Keto Burn Test and Experience 2019 – Does it deliver what it promises?

By | 2. October 2020

Losing weight is easy? Only someone who’s tried it before can say that. Keto burn is a means of losing weight. However, it also has its disadvantages. But we’ll come back to that later. It is a remedy that is easy to obtain and from which you naturally hope for a lot. It’s important that you know what it contains and you should be well informed before you use Keto Burn. In the end, it’s all about health and you should be able to maintain it.

But it also plays a role in how quickly you lose weight. Keto Burn is an aid in this process that is called a dietary supplement. It does not replace food. However, you do not have to change your diet to take it, as the manufacturer promises. Sport is also not absolutely necessary. So you can stay curious and see how good Keto Burn really is. This is now about a small Keto Burn test.

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Table of contents

  • Keto Burn experiences and test
    • Keto Burn Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Keto Burn reviews from forums
    • What alternatives are there?
    • Keto Burn ingredients and effect
    • Receipt/Application
    • Side effects
    • Where to buy Keto Burn?
    • Conclusion

Keto Burn Test

The subject’s name is Stefanie. She is 32 years old and has been suffering from overweight for a long time. With a height of 165 cm she weighs 80 kilograms. This is definitely too much. Unfortunately she lacks the time to do sports and she does not intend to change her eating habits. So she needs a remedy that really brings success. She has taken Keto Burn for four weeks and now wants to share her experiences. She wants to show that you should take it strictly. One should also read on when Stefanie comes to her conclusion. It is important that she has taken it to the end. If it has brought something and had an effect, everyone can now read here!

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Day 7

Somehow she had imagined the changeover to be easier. Stefanie doesn’t usually take medication or anything like that. She set herself an alarm to remind her to take Keto Burn every day and was very grateful. It is important that Stefanie is an objective person who does not throw everything overboard because she hopes for something special from a remedy. She is a good test person who has examined all sides of the remedy more closely. She knew from the beginning that there was nothing to expect in the beginning and was not disappointed.

Day 14

Of course she did not stand on the scales every day to look at the results. But still she got soft every now and then and after 14 days something should show up already, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately no. But at least she hadn’t put on any more weight. This is progress. But next week she will go on holiday and she will eat a bit more than usual. Just the right conditions for an extension!

Day 21

The holidays are nice and Stefanie was at the beach every day. She is taking Keto Burn as prescribed and unfortunately she still cannot report good news. Even after 21 days she has not lost weight. Quite the opposite.

As she already feared, her weight has even shifted upwards due to the rest. She has gained one kilo and that is very bad for her. Because she did not want to become even heavier. She hopes that Keto Burn finally starts to work, because otherwise she fears that she will gain even more weight and that would be very bad.

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Day 28

Now four weeks have passed and Stefanie has said that Keto Burn did not work on her. She is more than disappointed and thinks it’s a nasty rip-off. She also says that she can’t imagine that anyone has had any good experiences with Keto Burn at all. That’s also the reason why there is the next paragraph. Stefanie did everything right and yet she even gained weight. She really wonders if it worked for anybody at all and therefore this question will be answered in any case.

More Keto Burn reviews from forums

Unfortunately it does not look better in various other forums. Keto Burn has not only turned out to be a bad choice for Stefanie. It is probably only supposed to have a placebo effect. Since she had based her opinion on the drug in the run-up to the event, she interpreted all hope into it. But exactly here she was disappointed and is confirmed by several bad experiences in forums.

What alternatives are there?

There are a lot of alternatives to Keto Burn and Stefanie then decided to take Riboslim. Riboslim enjoys a good reputation. It is completely vegan and very well tolerated. There are no side effects to fear when taking it. Riboslim lets everyone lose weight without further diet or starving. Also one does not have to do sports to make the product work better. So you only have to take the recommended capsule a day and then you can lose weight very well.

About riboSlim

Keto Burn ingredients and effect

Keto Burn is a food supplement with the following active ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, green tea and guarana. Keto Burn also contains glycine, yerba mate, glucomannan konjac and acai, reservatrol, Siberian ginseng and pomegranate. Magnesium stearate is also included. The effect is said to be on the body. According to the manufacturer, the metabolism is stimulated and one should be able to lose weight faster with Keto Burn.

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The intake is well tolerated, at least for Stefanie and the application should be done twice a day. You should always take Keto Burn in the morning.

Side Effects

As far as is known, there are no side effects. Of course there can always be interactions. Unfortunately, these cannot be ruled out with any drug.

Where to buy Keto Burn?

This is ultimately a decision that everyone makes for themselves. You can buy it online. If you really want to buy it, you should do so directly from the manufacturer. There you can be sure to get the original.


Keto Burn did nothing. It disappointed all along the line and unfortunately you can’t recommend it with a clear conscience. The better alternative to Keto Burn is definitely Riboslim. This remedy can give you better results.

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