Climax Control experiences and test 2020 – successes possible?

By | 3. October 2020

Many men wish for more control and more endurance in bed. Many sexual enhancers are designed to meet male needs. They are said to provide relief from erectile dysfunction, a stronger erection, increased libido, penis thickening and penis enlargement. The manufacturers are made with different promises and overall it is always about the erotic experience being prolonged. Not only the men should benefit from the longer pleasure, but also the women. Women usually need a little longer to get the desired orgasms.

Climax Control is said to be a herbal sexual enhancer for erectile dysfunction, which is intended to prolong sexual intercourse. According to the manufacturer there is complete control over ejaculation. The erection should last longer and the results should appear after a few days. It should be a user-friendly and novel sexual enhancer. It is supposed to support the male world in a mild way, so that the partner is brought to orgasm and the man’s stamina is increased. A test is to show whether these promises can come true.

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Table of contents

  • Climax Control experiences and test 2020
    • Climax Control Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Climax Control experience
    • What alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Climax Control intake and dosage
    • Side effects
    • Should I buy Climax Control? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Conclusion

Climax Control Test

Maximilian is 41 years old and he made it his mission to test Climax Control and share his experiences. The test was to last for a month and Maximilian was very excited. Maximilian did not have a reasonable love life and his friends and he suffered a lot. The couple wanted to have a longer sexual intercourse and it was the extra minutes that were to ensure that the passionate heights were reached. Maximilian was very anxious to know whether he would continue to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Day 7

After the first week, the subject found that control over ejaculation could not be taken over. The subject still had to hold back premature ejaculation and always had to slow down the pace. For this reason, sex was not possible for a longer period of time.

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Day 14

Even after two weeks, sex was still failing due to a non-full erection or premature ejaculation. Sex with the partner could not be enjoyed significantly longer.

Day 21

After the third week Maximilian and his girlfriend have found that orgasm and sex are not enjoyed any better. Due to a premature ejaculation the test person was very disappointed and it didn’t help much that his girlfriend calmed him down.

Day 28

The test person was not convinced by the product after the whole test, because he had no control over ejaculation and his penis. The orgasm still came too quickly and there was still the same dissatisfaction. Maximilian would better resort to alternatives and not recommend this product.

Further Climax Control experiences

Anyone looking for Climax Control on the Internet will find some opinions and reviews of the product. Many of them are not necessarily positive and many testers report that the product was ineffective. Anyone who spends money on a sexual enhancer expects at least minor changes. Those who are already disappointed by sex do not need another disappointment by the product. According to many reports, the love play could not be improved and therefore alternatives are advised.

Not all men react in the same way to sexual enhancers, but Climax Control is too often read about negative experiences. In the desperation of those affected, people like to reach for their wallets, and the manufacturers take advantage of this to some extent in the products. However, they do not expect to reach into the void, because after all, there is often already the fear that the partner will cheat on her or leave the man because the sex is not working properly. Before the problems progress, real alternatives are available.

Which alternative do I have?

If you look around the Internet for sexual enhancers, you will also read something about MSX6. Taking the product is very easy, it is manufactured in Germany and is said to be a very effective and good alternative to Climax Control. If you search for MSX6, you can also buy it for example at Amazon and this shows that it is a serious product. The manufacturer states that MSX6 is good for fitness and also increases endurance. It also states that it promotes erection and regulates sperm.

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MSX6 is a product which convinces by a good composition. If you read more about the product, it should be able to stand out clearly from other potency products on the market. Some testers have reported that the product has indeed caused changes. It is often said that sex is significantly improved by the product and in addition, psychological stress is reduced and circulatory disorders are combated.

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Some of the ingredients are found relatively rarely in other sexual enhancers. Folic acid, for example, is a vitamin that contributes to cell regeneration. The vitamin is said to have an effect on the brain and nervous system and sexual stimuli should be better perceived. The product is also said to help control the time of ejaculation. The Griffonia seeds are also known as 5 HTP and together with vitamin B6 it is converted to serotonin. This is a happiness hormone which has motivational, sleep-inducing, anti-depressant and relaxing effects in the brain. It is also thought to be able to influence the timing of ejaculation. The pumpkin seeds have the proportion of zinc and this is needed for the production of testosterone. After consumption, the desire for sex should be increased. There are also other ingredients such as acai berry, cranberry, liquorice, sarsaparilla, tribulus terrestris, L-lysine, L-arginine and L-carnitine.

Climax Control intake and dosage

The manufacturer states that two capsules per day are taken. There should be no reaction between the alcohol and the capsules, which makes it possible to drink alcohol. However, the capsules themselves are best taken with water and users report that they took one capsule in the morning and one in the evening after a meal.

In spite of the alleged natural ingredients in the potency products, caution is always required, because side effects can never be completely ruled out.

It is also important to note that sport and nutrition are important for male potency. The sexual enhancers are not miracle cures and therefore it can only be a support.

Side effects

The manufacturer is relatively vague about the side effects and so hardly any information is found. In general, natural ingredients are said to have hardly any side effects, but these cannot be completely excluded. Also interactions or allergies against ingredients are possible.

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Should I buy Climax Control? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If men want to buy the product despite the negative experiences and opinions, then it is best to buy the product only through the manufacturer. If the product is found on other sites, fakes cannot be excluded. Climax Control cannot be found on eBay or Amazon or in pharmacies.


According to the manufacturer, Climax Control is an optimal product for the satisfaction of women and for long-lasting sex. Premature ejaculation should be prevented and the product should be made of natural ingredients. Because of these promises, many men buy the product, who find it on the Internet. For this reason there are some opinions and experiences, but they are not positive. If these reports are nevertheless discovered, it is often not immediately apparent whether they are serious and honest.

The majority of them state that their love life could not be improved by the product. It would be better to go directly to an alternative and this is where MSX6 comes into play. With MSX6 there should be hardly any side effects and there is a real effect. Compared to chemical potency drugs, it is said to be a well-tolerated alternative. The potency should improve and increase according to the opinions of the testers. Those who still want to test Climax Control should not be too disappointed in the end.

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