Erectonin test, field report and impact 2020 – means to success?

By | 28. September 2020

Many men know about sexual problems and it is often not easy to talk about them with a doctor. Many men look for help on the Internet and often try to take pills to improve their erection. Due to the large number of available preparations, however, the choice is often not very easy. In the search, erectonin is then also found.

Erectonin is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help men with their sexual problems by promoting a better erection. With natural plant extracts and with the amino acids it is said to be an effective and safe supplement. The product is intended for men who suffer from low libido, premature ejaculation and erection problems. Not only older men are affected by the problem, but many men are affected before the age of 30. A test will show what Erectonin can really do, how it works and where the product can be bought.

Erectonin Test

Johann is 36 years old and he had erection problems. He was looking for a product that would make the erections stronger and bigger and improve the blood flow in the penis. He had come across Erectonin and wanted to not only test this product but also share his experiences. He had read that it should only be natural ingredients and therefore he was very excited. Johann was depressed because he could not convince during the love play and could not lead a complete sex life. The partnership suffers a lot from Johann’s problems.

Day 7

The test person had ordered the remedy on the Internet and it is not subject to prescription. After the first week it was found that ejaculation could not be controlled more easily and the erection problems were still unchanged.

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Day 14

After the second week Johann had to realize that he still could not give himself completely to the act of love. The libido was not improved and the test person did not feel like having sex any more.

Day 21

After three weeks the test person was disappointed because the sexual appetite did not increase, strong orgasms did not occur and the sexual problems were not eliminated. Even though there were no side effects, the test person was sure that nothing had happened so far.

Day 28

Johann was very disappointed after the test period of 4 weeks. He had hoped for at least some improvement with the not exactly cheap product. There was no effect after four weeks and the only positive thing to note is that there were no side effects. However, Johann would no longer buy the product and would not recommend it.

Further Erectonin experiences

Many men used Erectonin for sexual problems and reports and experiences have been written about it. Many negative experiences have been recorded and often the product was called ineffective. Some reports do not show directly whether they are serious and honest. However, the fact that often no effect was found is read relatively often. Those who are already disappointed by erection problems usually do not only want a sexual enhancer but also another disappointment. According to many users, the money should better be invested in more effective products. There are alternatives on the market which are supposed to work better.

What alternative do I have?

Many men do not want to resort directly to chemical means and mechanical solutions are also out of the question for some men. Therefore we first try the natural sexual enhancers, which also promise an effect and are supposedly free of side effects. One of these products is MSX6 and it is immediately noticeable that this product is made in Germany. To MSX6 there are many good opinions and evaluations on the Internet. With this product the stress hormones should be reduced and the blood circulation should be improved. In addition, the formation of hormones is stimulated and the erectile tissue in the male member is stimulated. Because of the good sexual intercourse the relationship should then also be improved.

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According to the manufacturer, these are natural ingredients that are supposed to eliminate sexual problems and increase the sex drive. Contained are L-Arginine, L-Citrulin, Tribulus Terrestris, Piper Cubeba and Chinese Dan Shen. L-Arginine is a popular ingredient to improve potency. The achievement of an erection should be made easier and the blood circulation should be improved. The libido should also be increased. Also with L-Citrulline the blood circulation in the genital area should be improved and the erection should become stronger. Tribulus Terrestris is said to be a natural aphrodisiac. The libido should be increased, fertility should be improved and side effects of testosterone deficiency should be eliminated. With Piper Cubeba pleasure and endurance are promoted and in bed there should be more fun. In Chinese Dan Shen, the Shaolin monks have known the healing power of the active ingredient for centuries. The sexual activity should be increased with it.

Erectonin intake and dosage

It is important for the preparation to be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions. According to the manufacturer, 4 capsules should be taken with meals. After usually 120 capsules are contained, these then last for 30 days. It is taken orally with water. It is often recommended to start with one capsule in the morning and one capsule 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Although the ingredients are supposed to be purely natural, caution is still required when taking them, as side effects cannot be excluded.

Even if it is often said that natural sexual enhancers are miracle cures, this cannot be confirmed without the user’s intervention. Sport and the right diet are very important for potency and this can only be supported by the products.

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Side effects

The manufacturer states that there are no known side effects due to the natural ingredients. Of course, even with natural ingredients, side effects can never be completely ruled out and interactions or intolerances are also possible. If you have known allergies, you should check the ingredients of the product.

Should I buy Erectonin? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you want to buy Erectonin despite many negative opinions and reviews, it is best to look around the manufacturer’s website, as there are always fakes on the Internet. It is usually possible that different sizes are ordered.


Many men suffer from erection problems and then Erectonin is said to help. The love life should be improved and the self-confidence should be increased. According to some testers, however, the product has no effect and the satisfaction of the buyers is not very high. If you invest money in a product, it is better to choose a proven and safe product. Natural ingredients are often sought after because the side effects should be minimal. MSX6 is then usually considered as an alternative. The over-the-counter product can help with potency problems and this due to its special composition. The product stands out from the competition and therefore men should have a better erection, not come too early and have an improved libido.

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