Black Latte experiences and test 2020 – lose weight with activated carbon?

By | 1. October 2020

Many people would like to lose weight without exerting themselves. This is not really possible, but Black Latte promises that the weight can easily be reduced. Great effects are promised by the manufacturer already in a short time. According to the manufacturer, celebrities also take the diet product and this should include Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron. In a test it shall be shown whether it is a rip-off product or a miracle cure. It is also about what is actually behind the product and what active ingredients are available.

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  • Black Latte experiences and test 2020
    • Black Latte Test – Black Latte to lose weight effectively?
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • What alternative do I have?
    • More Black Latte experience reports
    • Black Latte scam?
    • Ingredients
    • Revenue
    • Effect
    • Black Latte side effects
    • Buy black latte – where?
    • Black Latte dm?
    • Black Latte Rossmann?
    • Black Latte Pharmacy
    • Our Black Latte experience

Black Latte Test – Black Latte to lose weight effectively?

Antonia D. decided to test Black Latte over a period of 4 weeks. The lifestyle was not changed for the test and no sports were done. The test person was very curious about what was behind the promised effect and a pack was ordered for testing. The delivery initially took some time, but the decision was made to test the drink for thirty days.

Day 7

After the powder was obtained, a teaspoon was always put in hot water in the morning. The same procedure was repeated at noon and in the evening. Antonia D. first noticed that the drink did not taste very good. Within the first week no other changes were noticed.

Day 14

Halfway through the test period, Antonia D. noticed that she could barely get the drink down. On the scales, nothing had changed even after two weeks. The effect promised by the manufacturer did not start after two weeks.

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Day 21

After three weeks of testing, the test person only noticed that there were no undesirable side effects. However, there was no trace of any noticeable or visible effect. The disappointment was great, although the test person already thought that losing weight without a change in diet and exercise hardly works.

Day 28

After four weeks of testing, no changes were found. Antonia D. also asked friends and acquaintances if they noticed anything about her. Since this was always denied and the scales showed nothing else, she would not recommend the product. It would be better to choose one of the alternatives.

What alternative do I have?

If you are looking for an effective alternative, Riboslim may be a good choice. With the help of the diet pill you should actually lose weight after the fat production is stopped. The hormones responsible for fat burning should be activated and after the serotonin level is increased, the feeling of hunger should be reduced. Of course, it is also important with riboslim that weight loss is hardly possible without sport and a change of diet.

About riboSlim

More Black Latte testimonials

If people’s areas of experience are found on the Internet, it cannot always be 100% assumed that they are true. It is not uncommon for fake reports to be found in order to sell the products better. In many cases, however, experience shows that the only way to avoid losing weight is to use black latte. Those who do sport and change their diet can have success, but this does not have to be related to black latte. If you really want to take a product to support your weight loss, it is better to use alternatives such as riboslim.

Black Latte scam?

In various forums negative reports about Black Latte are found. Again and again people read that this product has no effect and that the money has been thrown out of the window. Even though there are hardly any side effects with the product, the manufacturer promises much more. The expectations of Black Latte are high and according to the testers these expectations are often not even remotely fulfilled. While some report minimal effects, many write of no effect.


According to the manufacturer, Black Latte contains some ingredients. The activated carbon is supposed to reduce fat accumulation and if fat is absorbed through food, it should be better processed and eliminated. Other toxins should also be flushed from the body. Another ingredient is Omega 3, which cannot be produced by the body itself and is supplied from outside. Omega 3 is responsible for regulation. L-carnitine is supposed to distribute and remove fat and it fights against cellulite. The elasticity of the skin should be promoted and weight loss should be possible. In addition, coconut milk activates the metabolism and promotes the processing of excess fat. Information on other ingredients is also found and these are chocolate, chromium picolinate, maltodextrin, demineralised whey and instant coffee.

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The manufacturer recommends that one teaspoon of powder in a glass or cup is mixed with hot water. The powder must then be stirred well. One serving can be drunk per day and it is not uncommon to be told that one serving should be drunk up to three times a day. This is considered to be a dietary cure and therefore it should be taken over a month. In most experiences, the intake is usually in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


The composition of the ingredients is supposed to counteract the main causes of overweight. These include poor fat burning and blood circulation, exposure to harmful substances and low metabolic activity. For weight reduction, the supposed acceleration of the metabolism should be especially helpful.

Black Latte side effects

The manufacturer states that there are no side effects when taking it. However, undesirable side effects or adverse reactions are always possible if there are intolerances to the ingredients. Allergic reactions or nausea cannot be completely ruled out for this reason. Black Latte should not be taken by nursing mothers, pregnant women or children under the age of three.

Where to buy black latte?

If you still want to try Black Latte despite the negative experiences, it is best to buy the product directly from the manufacturer. Also with some affiliate partner sites the product is otherwise found on the Internet. However, since there are calls from employees, it is often assumed that they are rip-off products. Many users are sceptical if they have to provide country, name and phone number during the order process. Occasionally, according to the users’ experience, the product is also supposed to appear on Amazon.

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Black latte dm?

With dm the product is usually not found. Whoever wants to buy the product will find it at the manufacturer.

Black Latte Rossmann?

At Rossmann the product is usually not found. Those who want to buy the product can find it at the manufacturer.

Black Latte Pharmacy

At a pharmacy the product is usually not found. If you want to buy the product, you can find it at the manufacturer.

Our Black Latte experience

Many experiences show that it is rather an ineffective product. Even if there are hardly any side effects with the product, the promised effect does not occur. It can hardly be taken off, if one does without a nourishing conversion and physical activity. If then a product is taken supporting, then better a more effective alternative, where the experiences are better. With Black Latte too many buyers speak of rip-off and fraud.

The active ingredients are present in the product, but probably in too small doses for a visible success.

As a better alternative we often call Riboslim. If a natural product is used, then riboslim is often recommended and this product should be combined with exercise. The product should stimulate the fat burning process and this without any attacks of ravenous appetite. Riboslim activates the body’s own hormones, which are responsible for the melting away of fat. Excess carbohydrates should not be converted into fat and new fat deposits should be prevented. The feeling of hunger should be reduced, because hunger is suppressed by an active substance.

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