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By | 6. October 2020

El Macho experiences and test – does the sexual enhancer do what it promises?

El Macho is offered in drop form for men with potency problems. The drug is said to be purely herbal and to be used for a lively and normal sex life. The manufacturer states that the male potency is increased and many promises sound promising.

By taking it for a longer period of time, there should be more pleasure and longer endurance. In addition, the sex should become more intense, the amount of ejaculate should increase and there should be harder and longer erections. It should be noted that natural sexual enhancers do not achieve the effects of prescription drugs. Side effects are also possible, even if they are 100% natural ingredients.

But can El Macho convince? Read on to find out the answer.


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Table of contents

  • El Macho experiences and test – does the sexual enhancer do what it promises?
    • Increase potency with El Macho: Test report
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further El Macho experiences
    • What alternatives do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Effect
    • Intake
    • Side effects
    • Buy El Macho where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion:

Increase potency with El Macho: Test report

Karl-Heinz is 55 years old and due to potency problems he was looking for a promising product. The manufacturer advertises a special combination of active ingredients, which is supposed to increase the mood and dilate the blood vessels. Karl-Heinz approaches the test with a certain scepticism and hopes for results within 4 weeks. Of course Karl-Heinz was aware that the products are not equally effective for all men.

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Day 7

Karl-Heinz had not expected too much from a dietary supplement, but there was no noticeable effect in the first week. El Macho is described by the test person as easy to use and no side effects were found. However, the actual problems could not be solved either.

Day 14

Even after two weeks Karl-Heinz noticed that sex was not becoming more powerful and that sex was no longer a pleasure. Even though the manufacturer promises a lot on the site, where Karl-Heinz can find no effect after two weeks.

Day 21

After three weeks, Karl-Heinz was disappointed to discover that he still did not notice any change. Although the product is supposed to be made of purely natural ingredients, the composition does not seem to be sufficient for an effect, according to Karl-Heinz. The male libido could not be increased and the product was also of no help with potency problems.

Day 28

At the end of the test Karl-Heinz says that he can confidently do without the purchase. It may be that the product has an effect on other men, but for him there was no effect at all. According to Karl-Heinz, El Macho is not exactly cheap, but in his opinion there are cheaper products that can have a more effective effect. Karl-Heinz was absolutely disappointed by El Macho.

Further El Macho experiences

Many experiences of testers say that this product is not helpful in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Some testers even had side effects like vomiting or nausea from El Macho. Only a few testers recommend that this product be purchased. Often natural products can have an effect and the promise is kept. El Macho, however, does not convince the testers and the potency should not be increased in the long term.

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What alternatives do I have?

Testers often recommend that Phallosan Forte should be used instead. The alternative should be effective because of the mechanical effect. With all herbal sexual enhancers there can be only a minimal effect if at all, because the right sexual enhancers are not simply available on the internet and they are rather prescription drugs. However, Phallosan Forte is based on proven principles and the effect is mechanical.

Even the indigenous people used this method to lengthen their necks. With the penis, pulling with negative pressure causes an increase in blood circulation. The medical device consists of the vacuum pump and the extender. Phallosan Forte is used for a better erection, for straightening the penis and for enlargement of the penis. According to the tester, the alternative should convince with high wearing comfort and the application is safe.

Now to the alternative


The manufacturer advertises with natural active ingredients. The main ingredients are ginseng, guarana, glycine, L-arginine, magnesium and zinc. Ginseng is said to increase sexual desire and to increase libido. With guarana the erection should be improved and the blood vessels should be dilated. Glycine is said to improve mood and dilate the blood vessels. With L-Arginine the sperm quantity should be increased and the potency should be increased. Magnesium and zinc are said to be important for the reproductive ability and to increase the testosterone level.


The manufacturer states that the mode of action is due to the natural ingredients. The combination of active ingredients is intended to ensure that the mood is raised and the blood vessels dilate. The blood flow in the penis should be improved and thus the erection should be improved. With the improved blood flow, the sensitivity of the nerves should then be increased and thus there should be a positive effect on the sexual sensation.

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Compared to other sexual enhancers El Macho is not a tablet, but comes in the form of drops. The drops are dissolved in water and then drunk. The intake is unproblematic and the taste is not unpleasant. Twice a day 20 drops should be taken or 40 drops one hour before a desired sex.

Side effects

As a rule, the purely herbal sexual enhancers cause hardly any side effects. Nevertheless, people can also react allergic to individual active ingredients. Side effects can never be completely ruled out, even if the concentration is not very high. Most of the ingredients usually only make themselves negatively noticeable in high overdoses.

Buy El Macho where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you want to try the product despite the negative experiences, you can of course buy it on the Internet. The product is not available at the pharmacy. Usually El Macho can only be ordered on the manufacturer’s website.

Bottom line:

Every man can suffer from sexual dysfunction and there are different reasons for this. El Macho is supposed to be a potency-increasing product, which is based on a completely natural basis. The health is not burdened by the natural ingredients, however, according to some experiences the product should not bring the desired and promised success. El Macho is usually described as expensive and ineffective. There are better alternatives that can be tried.

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