Redix Vital experiences and test 2019 – success after 2 months

By | 1. October 2020

Redix Vital – simply lose weight?

Redix Vital is said to be an innovative dietary supplement that has led to many successes in the past months with people who wanted to lose weight. The manufacturer uses a number of natural components in his product, which ensure that the metabolism of the human organism is stimulated and the fat burning process is actively promoted.

In the following article, the preparation Redix Vital is comprehensively examined and also examined more closely on the basis of experience reports.

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Table of contents

  • Redix Vital – simply lose weight?
    • Redix Vital Test
      • Day 1
      • Day 15
      • day 30
      • Day 45
      • Day 60
    • Redix Vital ingredients
    • Effect
    • Revenue
    • Further Redix Vital experiences
    • Redix Vital Stiftung Warentest
    • Redix Vital voucher code
    • Where to buy Redix Vital?
      • Pharmacy
      • Amazon
      • From the manufacturer: Redix Vital
    • Conclusion

Redix Vital Test

To give you an overview of the actual course of a Redix Vital cure, you will learn about a practical test with Claudia, 39 years old. The test person came to me because she had not been able to return to her old form after the pregnancies in the past years and there were numerous pounds too many still on her.

Claudia had made various attempts over the years to lose weight, but had not yet found a suitable alternative for herself to actually reach her goal of 11 kilos less. The test person used Redix Vital for her last attempt to reduce her weight. Claudia started with a weight of 86 kilos. In the following section you can read about the course of the application and its individual results.

Day 1

The first day was quite unspectacular with the test person Claudia. Here only the actual level on the body fat scale was determined. Claudia brought to the start here 86 kilograms on the scale and suffered from her kilos. Her declared goal was 12 kilos less, because the manufacturer advertises up to 12 kilos weight loss in 60 days. Here the income of 2 capsules a day, a light sports programme of 25 minutes twice a week and a balanced diet were determined and discussed, which did not include any renunciation, but still followed a healthy and balanced approach.

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Day 15

On day 15 after two weeks of using the Redix Vital capsules, Claudia came to me again at 8:00 a.m. for weighing and discussing her first experiences. Claudia already lost 3 kilos in the first 14 days. Her previous eating habits were rather optimisable and contained a lot of fast food. In the past 2 weeks she had kept to both her sports and the nutritional program for taking the capsules. With 83 kilograms she now went into the next two weeks.

Day 30

After 30 days the test person came to me again. The appointment was again at 8:00 am and she was weighed again. A further weight loss of 3.5 kilograms was observed. Claudia was doing well with her basic mind. She drew a lot of positive feelings and renewed momentum, especially from the sports inserts. With 79.5 kilograms she was then sent into the 3rd phase.

day 45

After more than 45 days and feeling as if she had lost very little weight, the test person was a little insecure about her own lack of body awareness at 8:00 a.m. The test person was weighed as usual and weighed another 1.5 kilos less. This was a significantly lower result than in the last few weeks, but still a success. Since the test person had her period, among other things, water retention may have occurred. Claudia was mentally built up and sent into the last phase of the cure with a weight of 77 kilograms.

Day 60

On day 60 the test person appeared to be in a good mood. We weighed her and were lucky to find out that she has lost the last 3 kilograms in the past 2 weeks. She missed her desired weight by one kilo, but the result is still remarkable. Without the Redix Vital she would probably not have achieved this result.
She has not experienced any side effects. She suffered neither from heartburn nor vomiting. However, Claudia also strictly followed the instructions for taking the product and neither underdosed nor overdosed.

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Redix Vital ingredients

It is generally known that the metabolism is stimulated when eating spicy food. At the same time the probability of gaining weight decreases as a result. The direct conclusion is that spicy foods help the metabolism to lose weight.

“This first-time comprehensive academic review summarises evidence showing the various ways that chilli – or more precisely the chemical capsaicin which gives chilli its heat can aid in weight loss.

The Redix Vital preparation takes advantage of this effect of spicy foods. The clearly communicated concept behind this is that everything that is supposedly spicy also makes you slim. Therefore only good and completely pure ingredients are used for the preparation.

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The exact ingredients of Redix include the following:

    • Capsicum; this is a natural calorie burner that is otherwise found in natural chili.
    • Goji berries; represents a nutritional supplement that originates from Asia
    • Acai berries; is used as a so-called miracle berry, it contains many essential vitamins
    • Garcinia Cambogia; this ingredient has a proven appetite suppressant effect and comes with the active ingredient HCA
    • Oolong tea; is crucial for stimulating fat burning
    • bitter melon; this ingredient is beneficial for sugar metabolism
    • Vitamin B3; forms a good supplement to build up a good cholesterol level.
    • Black pepper; leaves a certain basic sharpness due to the active ingredient peperin
    • Anhydrous caffeine; stimulates the organism in total


Acai berry

Oolong tea

Black pepper

Goji Berry


Bitter melon


The combination of the individual ingredients stimulates the metabolism so that fat burning can begin. There are now many different studies that report that mostly spicy foods are responsible for stimulating the metabolism and can therefore also strengthen the immune system.


With the product Redix Vital it is possible to boost your metabolism to initiate a weight reduction. The product bundles a multitude of natural components that stimulate the metabolism process and helps you to achieve a slimmer appearance in a natural way.


The preparation Redix Vital is a branded product which is characterized by a high effectiveness and promises many successes. Once the product was developed by various scientists and in the following process it was quality tested and certified. For example, it received a seal of approval.

Basically, the metabolism should be stimulated by taking the product so that weight reduction can take place and the absorption of fat can be prevented. Consequently, the effect of burning calories and fats at the same time is used.

In order to further enhance the effect of the product, a comprehensive sports programme is advisable, but not a must, and optimisation of the personal diet is a prerequisite for success. The manufacturer even advertises that you can burn up to 850 calories by taking the capsules without initiating a comprehensive sports program.

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules a day. Pregnant women are generally not advised to take the product. If you are taking any medication regularly or if you have any medical conditions you should consult your doctor before taking it.

Dosage of the agent

Basically, you should not take more than the 2 capsules per day for a healthy person. If you have only taken one tablet a day, this does not mean that you should take 3 capsules of Redix Vital the following day. If you choose too high a dosage, side effects such as vomiting or stomach irritation may occur. Do not forget that the preparation aims at sharpness to stimulate the metabolism and that the sharpness may also affect the mucous membranes in the digestive tract.

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Further Redix Vital experiences

With other test persons it can be observed again and again that they do not change their diet and continue to eat fast food during the cure with Redix Vital. This leads to bad weight loss results and a large number of unmotivated people. From the experiences it can be concluded that a nutritional and exercise related support of the concept is important for the success of weight loss and helps to push the mental motivation of the patient.

Redix Vital Stiftung Warentest

Independent testing institutes also offer a wide range of tests in the field of dietary supplements. However, Stiftung Warentest advises you as a consumer to generally refrain from excessive expectations when taking dietary supplements. It is certainly possible to achieve weight reduction by taking the product without, for example, initiating a detailed sports programme, but a healthy diet and, if necessary, consultation with the doctor treating you is still unavoidable. A detailed examination by Stiftung Warentest for this product is not yet available.

Redix Vital voucher code

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Where to buy Redix Vital?

The manufacturer offers different possibilities to purchase the product. The most common channels are listed below.


The manufacturer has not yet initiated sales through pharmacies.


You can buy Redix Vital at Amazon.

From the manufacturer: Redix Vital

The purchase of the product Redix Vital can be initiated via the manufacturer. This is also the best solution, as the manufacturer provides voucher codes.


Redix Vital is a proven food supplement that is primarily used for weight reduction. In practice, however, the manufacturer sometimes advertises with somewhat exaggerated advertising messages, which should be interpreted with common sense.

Taking the preparation supports those willing to lose weight in their sometimes difficult path to successful weight reduction. However, consultations should be held when taking the product if health components are involved. If, for example, there are previous illnesses or other aspects that require treatment, it is imperative that the doctor treating the patient makes arrangements and checks.

Update on the 25/09/2020- Redix Vital special offer only today:
If you order now, you will receive a 30% discount

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