Erofertil Test and Experience 2020 – what is behind this sexual enhancer?

By | 29. September 2020

Men are more often affected by erection problems than one might think. But since it is rarely spoken about (and certainly not in the own circle of friends and acquaintances), the problem is only known to a few. In the end, erectile dysfunction not only affects self-esteem, but often also the relationship with one’s partner.
The product Erofertil promises to help with erection problems. According to the manufacturer it is a purely herbal food supplement.

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  • Erofertil test and experience 2020
    • Erofertil Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • What alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Revenue
    • Effect
    • Erofertil side effects
    • Buy Erofertil – where?
    • Our Erofertil experiences

Erofertil Test

We wanted to take a closer look at the product and do a self-test. Mr. Richard L., our test person, has been suffering from erectile dysfunction for several months. He has been struggling with the problem for a long time and it is a heavy burden on him. Mr. L. agreed to perform the erectile dysfunction test.

Day 7

Mr L. has been taking the product for one week. After taking two tablets a day, no effect has been observed so far. Although, according to the manufacturer, a rapid effect is supposed to occur, this is apparently not yet evident in our test person. It seems that Erofertil still needs its time before it unfolds its effect.

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Day 14

Even after 14 days there are no effects on Richard L. Since the product has been taken for two weeks, an effect should actually be expected. Mr. L. would nevertheless like to carry out the test until the end. So far there are neither effects nor side effects to be felt by our test person.

Day 21

Since 21 Richard L. has been taking Erofertil daily and still the desired effects are not felt. He still suffers from erectile dysfunction. Because of the many tablets Mr. L. has gastro-intestinal problems. The dose was reduced to one tablet per day. Mr. L. is still willing to do the self-test, until the end.

Day 28

After four weeks of self-testing and no improvement in erectile dysfunction, Richard L. stopped the test. Except for side effects, through nausea, vomiting and gastrointestinal problems, there were no effects for Mr. L.
Mr. L. was immensely disappointed by
experience of the product

What alternative do I have?

The product MSX6 has much better experience reports than Erofertil. Energy-rich vitamins and thus exclusively clean ingredients promise a significant improvement in erectile dysfunction. Most experience reports show that the customers are extremely satisfied with the effect. The effect occurs very quickly, side effects were not known until now.

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Erofertil consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Rose root, as a self-named remedy, is included as well as Bürzeldorn. With the Maca-root nothing else is included, but a lot of iron, iodine, copper and zinc, but also different vitamins. With Damiana, caffeine is also included in Erofertil.
In any case you should think carefully before taking Erofertil if you really want to try it. Even if only natural substances are contained, allergies or undesirable side effects can still occur.

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It is recommended by the manufacturer to take the product shortly before sexual intercourse with plenty of water. Twice a day you should take the pills, then an improvement of the erection is promised by the manufacturer. We recommend that you start with a small dose if you decide to buy the product. This can avoid possible side effects.


The main purpose of the ingredients is to stimulate the blood circulation and thus improve blood flow. This in turn also stimulates the blood circulation in the penis. This is supposed to result in a longer and better erection. The hormone testosterone is also supposed to be produced more by taking it. According to the manufacturer, this is said to additionally support male potency. Ultimately, it is important that the desired effect is achieved by the customer.

Erofertil side effects

Even though the manufacturer advertises that there are no side effects, there are several reports of gastrointestinal problems, nausea or vomiting. Erofertil claims that there are no side effects from the purely herbal products. This statement should be taken with caution. It is always possible, whether herbal or not, that side effects occur due to an overdose. In addition, chemical products may still be included, as unfortunately the term “herbal” is a very elastic term for some manufacturers. You should therefore be careful in any case what you take exactly when taking Erofertil.

Buy Erofertil – where?

If you want to try it despite the negative experience reports, you can only order Erofertil via the manufacturer’s own homepage. Neither Amazon, nor a pharmacy or drugstore can offer the product. But this should tell you everything about the seriousness and quality of the product.

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Our Erofertil experiences

Our Erofertil experiences show that the product does not look very serious. The self-test shows that no improvement has occurred and Erofertil is not a convincing product. On the contrary, side effects became the main effect for our test person.
Promises are made which are not kept, on the homepage you can read fake ratings. These seem very artificially set up.
A much better alternative is offered by the product MSX6. This shows that the customers have a very high satisfaction, side effects hardly occur.

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