reduxan, as this product blocks the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. In the test, most of the products tested were rated unfavourably. However, it was concluded that fat-blocking agents such as those contained in Reduxan can certainly lead to results. The unique combination of active ingredients in Reduxan means that the Stiftung Warentest lso (the German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest lso) believes there is a good chance of success.

Reduxan price comparison – where is the Reduxan price the cheapest?

If you have decided to buy Reduxan, it is worth comparing prices, the drug is now available from different suppliers, but there is often a quite large price difference. Often the difference from one provider to another can be more than 10 Euros. Therefore, you should first of all inform yourself correctly before buying.

Buy Reduxan capsules in a pharmacy?

Reduxan is now available in almost every pharmacy. You can also buy the tablets and the Reduxan drink cheaply in online pharmacies. On the internet it is easy to look at a few different online pharmacies and ask for the prices. Often you can also benefit from a special offer.


Reduxon is currently not available at Amazon. If you want to buy online, you should choose an online pharmacy.

Buy Reduxan on account

It is possible to get Reduxon on account with different providers. So you can start your weight loss plan now and pay later. However, you should always make sure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier, so that you have the guarantee to always get the original product.

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Reduxan cannot be bought in the dm drugstore at the moment.

If you want to buy Reduxan, you should buy it directly on the website of the provider, because there the price is the cheapest.

My conclusion about Reduxan

Of course, the question arises again and again whether Reduxan is really effective and whether it is worth ordering the drug.

Many field reports from 2018 prove that this drug has helped many people to achieve their weight loss goals more easily.

Success has been particularly successful for people who have been using Reduxan with a more conscious diet and increased physical activity. However, even with relatively little exercise, very good results can be achieved because the different ingredients of Reduxan support the body in different ways to burn more calories and thus lose weight.

Reduxan was renamed to riboSlim in August 2019, so if you click on the pictures or the links you will be taken to riboSlim.

Click here to go to riboSLim

Frequently asked questions:

Since Reduxan has established itself so strongly on the market, there are always questions that are asked about it. We have summarized the most important questions here.

Reduxan for how many years?

Reduxan can be bought in shops from the age of 18. Of course parents can buy the capsules for their children. Diet products and diets in general are of course often questionable for children. Children are still growing and diets can often counteract a healthy development. On the other hand, severe obesity is also a problem that inevitably leads to health problems. It is therefore also difficult to determine the age at which Reduxan can be administered.

It is advisable to consult the paediatrician in the case of obesity and to find out about the possibilities of a diet. Reduxan can also help children to stick to a diet more easily and achieve better results in losing weight. However, especially in children, care should be taken to ensure that such a cure with Reduxan is accompanied by a change in eating habits and also by sport. In this way, children can gradually change to a healthier lifestyle, which will also be of benefit to you as an adult.

Which is better Reduxan or Almased?

First-class results can be achieved with both Reduxan and the Almased diet. If one assumes that weight can be lost with both methods, there is a significant difference. With Reduxan it is much easier to lose weight. With Reduxan you take a tablet before meals, with which you can influence the metabolism of the body. Fat is bound and carbohydrates are converted into fat cells to a lesser extent.

One meal can be replaced by a Reduxan drink, but it is also possible to continue eating three meals a day during weight loss. With the Reduxam programme it is recommended to change your diet to a lower fat diet and to exercise twice a week. You can also lose weight with the Reduxan active ingredient combination if you eat normal meals. There is also no need to prepare for the cure with Reduxan. You can start taking the product at any time.

With Almased it is different. Before one starts with the Almased Shakes, one should follow a strict preparation diet for three to seven days, during which one only eats vegetable stock or salted vegetable juices. Even this introductory diet is very difficult for many people to keep up and is not easy to reconcile with the daily routine of a working person. After this introductory diet, two meals a day are replaced by an Almased Shake. This diet phase lasts until you have reached your desired weight. Since this diet is quite rigorous, many people do not stick to it.

Reduxan, on the other hand, makes it easy to stick to the program and reach the desired weight. The tablets can also be taken over a longer period of time without any problems. In this way you can lose weight slowly and at your own pace. If you lose weight slowly, there is no yo-yo effect, as is often the case with fast diets.

Does Reduxan help you lose weight?

Reduxan offers an excellent aid to weight loss, which manifests itself in various ways. First of all, the tablets help to bind fat and excrete it through the stool. Thus, the body does not absorb fat from food. The product can also prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat cells. Therefore, you can lose weight by taking this product even if you eat three normal meals a day. Alternatively, you can replace one meal with a Reduxan drink and thus accelerate your weight loss even further.

Reduxan also helps with the feeling of hunger that makes it impossible for many people to keep up diets. If the tablets are taken about 30 minutes before meals, a feeling of satiety is achieved, which makes it easier to eat smaller meals. If you support a diet with Reduxan, it is much easier to lose weight. Numerous testimonials are proof that Reduxan really works. Even people who have previously failed in diets and could not lose weight have been able to reach their target weight with Reduxan.

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