Mensil Test & Experience 2020 – Are successes possible?

By | 2. October 2020

The older a man gets, the bigger some problems can become. The erection wears off and this naturally affects the partnership. But there are still some points that can lead to such problems. These include the circumstances of life and lust killer stress. Some products promise a lot, but most of them are not always very good.

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Table of contents

  • Mensil test and experiences 2020
    • Mensil in test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • What other alternatives are there?
    • Is Mensil cheating?
    • Ingredients
    • Side effects
    • Effect
    • Where can I buy Mensil?
    • Our Mensil experiences

Mensil on test

Richard L. was curious and had the typical complaints. So he came across the drug Mensil and bought it. Unfortunately the effect was moderate, but the side effects were considerable. One thing Richard L. had not done, he had not asked his doctor before. One thing he did, read the package insert. There the shock was considerable, because the active substance Sildenafil is very controversial. Of course Richard L. wanted to enjoy sex again without any problems. So he did the test with Mensil and gladly shared his experiences. He could not find a direct improvement, although he did not increase the dosage.

Day 7

Unfortunately, the side effects were very significant, so there was no sex. Because Richard L. was getting bad and he suffered from severe dizziness. Since he did not take Mensil very often, he thought that after taking it again, it might change. At first Richard L. did not want to take Mensil any more.

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Day 14

Finally Richard L. had the courage to take Mensil again, which he directly regretted. Again he got sick and he even got a headache on top of it. At this point, Richard L. did not want to take any more of the pills.

Day 21

Since Richard L. stopped the self-experiment with Mensil, he is feeling better again. But one thing he finally did, he went to the doctor. The doctor didn’t like Mensil, but gave him a completely different advice. A healthier diet and more sport could have a great effect here. Additionally the doctor recommended another remedy. This is MSX6, which is completely natural.

Day 28

Mensil promises an immediate effect, which Richard L. did not experience. Therefore he got MSX6 and changed his diet. He also moves more now and this has helped him a lot. Without any dangerous side effects and with a great success. Because now everything works again as it should and this once really with a high well-being.

What other alternatives are there?

Of course, Mensil with its quick effect is already seductive, but unfortunately it’s also not without danger. Many doctors prefer to recommend remedies like MSX6, because there are no risks here. Of course, everyone has to change their lifestyle, which is good for the body and the person. In cooperation with humans, natural remedies are still best. Sure, Richard L. also had to start slowly with the sport again. In the same way, the biggest change was the diet. It is much too easy to simply eat something unhealthy around the corner. But now Richard L. is convinced that he is better than before. But his doctor and above all his blood values say the same. At the end of the day they were not very good either. So a healthy lifestyle helps more than Mensil really does.

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Is Mensil cheating?

No, because the active ingredient stands for a very good blood circulation. Unfortunately the side effects are serious, especially if someone has had a previous illness. Mensil can cause more damage than its effect. The intake should always be done in connection with a doctor, so that bad side effects are avoided. Many men have already reported that after taking Mensil some negative effects have become noticeable. This is not the case with a natural remedy such as MSX6, which for many men may really be the last hope. Because the active substance Sildenafil is even suspected to have led to the death of one or the other man. In many forums men were not enthusiastic about Mensil and most of them did not take it anymore.


The main ingredient is Sildenafil and this has already caused many negative headlines.

Side effects

These can be headaches, dizziness, weakness and also palpitations. These are just some of the side effects that no man wants to have.


The active ingredient Sildenafil is said to improve blood circulation, which is also important for the penis. Unfortunately most men have only taken Mensil once and then preferred to do without it. Mostly also on the advice of the doctor.

Where can I buy Mensil?

If you want to buy this remedy despite the many side effects and bad experiences, you can do so in a pharmacy and online. Because drugstores like DM or Rossmann are not allowed to sell such drugs. However, MSX6 or a similar product, you can buy it in drugstores without problems. Here MSX6 is listed as a food supplement, which means that it does not fall under drugs.

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Our Mensil experience

Of course, we ourselves have had no experience with Mensil, but many people on the Internet have. But their conclusion is clear. The manufacturer promises a lot, but unfortunately the side effects outweigh the benefits. A natural remedy like MSX6 can help more, especially if someone has already had a previous illness.

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