Hair Jazz Shampoo Experience & Test: OFFICIAL WARNING 2019

By | 6. October 2020

Hair Jazz Shampoo experience and test

Who does not despair at excessive hair loss! You know this problem? Then you have now found compact and helpful information on this topic and above all a very good tip for optimal hair growth!
If stress or a wrong diet makes our hair and nails less resistant, it is advisable to act quickly before too much damage is visible.

Hair Jazz promises to remedy this problem. But is the product effective, is it worth buying? Below you will find a test and a field report from Janine, who has been longing for healthier and longer hair.

This article is not simply based on “research on the internet”, but on scientific studies, which I have also linked to in this article.

There are many things you can try at the beginning. A healthy diet, for example, is very important, and also that you drink enough. If all this does not help, you can try special care products for badly growing or falling hair. Like the test person, you can find out in the following report whether Hair Jazz does what it promises and what you can do to make your hair grow faster.

Field reports…

…so that you make the right decision

Ingredients, effects…

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Table of contents

  • Hair Jazz Shampoo experiences and test
    • Hair Jazz experiences
    • Hair Jazz Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • The alternative: Hairoxol?
    • Hair Jazz Stiftung Warentest
    • Where can I buy Hair Jazz?
      • Hair Jazz DM
      • Miller
      • Amazon
    • Hair Jazz Shampoo ingredients and scientific studies
    • Information about the effect of the Hair Jazz Shampoo
    • Application instructions for Hair Jazz Shampoo
    • Side effects of Harmony Life Hair Jazz Shampoo
    • Conclusion: Our Hair Jazz review

Hair Jazz experiences

The hair is very important for our appearance, we want to hide bald or slightly thinning areas. In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, you should always ensure that you eat a healthy diet and drink enough fluids.
If you have sensitive hair or an already very dry scalp, you should talk to your family doctor or hairdresser before using the product.

Here are some field reports about Hair Jazz:

It turned out in this test that the shampoo could not keep its promises and there was no significant hair growth. Rather, it became clear that Hairoxol is a very good solution for healthy hair growth. It has an effective effect on the healthy hair structure and allows it to grow back faster and also healthier. The biggest advantage of the drops is that they also provide breathtaking volume. So not only does the hair get longer, but it looks much stronger and healthier, simply because the Hairoxol drops also have a very positive effect on the hair volume.

You can even read about this in many other forums and various discussion platforms, the test person was definitely not the only one who did not have a satisfactory experience with the shampoo. Also the idea to resort to Hairoxol came from such a forum. Because many others with the same problem have been helped by these drops for beautiful, voluminous and healthy hair.

Hair Jazz Test

Now to some experiences and findings that Janine, test person, 32 years old, made during a four-week test.

Day 7

Already in the first week the first results could be noticed, but these were less pleasing. The hair was very greasy, stringy and overall very compact and heavy. There was nothing to be seen of shine and the test person did not feel well. In the first three days there were problems with the dosage of the right amount of shampoo, much helps much is not the procedure with this shampoo.

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Day 14

Also in week two there were no significant results, the hair looked very dull and dry overall. It was no longer possible to comb the hair without problems, split ends had increased significantly. The test person was far from shiny, healthy hair. Growth could only be measured minimally, unfortunately this progress could not be seen at all.

Day 21

After almost three weeks and an application every two to three days, just as it is also recommended, Janine’s hair appeared significantly unhealthier than before the treatment. The hair has not become thicker or significantly longer, it may feel a little more manageable and firm, but there is no noticeable and visible improvement in the overall quality of the hair. So far the results are not very satisfactory.

Day 28

Unfortunately the test was finished with less good results. The hair growth is clearly below one centimetre. Also the time spent was obviously not worth it, because the hair does not make a particularly healthy or well-groomed impression. The test person draws the conclusion: Not enough! At the end of the test, the hair had grown just under 0.8 cm, which disappoints expectations. Already in week three she looked around for alternatives, because the current condition did not promise any improvement.

As it has turned out in the meantime, it has hit the mark in this search. She came across Hairoxol drops which finally promoted hair growth as desired. The application of Hairoxol has also been very good for the volume of her hair. The growth with the shampoo alone was not sufficient, with the application of Hairoxol this has improved very significantly, the hair has become very voluminous.

The alternative: Hairoxol?

Hairoxol is the much better alternative because it is actually effective.

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Hair Jazz Stiftung Warentest

I could not find a test report from Stiftung Warentest. According to Stiftung Warentest, you should always pay attention to the instructions for use of other products in order to achieve the desired results.

However, as the test with Janine shows, there are a few alternatives that last longer than a month and also stimulate hair growth.

For a better growth and volume of the hair, Hairoxol was the winner in the application test. Also in terms of volume and bounce, these drops are the much more effective solution than shampoo.

The application is also easier and less time consuming and most importantly, the end result is convincing!

Where can you buy Hair Jazz?

If you are still convinced of Hair Jazz despite all these facts, you can of course buy it here:

Hair Jazz DM

Hair Jazz is available at DM in your local drugstore or in the DM Online Shop. If you want to save shipping costs, just drive to the nearest DM drugstore around the corner.


In the Müller drugstores, Hair Jazz Shampoo is now also available in the product range. Müller also offers the Masks du Rinse of the same product line, which can be combined very well with the Hair Jazz Shampoo. At Müller you can also buy Hair Jazz in the shop or in the Müller Online Shop.


Hair Jazz Shampoo and Hairoxol can be ordered online via Amazon. The shipping costs do not apply for delivery to most European countries. Online at Amazon you can also get further information about the shampoo and order your hair restorer very easily from the couch. It really couldn’t be easier.

The big advantage is that you can also order this shampoo for faster hair growth on account at Amazon. You can also find the recommended drops in the shop. Please inform yourself exactly, take into account the experiences of the test person and then decide on the right alternative. Actually, your choice can only be the drops, because here not only the simple application but also the final result is convincing.

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But please note: If you should buy Hairoxol, it is cheaper for you to order it from the manufacturer directly in the shop, because the voucher

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Hair Jazz Shampoo ingredients and scientific studies

A large part of the ingredients of this shampoo from Hair Jazz are substances that are also found in nature.

One of the main ingredients is soya protein, a purely vegetable protein that helps to improve the hair structure and retain more moisture in the hair. So soybeans are not only a real trend in nutrition, the effective soy protein is now also available in cosmetics and care products.
Ideally, however, you should still make sure that you consume enough liquid in your diet and also that you consume enough protein. This also helps the hair. Shine, volume and a very healthy hair structure are then only a question of time.

Another component is keratin, which the hair normally already has. However, it can be lost over time, especially if you use the wrong care products. Nutrition also plays a very important role here, as the body cannot form keratin per se and you have to take it for healthy hair and nails, so to speak.

To give the hair even more care substances, Hair Jazz Shampoo contains eggshell extract. This may sound a bit strange at first, but eggshells contain a lot of nutrients that we normally do not absorb through our diet. They are an ideal source of protein and provide us with additional vitamins and fatty acids that our body and especially our hair needs.

Another main ingredient in Hair Jazz shampoo is a vitamin complex, which consists mainly of vitamin B6. All B vitamins have to be taken in with food or with care products, the body cannot produce them by itself – and they play such an important role in cell growth. The same therefore also applies to hair growth.
If you have a vitamin deficiency, you will notice it in brittle fingernails or even hair loss.

If you take enough nutrients and also vitamins such as vitamin B6, these symptoms no longer occur.
Hair growth is significantly strengthened by the regular intake of vitamins. Furthermore, vitamin B6 also ensures that the scalp does not produce excessive sebum, which could cause dandruff. The entire scalp is strengthened by the vitamin, and your hair can grow much faster and healthier due to this external strengthening.

Information about the effectiveness of Hair Jazz Shampoo

Basically, this shampoo is designed to strengthen hair growth. The ingredients are also intended to make the hair structure smoother, healthier and stronger. Split ends should no longer be an issue after using this shampoo. From the root to the tip of the hair, the hair should make a very well-groomed and strong impression.

Besides keratin, soy proteins and vitamin B6, the shampoo also adds chitin to the hair. This is a natural substance that also has a protective function in nature and this is what happens when using the Hair Jazz Shampoo.
In addition, the use of this shampoo is intended to strengthen not only the scalp, but also the hair root itself. The soya contained in the shampoo strengthens the hair root and the vitamins and nutrients make it less susceptible and more resistant, from which the entire hair should benefit. Because if the root is healthy, it is usually also the entire hair in its length.

This also affects the structure of the hair, it feels firmer and looks healthier, in any case it is much easier to tame, as the structure of each hair is less rough and the surface is smoothed by the ingredients. This effect on the structure should be clearly visible after just a few applications.
Besides a healthy hair root, a smooth hair structure is the prerequisite for healthy and fast growing hair.

A further side effect of using this shampoo is said to be that it produces a silky hair shine. The ingredients are said to make dull looking hair areas shine again, the improved structure reflected the light better. This creates a beautiful shimmer in the hair, which makes it look very strong and healthy at the same time.

Convince yourself of the effect!

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Application instructions for Hair Jazz Shampoo

It is especially important that you do not use Hair Jazz Shampoo on the entire hair, but only on the scalp and the hair root. Only if you use the shampoo regularly and not excessively, should you be able to promote hair growth. It is recommended to use the shampoo and the other products of the care series every two days. But not in the entire outer hair, but mainly on the scalp.

Then the approximately hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo can be massaged into the scalp. A firm rubbing should be avoided just to avoid unnecessarily stressing or roughening the hair structure. After all, the goal is structurally healthy, strong, fast-growing hair. However, it should also be noted at this point that it takes getting used to if you suddenly no longer have to wash your whole head.

Unfortunately, a large part of your hair will still come into contact with the shampoo. Dehydration may well be the result.

After a reaction time of about three to four minutes, the shampoo must be washed out of the hair again thoroughly. Here you should make sure that you wash out the scalp and hairline very well. Please try to avoid washing all of your hair completely, as this could cause these areas to dry out. Since you have only treated the scalp, you should only wash the scalp, the rest can be cleaned with running water.

Purely theoretically, the hair lengths can also be washed with the shampoo used so far, but this is not necessary. Since the hair lengths themselves do not contain as much dirt as the scalp, clear, warm water actually cleans the hair lengths very well. For the lengths of hair, however, a commercial conditioner or hair mask can be applied just as well.

Side effects of Harmony Life Hair Jazz Shampoo

When asked about the known side effects of Harmony Life Hair Jazz Shampoo, I found some negative customer comments. Some customers reported that their hair became significantly drier or that hair breakage increased. However, this could not be verified in a self-experiment. It probably depends on your own hair structure how well your hair reacts to Hair Jazz Shampoo.

Sometimes, however, it can also make sense to go to the hairdresser before application and simply have damaged and stressed hair areas cut away. This way the hair can recover from damage much faster. Since you are in the process of promoting growth, this may be a good measure if you want to avoid dry hair at all costs.
One of the biggest side effects can be that the product causes allergic reactions, but theoretically this can happen anywhere. Therefore, please test the product on a non-visible place for tolerance.

Another unwanted “side effect” can be simply that the product does not work. In the test with Janine, Hair Jazz Shampoo unfortunately did not show any results.

There have also been other test results from customers using the shampoo, where almost no growth could be detected. In the worst cases, even the hair structure was found to be the same as with standard shampoos.

Conclusion: Our Hair Jazz Rating

Unfortunately the Hair Jazz Shampoo did not convince me. The much better alternative is Hairoxol. After only a few days the first results can be seen. As you can not only read in the test of the test person, but also in many other field reports and forums, the hair growth drops are the better choice.

The shampoo cannot meet expectations, the hair does not grow as desired and the volume decreases. The recommendation for fast growing and voluminous hair is the Hairoxol drops. If you order them online, you can see the first positive effects within a few working days, because they really work from the first day.

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