Penimaster Pro vs Phallosan forte – the ultimate comparison

By | 28. September 2020

Penimaster pro or Phallosan forte? The comparison

For the problem of a too short penis or discomfort after prostate surgery, there are various medical aids available. Extenders such as Phallosan forte or Penimaster Pro are often recommended. There are many differences, but also many similarities. Clinics use both Phallosan forte and Penimaster pro. Both medical penis extenders are approved for treatment after penis surgery.

Table of contents

  • Penimaster pro or Phallosan forte? The comparison
    • Penimaster pro or Phallosan forte ? The main differences in the design of the devices
    • Different wearing comfort
    • Which extender is recommended
    • Conclusion

Penimaster pro or Phallosan forte ? The main differences in the construction of the devices

The most important difference between Phallosan forte and Penimaster pro is that Penimaster pro is a vacuum-protector-system and Penimaster pro is a 3-force vacuum-extender and a combination of vacuum- and stretch-method. The basic system of the Phallosan forte has a form fit, adhesion and a dosable vacuum and has only a hip belt as carrying option. Penimaster pro however also has a knee strap and a shoulder strap. Phallosan forte does not have a weight extender either. But the Penimaster pro has no app support.

Different wearing comfort

Penimaster pro and also Phallosan forte show a very high wearing comfort. The glans is not squeezed in either of the two extenders, as many assume. Both extenders can also be hidden very well under everyday clothes. This means that the extenders do not stand out clearly under clothing. During the night it is recommended to wear boxer shorts. In general it is not recommended to wear briefs. This squeezes the glans and can lead to a failure of the treatment. The carrying system of the extender can be easily fixed under everyday clothes.

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Because the Penimaster pro has a knee and shoulder strap in addition to the hip strap, the attachment possibilities of this extender are a bit more versatile than the Phallosan forte extender. Both medical devices are hardly noticeable when worn, even though a rather high traction force is already exerted. With the Phallosan forte the traction force is 3 kilos. Both products offer lymph protection and foreskin protection.

This provides a certain feeling of safety when wearing and protects the fabric. The wearing comfort of the Penimaster pro is a bit more comfortable, especially thanks to the different carrying systems. In addition, this extender provides a suitable fit for every penis and glans size. Both extenders ensure a comfortable way of wearing while standing, walking, sitting and sleeping. Both systems can therefore be worn for several hours without any problems.

Which extender is recommended

Both extenders are available as medical aids in pharmacies. The Penimaster pro can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer, as can Phallosan forte. However, there is only a scientific study on Phallosan forte. This study was conducted in 2005 and for this reason alone Phallosan forte should be taken into consideration. But also the price/performance ratio alone shows that the wearing parts such as cuff condoms and protector caps of Phallosan forte and the adhesion membranes and sluices as well as the comfort and care product of Penimaster pro can be a high additional cost factor.

For the use of Phallosan forte no care product is needed. What might encourage many people to buy Phallosan forte is that there are also practical accessories available. This accessory is called Phallosan plus. It enables especially abdominal sleepers to use their usual sleeping position at night when wearing this extender.

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In the end it is mainly the good customer support offered for Phallosan plus that makes this extender more recommendable than Penimaster pro. There is also a large FAQ section on the website. Often many questions can already be answered there. And then there is the personal contact, the personal discreet conversation with a competent employee. Even those who order at the local pharmacy often don’t get the information they want promptly. So there is another factor besides price that plays a role in the purchase decision – the opportunity to get personal information about the product.

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