Member XXL experiences and test – the means for penis enlargement?

By | 3. October 2020

If the sexual life causes problems, this also becomes noticeable in the long run. For example, depressions can develop. The relationship usually also suffers greatly when the most beautiful hours turn into a nightmare because hardly anything or nothing happens.

Member XXL states on its website that the product is a non-invasive method to enlarge the penis. Not only in the circumference this should happen, it should also be up to 9 cm longer. The capsules should also work quickly.

We have waited for such a statement and have blown to the attack, uh test. With Thomas R. we could find a test person who would like to share his experiences with us.

For a better alternative

Table of contents

  • Member XXL experiences and test 2019
    • Member XXL Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Member XXL experience reports
    • What alternatives do I have?
    • Ingredients of Member XXL
    • Member XXL Ingestion and dosage
    • Member XXL dangerous? side effects
    • Should I buy Member XXL? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Member XXL Test

The love life of Mr. Thomas R. is not the worst, but he is always dissatisfied with his member during sex. The desire for a bigger penis to be able to satisfy his girlfriend as well has been there for a long time. So Member XXL has promised exactly the right thing. So nothing like ordered and tested, he said to himself.

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Delivery day is a day of joy. Immediately open the package and start taking Member XXL. The anticipation of what should await me is great.

Day 7

Nothing so far. Allegedly, the first improvements should already appear shortly after taking the medicine, one week was probably too short.

Day 14

At least after two weeks I would have expected a result. Since this is unfortunately not the case, I will probably try a little more.

Day 21

We are disgruntled. Not only I am of the opinion that nothing has changed, my girlfriend has the same opinion.

Day 28

According to the manufacturer my best piece should have already been enlarged. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, I got a second can instead of the one I ordered, which I now take as well. After two months it should be six centimetres bigger after all.

A sentence with x: I guess it was a flop. Promises were made but never kept. Even after two months, my limb hasn’t gotten any bigger. Fortunately I have the support of my girlfriend when she told me we will find other and better ways.

Further Member XXL Experience reports

There are no credible reports of a positive effect. On the manufacturer’s website, the expert opinion of a certain Dr. Richard Simon is advertised, but research has shown that this is only a fake.

What alternatives do I have?

The following is known about the ingredients of MSX6:

Muria Puama is found in the rainforest and high savannah forests of Brazil, the northern part of South America, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname and is called potency wood in German.

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The ginkgoist is a tree that was originally native to China. It was brought to Europe by Dutch sailors and is now cultivated worldwide. At the turn of the millennium it was voted tree of the year. It is often used in medical form.

Ashwagandhaist is the Indian name of the sleeping berry. It is also known as winter cherry. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayuvera medicine. Because of similar effects it is also called Indian ginseng. Its application range in Ayuvera medicine is wide, among other things it is used to reduce stress levels.

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Ingredients of Member XXL

The manufacturer states the ingredients:

The efficiency is based on 8 active ingredients like: L-arginine, extracts of fenugreek, saw palmetto, Tribulus terrestris, Chinese magnolia, Korean ginseng “Panax ginseng”, saffron and black pepper.

Also included are extracts from the fruits of the Chinese berry grape and extracts of saffron.

Member XXL Ingestion and dosage

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules per day unchewed with sufficient liquid. One of them should be taken before breakfast, the second before lunch.

Member XXL dangerous? Side effects

According to the manufacturer, due to the natural active ingredients, no undesirable side effects are to be expected when taking the product. However, it is not pointed out that incompatibilities with the ingredients of the product can lead to allergic reactions.

Should I buy Member XXL? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you still want to choose Member XXL, you can order the product via Amazon or on the manufacturer’s website. You will not find the product in the pharmacy.

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The manufacturer’s advertising is based on very obviously freely invented assessments of a doctor who does not exist in this form. Likewise, contact with the manufacturer can only be established via an e-mail address. Since a contact address to the company is missing, this can lead to legal problems with questions about delivery, payment and ordering.

If you really want to achieve something with sexual disorders, you should stick with the tried and tested. MSX6 is precisely tailored to the required needs and has been tested many times. The customers were very satisfied.

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