Cefagil experiences and Test 2020 – a successful product?

By | 29. September 2020

A successful relationship also requires a strong sex life. If this is disturbed, it can weaken the relationship and also the self-esteem. The sexual weaknesses of both men and women can be seen in a lack of pleasure, difficulty in achieving orgasm, problems with erection and pain during sexual intercourse. In women, a lack of vaginal lubrication can also be a burden, while in men erectile dysfunction can also cause suffering.

According to the manufacturer of Cefagil potency tablets: With the active ingredient of the Damiana plant in Cefagil sexual dysfunctions can be treated in a natural way. Cefagil can promote the blood circulation of the abdomen and stimulate the excitability of the sexual organs. Sexual performance and sexual desire in men and women are strengthened, and a decrease in sexual performance is gently counteracted or prevented. The ability to experience sexuality and sexual desire are improved.

Such a statement may sound nice, but only if there are no contrary opinions. A neutral tester shared his experiences with Cefagil. Below is his report.

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Table of contents

  • Cefagil experiences and test 2020
    • Cefagil Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • More Cefagil field reports
    • What alternatives do I have?
    • Ingredients of Cefagil
    • Cefagil intake and dosage
    • Cefagil dangerous? side effects
    • Should I buy Cefagil? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Opinions of the consumer advice centre
    • Conclusion

Cefagil Test

Mr. Christian B. had gone in search of help to get his wife and himself back into the realms of the marriage bed. A drug that would help both of them equally was the decisive point for the purchase of Cefagil.

As there were several options available, Mr. Christian B. and his wife each tested and documented the same option at the same time.

Day 7

With the choice of three ways of taking the product, I found the decision difficult. But nevertheless we took some money to test all three versions for one month.

We started with two tablets a day. One every 12 hours. Unfortunately, no effect has been observed yet. The first increase is a doubling of the dose, taken every six hours.

With the liquid form we start with 2 times 10 drops. Also taken at 12 hour intervals. Actually, we thought that these would enter the bloodstream more quickly, but even here there is no effect after seven days. So here too, a doubling of the dose.

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For the ampoules we’ll go straight to the acute program. First we had to understand what the abbreviations mean. Amp for ampoule was still clear. I, m. Stands for intramuscular, i.e. into the muscle, i. v. For intravenous, i.e. into the veins and s. c. for subcutaneous, i.e. under the skin.

We have split up, my wife intravenously and I intramuscularly, Under the skin we have both decided brings the least Nevertheless, after a week, the effect is still not apparent.

Day 14

Doubling the tablets has no effect yet, but we will keep the dose for the moment. After all, we want to give the natural product its time to take effect.

Nothing has changed with the drops either. We make the same decision here too and keep the dosage. The tension rises if something happens.

Maybe we understood it differently and it should be one injection per possibility, i.e. skin, muscle and vein. We have now adjusted this so that the effect is still missing.

Day 21

The tablets still show no effect. Now we both go to the full dose of 12 tablets per day. Let’s see what happens.

Even with the drops, we now reach the full dose. Up to now, even with them, the doldrums have been great for both of us.

I guess it doesn’t want to be. We’re still waiting on last week’s test to see if anything changes. Maybe it just takes longer.

Day 28

Unfortunately, tablets did not help. That was a long shot, but we still have two attempts.

Nobody knows what the drops are supposed to do. Nothing at all has changed for us. Except for the disappointment, which has become even greater.

Test completed, disappointment begun. Not that it was going badly, but it was a waste.

Summarizing for all three variants: Nothing at all has changed. Neither my wife nor I could detect any change. In some cases, we were a little short of clues as to how a layman, for example, knows how to inject something. Just keeping your hands off that stuff is the healthiest idea.

More Cefagil field reports

According to its own website, the manufacturer says that there are over 700 satisfied customers. Unfortunately, neutral test reports were not found, which makes an evaluation very difficult to impossible.

What are my options?

MSX6 is a very good alternative. The clear instructions on the package alone and a good presence on the web are proof that the product is well known. It has made a name for itself as Viagra on a natural basis.

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MSX6 has also been tested over a month. The test persons were quickly convinced of the effect, which indicates the very good quality. One feels the relief when something works again the way it should.

The following is known about the ingredients:

Muria puama is found in the rainforest and in high altitude savannah forests of Brazil, in the northern part of South America, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname and is called potency wood in German.

The Ginkgoist is a tree that was originally native to China. It was brought to Europe by Dutch sailors and is now cultivated worldwide. At the turn of the millennium it was voted tree of the year. It is often used in medical form.

Ashwagandhaist the Indian name for the sleeping berry. It is also known as the winter cherry. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayuvera medicine. Because of similar effects it is also called Indian ginseng. Its application range in Ayuvera medicine is wide, among other things it is used to reduce stress levels.

In general, the following ingredients are listed for MSX6:

” L-arginine hydrochloride, potency wood, oat leaf and stem extract 10:1 (Avena sativa), Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 50:1 (contains 24 % flavone glycosides), Ashwagandha root extract 4:1 (Withania somnifera), L-ascorbic acid, D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, nicotinamide, manganese gluconate, ferrous fumarate, calcium D-pantothenate, zinc oxide, cyanocobalamin, retinyl acetate, sodium molybdate dihydrate, copper sulfate, cholecalciferol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin”.

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Ingredients of Cefagil

“The ingredients in Cefagil come from the Damiana plant, which was already highly valued as an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs.”

These manufacturer’s claims are all that’s been found, except for lactose. Here it becomes difficult to trace which ingredients are really in the product and where they come from.

Damiana is found in the southern USA (California, Texas), the entire Central American region, the Caribbean islands and Argentina. Especially in Mexico it is used as a medicinal plant. Among other things, one can make tea from its leaves.

Cefagil intake and dosage

Here you have several options. Cefagil is available as tablets, drops and ampoules for injection in different pack sizes.

For continuous use 1 to 3 tablets, 1x to 3x 5 to 10 drops or 1 to 2 ml Amp s.c., i.m., i.v. are recommended.

In acute phases, it can be increased to up to 12 tablets, taken every 30 to 60 minutes, up to 12x 5 to 10 drops, taken every 30 to 60 minutes and up to 3x 1 to 2 ml Amp s.c., i.m., i.v

Whether this happens with food or not unfortunately remains open.

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Cefagil dangerous? Side effects

Since not much is known, it is not possible to assess whether there are side effects and how dangerous the product is. It should be stowed away out of reach of small children in any case.

Should I buy Cefagil? If so, where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you still want to test the product, you can order it on the manufacturer’s website.

Opinions of the consumer advice centre

When ordering from abroad, the surveillance authority always makes random checks. In general, products are found to contain illegal substances that have been added to them and impurities. This can have a negative effect on health.

Consumer protection would like to draw attention to the following two points:

1) The advertising statements are not scientifically tenable. Such advertising claims are for example “Immediate help with low potency” or “For a better and harder erection”.

2) The Federal Ministry for Risk Assessment (BfR) comes to the conclusion that, based on the available data, the basis for evaluating the product as safe is missing.


Don’t touch this product. With so little information, anything can happen with unpleasant consequences. I guess nobody wants that. Furthermore the product is offered as homeopathic. For homeopathy there is still no scientific proof that it works. A lot of work is done with faith (placebo effect). However, if it is not even known exactly what ingredients are available, this can be quite problematic.

The manufacturer also advertises that it works equally well for men and women. You can think what you want about it, but it seems somehow unbelievable. To have the same effect on two different organs is somehow not quite logical.

The sexual enhancer MSX6 has also been tested over a long period of time, and you can read a lot of reports online. The ingredients and their effects are also known here. This trustworthy product is to be believed.

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