Potenztabs24 experiences and test 2019 – Does it keep what it promises?

By | 6. October 2020

Potenztabs24 is a food supplement, which is supposed to increase libido and potency. The product is not a medicine, but a preparation which can be sold freely and promotes the natural increase in potency. According to the manufacturer there should be no side effects, interactions or contraindications. Anyone who wants to boost their potency should be able to take the product without any problems. Allegedly only the herbal active ingredients are used and it should not be a copy of a product that was already on the market.

The goal of Potenztabs24 is to increase sexual performance and testosterone levels. Many men in Germany are interested in the natural sexual enhancers, because the love life should be improved with them. Erectile dysfunction is well known today and men of all ages are affected. The partnership usually suffers from too short a sex life and this is where the sexual enhancer is supposed to help. A test should show whether there is an effect with the natural and over-the-counter product. The ingredients, the effect, the side effects and also the alternative will be examined more closely in the test.

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Table of contents

  • Potenztabs24 experiences and test 2019
    • Power tabs24 test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Potenztabs24 experiences
    • Which alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Potenztabs24 Taking and dosage
    • Side effects
    • Should I buy Potenztabs24? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Power tabs24 test

Ralf is 40 years old and he wanted to test Potenztabs24. The intake should take place for 4 weeks and Ralf wanted to share his experiences. Ralf had big problems during sex and he hoped that these could be brought under control. The partnership suffered a lot from Ralf’s erectile dysfunction and in addition to that he had low self-confidence and a bad mood. Ralf was curious whether it was a rip-off or whether there was actually an effect.

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Day 7

The test person did not notice any longer stamina after one week and sexual performance did not improve. The test person was curious to see whether this would improve in the course of the three weeks.

Day 14

After the second week Ralf still complained about the premature ejaculation and the erection was not optimized. The test person also did not notice the promised increased libido. It was hoped that the result would still improve.

Day 21

After three weeks, the test person no longer believed that anything would change in the last week. Compared to before, no improvement was achieved and no change could be detected even after consultation with the partner. Ralf assumed that he had thrown the money out the window.

Day 28

After 4 weeks the disappointment was correspondingly great, because no physical or sexual performance could be determined and the erection was not improved. The duration of the erection was not extended and the libido was not increased. The test person stated that he would not recommend the product and that it was better to resort to an alternative.

Further Potenztabs24 experiences

Many men stated in opinions and reports that the physical and sexual performance had not increased and that the erection did not become harder. In many testers the duration of the erection was not increased and therefore it was often reported that the product does not help with loss of potency, sexual unwillingness and erectile dysfunction.

The manufacturer states that they are effective potency pills, but this is often not confirmed by the buyers. Of course, it is also not immediately apparent from all reports whether they are reputable and honest. The product has not had a positive effect on the blood circulation of many after the purchase and the sexual desire has not been increased for many. Even if there are no side effects, the buyer often says that it is better to go for alternatives.

Which alternative do I have?

If you are looking for alternatives to Potenztabs24, you will find MSX6. The product also convinces by the easy taking and it is produced in Germany. In comparison to other natural potency products it is said to be an effective alternative and that this product is serious is already recognized by the fact that it is sold at Amazon. The erection should be promoted with the help of the product, the sperm should be regulated, the product should be good for fitness and endurance should be increased.

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The effect of MSX6 is said to be due to its very good composition and on the market of natural sexual enhancers the product can clearly stand out from the competition. The product was found to be effective and good by many testers. Not only the sex should be improved, but even psychological stress and circulatory problems should be eliminated.

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Tongkat Ali is the main ingredient in Potenztabs24 and this is to increase testosterone. The component is there to increase the strength of the man and to increase the stress resistance. Ginkgo is also an ingredient that is said to increase testosterone levels. This is made possible by the fact that the prolactin level is lowered by Ginkgo. Butea Superba is also an active ingredient, also known as Plossobaum. Men often use the ingredient to increase libido and for rejuvenation. The so-called superfood already counts as natural Viagra in Europe. The testosterone level should be increased with it. Krachai Dam is said to have an aphrodisiac effect and the potency-promoting effect is also said to be effective here.

Potenztabs24 Taking and dosage

The manufacturer states that 2 to 3 tablets per day are still taken within 7 to 10 days. After this period, one tablet per day is sufficient. According to the manufacturer there are no special features to be considered. No information is found as to whether the product should be used in a cure or permanently.

Caution is also very important with natural sexual enhancers, as side effects can never be completely ruled out.

Natural sexual enhancers cannot be called miracle cures either, because without diet and exercise it is hardly possible to improve potency permanently. The sexual enhancers can provide maximum support for the right diet and sport.

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Side effects

The manufacturer states that there should be no contraindications, interactions or side effects. However, undesirable side effects or side effects can never be completely excluded. Incompatibilities and allergies to the ingredients are always possible.

Should I buy Potenztabs24? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

Potenztabs24 can not be found in drugstores and the product is also not found in pharmacies. The product is also not found at online traders like Ebay or Amazon. If you would like to buy the potency product despite the bad experiences, you have to order it directly from the manufacturer.


In the internet a lot of reports and opinions about Potenztabs24 are found and many of them are negative. Often it is reported that the product does not have any effect. Many users do not notice much of the prolonged stamina, the increased performance and the optimized erection. Before the money is thrown out the window, it is better to reach for an alternative on the market.

MSX6 is a very good alternative to Potenztabs24, because the product is manufactured in Germany and there should be hardly any side effects. Compared to chemical products such as Viagra, MSX6 is a natural and well-tolerated alternative. MSX6 can also be bought without a prescription and the potency should be actually improved and increased.

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