More sperm: this is how you can increase your sperm quantity – find out

By | 3. October 2020

Produce more sperm: Increase sperm quantity – this is how it works

For many men this is a very important issue, as it is not only about the personal ego, but also about reproduction. In the following articles and paragraphs you will learn how important an increased sperm quantity is and what means can be used to achieve this.

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Table of contents

  • Produce more sperm: Increase sperm quantity – this is how it works
    • Which factors are crucial if you want to drastically increase your sperm quantity?
    • Inject lots of sperm: The most important tips
      • Improve sperm production with L-Arginine
      • Using proteins to squirt more sperm
      • Greater ejaculation through abstinence
      • Generate more sperm through long foreplay
      • Stop just before the climax to get a larger ejaculation
      • More sperm pills?
    • Questions about sperm
      • Does a larger quantity of sperm have to do with more manliness?
      • Does a larger ejaculation mean higher fertility?

Which factors are crucial if you want to drastically increase your sperm quantity?

The following factors are important to increase your sperm quantity in general:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Being more abstinent occasionally – If you ejaculate more often within a short period of time, you will automatically have less ejaculate because the “production” does not follow.
  • Reduce or stop smoking completely
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce saturated fatty acids and consume in a controlled manner
  • Train potency musculature

Inject lots of sperm: The most important tips

In order to significantly increase the volume of sperm, you can help with a few tips, for example with L-arginine, proteins or a longer foreplay.

Improve sperm production with L-Arginine

A good way to increase the sperm volume with the active ingredient L-arginine is to take appropriate tablets or capsules. However, that is not all, because if you also consider the corresponding proportions of arginine in various foods, it is also recommended to change and adapt your daily diet. This is an additional and important measure to increase the amount of sperm in your body by increasing the amount of L-Arginine.

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Therefore you should inform yourself about which foods or food supplements have a particularly high L-Arginine content and which of them you would like to use. Instead of a bag of potato chips, you can alternatively nibble on pine or pumpkin seeds. Because both types of nuts have a very high L-Arginine content.

Apart from the nuts, there are also many types of bread, for example, such as pumpkin seed bread, which contains the amino acid. First you should change your diet accordingly. Whether or not protein in the form of oysters, for example, is really suitable as an aphrodisiac for increasing lust, you have to find out for yourself. Basically, however, proteins increase the blood circulation and therefore also build up the potency muscles.

In this context the active substance L-Arginine is especially important. Because this active substance is the form of an amino acid, which in turn consists of proteins. However, this active ingredient is ingested in everyday life through protein-rich food. It is found in very large quantities in certain types of cheese, nuts, meat and other ingredients.

This means that in the future your diet will consist of juicy steaks, tasty cheese, healthy yoghurts and fresh fish. If someone should be vegetarian, they can focus on the food, such as hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds or even lentils. Besides the protein-rich food, one can take L-arginine as a dietary supplement.

Especially athletes take the supplement L-Arginine in the form of tablets for personal performance enhancement. In addition to the athletic performance, the product also increases the erectile function and is therefore a body’s own sexual enhancer.

If you want to achieve the best results and continue to mention yourself as usual, SperMAX Control is recommended. With its natural ingredients, including L-Arginine, SperMAX Control allows you to increase your sperm production by up to 400% and prolong your sexual intercourse by up to 30 minutes.

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Using proteins to squirt more sperm

For many years now, the porn scene has been trying to increase the amount of sperm used in porn movies by using tricks and tricks. Nutrition is one of the decisive factors here. Especially protein-containing food can increase the amount of sperm. This includes raw eggs or lean turkey meat. A special secret tip is, as already mentioned, the amino acid L-Arginine. This should be administered in the amount of a daily dose. Here, however, one to two milligrams are completely sufficient, because the actual amount of L-arginine needed depends on the body weight. The amino acid L-arginine provides a thicker and milky sperm. However, you should not only concentrate on the tablets, but also on your natural diet.

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SperMAX Control is also frequently used in the porn scene.

Greater ejaculation through abstinence

If you want to increase your amount of sperm for a specific day, you should not ejaculate two to three days before. This is because abstinence ensures that your body can fill your testicles with enough sperm fluid. However, you can also make sure that you secrete significantly more ejaculate during the act itself.

It is very important, if possible, to practice and enjoy a long foreplay. Because only when you are really aroused will your body secrete a large amount of sperm. However, if possible, your orgasm should also be delayed as long as possible until the effusion. The more often your body is stimulated without ejaculating, the more voluminous your discharge will be.

Producing more sperm without abstinence

Generate more sperm through long foreplay

With a few days of abstinence, you will increase your sperm before the “big shot“. Coupled with abstinence is also a long foreplay. The longer the foreplay lasts, the longer the orgasm develops, which usually results in a voluminous discharge. As already briefly mentioned, the amount of ejaculate becomes less and less during a fast successive ejaculation.

Here you should take a corresponding break before getting back into pleasure. The pause will automatically increase the amount of sperm again. In pornographic films this often looks quite different. Here the porn actors can often cum in short intervals one after the other and flood the porn partners. However, one should not forget that the scenes are cut.

Stop shortly before the climax to get a bigger ejaculation

Once the foreplay is over, the actual act is also a very important point to increase the amount of semen. You should take care to delay your orgasm as long as possible. You are welcome to be stimulated until shortly before ejaculation. However, you should stop soon enough. This will mislead your body and stimulate the production of semen. If you delay your orgasm often enough, you will be rewarded with a higher semen volume.

If kept just before the climax, it is the so-called “point of no return”. This is exactly the moment when you can no longer stop or even hold back an ejaculation. To slow down this certain point before, you stimulate yourself until just before this point and then stop. Then you should stop the act first. After a short pause, you start again and try out how often you can hold back this point. If you exceed this point after a few “stops”, this will have a very positive effect on the amount of your ejaculate.

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More sperm pills?

This question can be answered with a “no” in principle. Although a wide variety of tablets designed to increase your sperm volume are now available on the Internet, the effect is very questionable. One exception is “SperMAX Control“. This is because this active ingredient is used for normal male fertility and for normal sperm production (spermatogenesis).

In the end, it should be noted that there are many useful substances that can have a positive effect on a sperm quantity, which also partially affects potency. However, you should never lump sperm quantity, fertility and potency together, as these factors are independent of each other. When optimizing the sperm volume, it is important to find the right aids for you.

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Questions about sperm

Especially with this topic there are countless questions, which hopefully have already been answered sufficiently in the articles above. Nevertheless the question of masculinity and fertility often remains open.

Does a larger quantity of sperm have to do with more manliness?

Very many men attach great importance to the volume of ejaculate, which is always related to masculinity. Thus, it often happens that one feels bad when the sperm volume decreases. There is also often the feeling that the more ejaculate is produced during an orgasm, the more aroused one is. However, the ejaculate volume is absolutely individual. Depending on their predisposition, some men ejaculate more and others less. However, this has nothing to do with masculinity. Because sexual fulfillment is usually independent of ejaculate volume.

Does a larger ejaculation mean higher fertility?

According to a British study from 2015, it was found that a second round of sex within a short time triples the desired chances of success of a hoped-for conception. According to this study, the chances of success rose from six to almost 21 percent if the sperm of the second ejaculation is used in the course of artificial insemination.

However, it has not yet been possible to find out what the cause is. It is possible that the second ejaculate is possibly the healthier sperm, which involves greater mobility of the individual sperm. This is therefore probably more important than a larger ejaculation.

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