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By | 27. September 2020

Erogan experiences and test – do the capsules keep what they promise?

If it is about sex life and sex, capsules different capsules are offered. With erosion it is promised that an erection should last longer and the penis should also become significantly harder.

Our test is about whether the recommendations are really true and whether men can enjoy sex more again. According to the manufacturer, sex should be made more interesting and exciting. The manufacturer states that men have more energy and therefore their stamina increases.

Read on to see if eroticism can improve your sex life.

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Table of contents

  • Erogan experiences and test – do the capsules keep what they promise?
    • Increase potency with erotism: Test report
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • Further Erogan experiences
    • What alternative do I have?
    • Ingredients
    • Effect
    • Ingestion
    • Side effects
    • Where to buy Erogan? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon
    • Bottom line:

Increase potency with eroticism: Test report

Adrian is 48 years old and he wanted to try eroticism himself. Erogan had read that the erection becomes harder and is also prolonged. During sex the men should have more energy and therefore the fun should increase because of the stamina. Often it is also about women being surprised, because after all both sides should have more fun. Erogan ordered the product and waited eagerly for it. However, he was aware that natural ingredients can also lead to side effects and that the effect is certainly not as given as with prescription sexual enhancers.

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Day 7

When Adrian used the potency pill for a week, he could not detect any changes. In the first 7 days no immediate and satisfactory results could be observed. The permanent desire for sex and the longer erection did not occur.

Day 14

Even after 2 weeks Adrian had to realize that the promised effect of the manufacturer did not come true. Adrian had expected much more from the product, even though he knew that the sensations were not always the same and that the remedies could work differently for all men.

Day 21

In the test the pills did not inspire Adrian even after 3 weeks. There are some ingredients which can actually promote the potency of men. This is also the reason why Adrian promised himself more.

Day 28

After the entire test period, Adrian can only say that taking the pill was relatively unproblematic and that he did not experience any side effects. The increased libido, the strengthening of the erection and the longer sexual intercourse were not observed. Adrian hoped that the situation would slowly improve, but it remained unchanged.

Further Erogan experiences

Natural sexual enhancers often do not offer the same effects as prescription drugs. There can be a different effect in different men, as experience shows. While some men find a minimal effect, there is also some experience of the product where there was no effect. Some testers said that they would be better off using other products. Only a few testers are really convinced and would recommend the product to others.

What alternative do I have?

Phallosan Forte is often referred to as an effective alterantive because it is not a tablet or capsule. Since the right sexual enhancers are available only on prescription, over-the-counter products with natural ingredients often cannot achieve similarly good effects. More and more men are therefore resorting to the proven mechanical solution by pulling with negative pressure. The blood circulation is increased and the natives already relied on these principles to stretch the necks.

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The mixture of penis belt and penis pump is described as helpful. The penis is sealed in the cylinder and the slight vacuum is created. The carrying device allows the penis to be stretched and instructions are included. Everything with the product was well processed according to test reports and the application works simply. With the enclosed suction bells the appropriate size can be determined. Many of the testers are satisfied with the results and in some cases the expectations are exceeded.

Now to the alternative


Among the ingredients are found gelatine, pine bark extract, ginseng root extract, Muir Puam bark extract, L-arginine and Tribulus Terrestris extract. Ginseng is said to provide natural energy, L-arginine is a natural amino acid for blood flow, Muir Puam offers a strengthening effect for the nervous system and pine bark extract is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and natural remedy.


The ingredients are supposed to help the natural potency pill that problems with erection are solved. The orgasm should be delayed as long as possible and the sex should be more fun. Two tablets a day are taken to take the effect, so that the potency can be lived out again. The duration of the erection should be prolonged and the orgasm should also become better and more intense.


The manufacturer states that the preparation is best taken for a period of four weeks. The recommended dosage is somewhat opaque, speaking once of two capsules a day and elsewhere of up to five capsules a day. The recommendation is therefore 2 to 5 capsules and this is best taken on an empty stomach. In case of allergies, the treatment should be discontinued. It is important that a drop form is available in addition to capsules. The capsules are always taken with a sip of water.

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Side effects

The product consists of 100 percent natural extracts and therefore there should be no side effects. However, allergic reactions or insensitivities can never be excluded. After all, it is not unusual for men to be allergic to individual ingredients. Even with natural ingredients it can never be ruled out that no side effects occur.

Buy Erogan where? Pharmacy, dm, Amazon

If you want to try Erogan despite the bad experiences, you can order the product on the Internet. The product is not available at the pharmacy and it is best to buy it on the official website of the manufacturer. Since there are often fakes on the market, it is better to buy the original product directly from the manufacturer. Erogan is also not available at Amazon and caution should be exercised when dealing with traders on eBay, as they are often not original products.

Bottom line:

Erogan is a sexual enhancer which is not only noticeable through positive experiences. Over-the-counter, natural sexual enhancers cannot usually compete with prescription drugs. Although the side effects are usually very minor, the effect often leaves much to be desired. Some testers report that the erectile dysfunction is still present and that it is better to test another product. If you want to order erogenous products, you should think about it carefully and look at more comparable products.

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