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By | 6. October 2020

Maxisize experiences and test – how good is the penis enlargement cream?

The product is a cream or gel which is supposed to make a penis enlargement of up to five centimetres possible after only four weeks of use. According to the manufacturer not only the length should increase, but also the thickness. The cream should only be applied twice a day for 4 weeks. The natural ingredients should also lead to a stronger erection and the sexual desire should increase.

If the duration of sexual intercourse is increased, the sperm production should be increased. Since this sounds quite good, more and more men want to try the product naturally. However, despite the natural ingredients, all products should be tried with caution, as side effects can never be completely ruled out.

Whether Maxisize can keep his promises, you will find out now. Just keep reading:

Field reports…

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Is it worth…

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Table of contents

  • Maxisize experiences and test – how good is the penis enlargement cream?
    • Extend the penis with Maxisize cream: Test report
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Maxisize experiences
    • Which alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Effect
    • Maxisize Cream Application
    • Maxisize side effects
    • Buy Maxisize Gel where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion:

Lengthen the penis with Maxisize cream: Test report

Thorsten is 56 years old and has carried out a self-test on the product which lasted 4 weeks. Thorsten was of course aware that growth can vary from man to man. Especially the many positive reports of experiences lead to the fact that more and more men want to do a self-test. Thorsten used the product twice a day, as stated by the manufacturer.

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Day 7

Torsten noticed no change in the size of the penis within the first 7 days. However, no incompatibilities or side effects could be found. So far the cream was used twice a day for 7 days.

Day 14

After Thorsten had tested the product for 2 weeks, he was curious about the result. After all, half of the time was already over and he did not know which results to expect. His measurements showed no significant results even after two weeks. The size of the penis has not changed.

Day 21

After the first three investigations were relatively disappointing for Thorsten, he was all the more excited about the third measurement. Again, after three weeks no positive result could be found. Thorsten expected small growth spurts, but these did not occur. The test person was not satisfied with the results of the product.

Day 28

The effectiveness could not be confirmed so far and Thorsten was then of course very curious about the final result. He was eager to know what the result would be after the final period. There was also no lengthening towards the end and therefore the average penis growth could not be confirmed by further test reports. Not only did the length not change, but also the girth did not increase.

Further Maxisize experiences

Many people have already tested the product, if the test reports and testimonials can be believed. Some men report that there are growth-promoting properties in the product. It was also stated that erectile strength, stamina and sexual drive can increase. The desire of many men is also a larger penis after all, after masculinity is associated with it. The large penis means more satisfaction for the partner and is often more attractive for women. Many men have complexes and intimate contacts are avoided. An enlargement cream could be a rescue here. Not all men find the product equally effective and often the effect promised by the manufacturer is not established.

What alternative do I have?

Phallosan Forte is often described as an alternative. It should be clear to everyone that the herbal sexual enhancers have a marginal effect at most. After all, proper sexual enhancers are prescription drugs that cannot simply be obtained over the internet. With Phallosan Forte, however, there is the mechanical effect and so the proven principles are applied. The principle is similar to that of primitive peoples, where the necks were lengthened. By pulling with negative pressure an increase in blood circulation is finally caused here. Finally, it is a combined device of vacuum pump and extender. According to the manufacturer, Phallosan Forte is used to straighten the penis, to improve the quality of erection and to enlarge the penis. The product is purchased from a pharmacy or from the manufacturer and is called a medical device.

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Now directly to the alternative


When it comes to Maxisize, the ingredients are 100 percent natural. Included are succinic acid, verbena extract, hyaluronic acid and strawberry extracts. Strawberry extract is highly concentrated and is intended to increase the feeling of pleasure. With hyaluronic acid there is an increased blood circulation in the whole penis and the volume should increase. Nitric oxide synthesis in the penis is increased by the vervain extract and more space is created between small muscles. Succinic acid is important for the body’s regeneration time and longer orgasms are possible with it.


In the form of a gel it is said to be an innovative cosmetic product. It is important that the product should work on several levels. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients should improve the blood circulation and thus the erection should function more easily. By stretching the erectile tissue, the penis should become significantly larger. The application should take place for about three to four weeks and according to the manufacturer, one application should already be noticeable. During sexual intercourse the intensity of sensations should be increased and the aim is to improve sexual life.

Maxisize Cream Application

In general, there is relatively little to consider for the application. Everyone should follow the instructions so that nothing is done wrong. The penis is washed with warm water and soap. The penis should be completely clean and then completely dried. A small amount of the gel is then applied to the whole penis and this is absorbed for about three to four minutes. Maxisize is applied twice a day.

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Maxisize side effects

The manufacturer states that there are no side effects from the use of the cream. Incompatibilities were not detected by the test persons. If incompatibilities do become noticeable, the cure should be stopped. The tolerability is very good, especially due to natural ingredients, since there are no chemical agents.

Buy Maxisize Gel where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

Those who want to try the cream despite the negative experiences should buy directly from the manufacturer. At the beginning it is better to buy only one pack. If you are satisfied, you can then order more. Maxisize is not yet available at Amazon. Even if the product is occasionally found on Ebay, for example, everyone should consider whether to buy it. It is not always original goods and therefore the ingredients are often not known exactly.

Bottom line:

After the product was tested, the manufacturer’s stated effect could not be confirmed. The growth-promoting properties were not present in the test person and erection strength, stamina and sexual drive did not increase. If you still want to test the product, you can do a self-test. Since many men want a large device and the stately dimensions are associated with masculinity, the alternative Phallosan Forte can also be tested. This is not a cream, but is based on the mechanical effect.

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