Eroxel experiences and test 2020 – A product with success?

By | 6. October 2020

The manufacturer advertises his product as follows: “Taking Eroxel pills is supposed to lengthen a man’s penis and also increase its girth.” A strong statement that no scientific basis for this has been found.

In an independent test a neutral opinion about the sex pills should be formed. From the test reports of several test persons, one has been selected to give an insight into the test results.

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Table of contents

  • Eroxel experiences and test 2020
    • Eroxel Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Eroxel field reports
    • What alternatives do I have?
    • Ingredients of Eroxel
    • Eroxel intake and dosage
    • Eroxel dangerous? side effects
    • Should I buy Eroxel? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Eroxel Test

The test report of Mr. Daniel M. we were allowed to put online. Over a period of four weeks he tested Eroxel and kept a weekly protocol.

Package arrived a few days after order in a relatively neutral packaging and undamaged. The ingredients were already known, dosage and application were read through again. I am eagerly waiting for the result.

Day 7

After the first week nothing has changed. Maybe it is because it is a natural product and the onset of action takes a little longer.

Day 14

No changes after the second week. This seems a bit strange to me, but I think it might take longer with natural products.

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Day 21

The third week is over. It is disappointing to note that still nothing has changed. For the sake of the test, I’m gonna hold out.

Day 28

The fourth week is over and so is the test. Nothing has become longer, only my throat has thickened from anger. I find it outrageous that products are allowed which promise such nonsense. After consultation with my girlfriend, she hasn’t noticed any changes either.

My advice to all desperate people: That’s not gonna make you happy. Look for a product that also keeps its promises.

Further Eroxel field reports

In public forums, no further experience reports could be found that would be relevant.

What alternatives do I have?

MSX6 is a product that has a very good reputation. It has helped those affected to find new joys in bed again. Of course MSX6 was also tested over a period of four weeks.

The following is known about the ingredients of MSX6:

Muria Puama is found in the rainforest and high savannah forests of Brazil, the northern part of South America, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname and is called potency wood in German.

The Ginkgoist is a tree that was originally native to China. It was brought to Europe by Dutch sailors and is now cultivated worldwide. At the turn of the millennium it was voted tree of the year. It is often used in medical form.

Ashwagandhaist is the Indian name for the sleeping berry. It is also known as winter cherry. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayuvera medicine. Because of similar effects it is also called Indian ginseng. Its application range in Ayuvera medicine is wide, among other things it is used to reduce stress levels.

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Ingredients of Eroxel

According to retailers, only natural additives that meet the needs. An excerpt from this is:

Zinc 5 mg, ginseng extract 50 mg, pumpkin seed extract 60 mg, liquorice extract 50 mg, L-Arginine HCL 300 mg, cranberry extract 35 mg.

L-Arginine HCL: L-Arginine belongs to the group of semiessentiellen amino acids. So the body can produce this substance itself, but not always in the optimal amount. Therefore, the amino acid has to be additionally supplied from the outside through food. The substance improves the blood circulation in the body, thus also prevents heart disease, supports weight loss and muscle building.

Liquorice: Especially the root is interesting. Dried it can be used for dental care. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is used as a tonic for the heart as well as for ulcers, colds and skin impurities.

Ginseng: Ginseng has many different ingredients, the most important of which are the so-called ginsenosides. Ginseng owes its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and blood pressure-lowering properties to the ginsenosides.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds contain among other things vitamin E, valuable enzymes, beta-carotene and unsaturated fatty acids. These are very healthy. The effect of the contained omega-3 fatty acids such as alpha linoleic acid is also considered to be particularly positive. These are not produced by the body itself, but can demonstrably prevent high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack. And the immune system is also strengthened by the zinc contained in the kernels.

Eroxel intake and dosage

According to dealers, one capsule per day with sufficient liquid.

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Eroxel dangerous? Side effects

According to the manufacturer there are no known side effects. However, allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to an ingredient may occur. In this case Eroxel must be discontinued immediately. It should be kept out of reach of small children.

Should I buy Eroxel? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you still want to choose Eroxel, you can order this product on the manufacturer’s website. You will not find the product in a pharmacy or at Amazon.


The manufacturer advertises with fake experiences and fake pictures. This is neither trustworthy nor serious. If the product would keep what the manufacturer promises, such advertising methods would not be necessary. Therefore there is a clear statement about Eroxel: Hands off.

If you want to do something in the area of sexual disorders, you should use a well-tried product like MSX6. The potency tablets have been sufficiently tested and well-tuned to help the body to get the problems under control.

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