Penigen 500 experiences and test 2019 – an effective product?

By | 1. October 2020

The potency of the man and a sufficient libido are very important. If a disorder occurs here, it can have far-reaching consequences. Relationships suffer and can break down. Depression and lack of self-esteem are the result. Medical and natural sexual enhancers promise a remedy here.

Penigen 500 advertises that the man’s penis becomes bigger and thicker when ingested. Sensitivity is also increased. The first results should be seen within two hours after ingestion.

To verify these statements for you, we have tested the product ourselves. You can read what came out of it below.

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Table of contents

  • Penigen 500 experiences and test 2019
    • Penigen 500 Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Penigen 500 field reports
    • What alternatives do I have?
    • Ingredients of penigenes 500
    • Penigen 500 intake and dosage
    • Penigen 500 dangerous? Side effects
    • You want me to buy Penigen 500? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Penigen 500 Test

Mr. Lars F. was never quite satisfied with the size of his best piece. For a long time he had been longing for it to be a bit longer and thicker. Even if his partner did not want to burden him with it, she had to admit that she was right. Together they set out to find the right product, so that the fun in bed would be fun again and not frustration. With Penigen 500, they were of the opinion that they had found the right product. The promises were exactly what they had hoped for. The fact that it was also a natural product made them even more happy.

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It is always nice when ordered goods are delivered quickly. We liked the neutral packaging, because nobody needs to know what we order and where. When exactly the capsule is to be taken is not quite clear to me. But since I should feel the first changes after two hours, I will take it a little over two hours before sex.

Day 7

The advertised two hours were probably a bit exaggerated. I would have been surprised, though, with a natural product. After one week I still don’t notice anything that has changed.

Day 14

And you will have to wait even longer. I am already a bit surprised about this, but I do not yet believe in it. The test will be conducted until the end.

Day 21

Tested for three weeks, nothing has been added, nothing has gotten thicker, nothing has gotten longer. I’m stunned, but I’ll take the last week as well.

Day 28

Something has become long and fat, but unfortunately not my best piece. My partner also confirmed that I am not just imagining it. It is frustrating to realize that people with serious problems are also shamelessly ripped off.

So our conclusion is very bad. If you are thinking about buying this product, you should put your head in cold water for a short time to come to your senses.

Further Penigen 500 field reports

No relevant field reports for Penigen 500 could be found.

What alternatives do I have?

MSX6 is a product that has a very good reputation. It has helped those affected to find new joys in bed again. Of course MSX6 was also tested over a period of four weeks.

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The following is known about the ingredients of MSX6:

Muria Puama is found in the rainforest and high savannah forests of Brazil, the northern part of South America, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname and is called potency wood in German.

The ginkgoist is a tree that was originally native to China. It was brought to Europe by Dutch sailors and is now cultivated worldwide. At the turn of the millennium it was voted tree of the year. It is often used in medical form.

Ashwagandhaist the Indian name of the sleeping berry. It is also known as the winter cherry. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayuvera medicine. Because of similar effects it is also called Indian ginseng. Its application range in Ayuvera medicine is wide, among other things it is used to reduce stress levels.

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Ingredients of Penigenia 500

The manufacturer states the following ingredients:

Zinc, sodium selenite, magnesium bisglycinate, vitamin D3, vitamin B6.

Penigen 500 intake and dosage

Penigen 500 is taken once a day with plenty of liquid.

Penigen 500 dangerous? Side effects

As a side effect, problems with the stomach can occur. Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to an ingredient can also occur. In this case the product must be discontinued immediately. It should be kept out of reach of small children.

You want me to buy Penigen 500? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you are interested in Penigen 500, you can buy it on the manufacturer’s website or on ebay. This product is not offered in pharmacies or on Amazon.

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Without truly neutral opinions it is difficult to see Penigen 500 in a positive light. Specialist medical examinations and long-term studies are also missing. Where Penigen 500 is produced is also not evident. If you try to order the product on the manufacturer’s website, you will be referred to another product. Just a marketing gag?

To be sure what you get, you should fall back on tried and tested products. The over-the-counter sexual enhancer MSX6 was tested extensively and customers were more than satisfied with this product. MSX6 has understood how to work properly.

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