Be Harder Test and field report 2020 – the means to success?

By | 2. October 2020

For many men it is very stressful when they have weaknesses in their sex life. In some cases the problems are serious and treatment is important. Some men look for the problem solver on their own initiative. Be Harder is one of them and this is a potency gel from the Ciraxin brand.

According to the manufacturer Be Harder should be applied to the penis and the sex life should be noticeably improved. The man should get longer and harder erections. A test will show whether there is anything to this advertising promise of the manufacturer.

For a better alternative

Table of contents

  • Be Harder Test and experiences 2020
    • Be Harder Test
      • Day 7
      • Day 14
      • Day 21
      • Day 28
    • What alternative do I have?
    • More Be Harder field reports
    • Be Harder scam?
    • Ingredients
    • Revenue
    • Effect
    • Be Harder side effects
    • Buy Be Harder – where?
    • Be Harder dm?
    • Be Harder Rossmann?
    • Be Harder Pharmacy?
    • Our Be Harder experiences

Be Harder Test

The test person Richard L. made it his business to try a self-experiment with Be Harder. The test was to be carried out over a period of four weeks. The test person is very curious whether the promised effect will occur. Richard L. had also been struggling with his bad sex life for a long time and he would like to see a change.

Day 7

In the first week after application of the gel nothing was felt. The blood circulation was not stimulated, which meant that the penis was not supplied with more blood and the erection did not become harder.

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Day 14

After the second week no longer erection was felt. The thickness of the penis did not increase and there was no increase in the stability of the penis. The sex life could not be improved yet.

Day 21

After three weeks disappointment slowly spread. The advertising promise was not yet kept in any way. Until now, the test person felt as if he was applying a normal cream without any effect.

Day 28

After the whole four weeks of testing, no change was noticed. Neither on your own penis, nor on your own feeling, nor on the improved sex. It is easy to use, but these are already all the benefits. The test person would no longer buy the product and would better choose an alternative.

What alternative do I have?

MSX6 as an alternative is very popular with men. It is taken quickly, there are natural ingredients and no side effects. It is manufactured in Germany, there are high-quality ingredients and a high dosage. Potency and endurance are improved, blood circulation in the penis is improved and sex life is enhanced with MSX6.

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More Be Harder field reports

The experience reports speak of easy application. Some testers also speak of positive effects on the sex life. The penis can often even be slightly thicker. The problem with the experiences on the Internet is that many of them are not honest. Fake experiences and tests are often available on the internet. There are also many negative opinions about Be Harder that speak of no effect.

Be Harder scam?

Those who read about the product in the forums will find more negative experiences. Many men have premature ejaculations, problems with erection and potency problems. Many men therefore also suffer from fear of failure. The sex life also deteriorates over time. Be Harder is supposed to provide a remedy for this, which according to many opinions and experiences does not work. Many men report that there was no effect at all.

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The gel contains Tribulus Terrestris. This medicinal plant is mainly found in Asia and Africa. It is said to increase the libido and to be helpful for low testosterone levels. The medicinal plant is also said to have an erection-promoting effect. The effect is said to be particularly effective together with L-arginine. L-Arginine is also contained and this is one of the best known natural-based sexual enhancers. L-arginine has an effect on the male sexual organ and more blood reaches the penis.


The manufacturer states that the gel is best applied thinly to the penis about thirty minutes before a desired sexual intercourse. Already during the application time you can start with foreplay. Men should not apply the gel more than three times a day.


The combination of the active ingredients L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris is said to increase libido and improve blood circulation. The sexual desire of men is said to be promoted and a longer and harder erection is said to be possible. The sex life is to be revived in such a way and with existing potency problems it should be a help.

It is important to note that over-the-counter products usually cannot achieve the same effect as prescription products. It is also important that no product can replace a healthy lifestyle and sufficient exercise.

Be Harder side effects

The manufacturer states that there should be no side effects when using the gel. There should also be no undesirable side effects from the product, because the ingredients are well tolerated and natural. Only allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to one or more active ingredients are possible.

Buy Be Harder – where?

Unfortunately, there are always fakes, rip-off products and dubious third parties. On the internet some questionable manufacturers and dishonest products can be found. It is best if the preparations are always bought from the original manufacturer. It is also a safe method if the product is bought for example at Amazon.

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Be Harder dm?

Be Harder is not found on dm, the product should be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Be Harder Rossmann?

Be Harder is not found at Rossmann, the product should be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Be Harder Pharmacy?

Be Harder is usually not found in pharmacies and it should be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Our Be Harder experience

Many men today suffer from potency problems. If you start looking for a natural product, you will come across the Be Harder gel. Unfortunately, there have been some bad experiences with this product, which has not had any effect on many of them.

It is often said that this product is a waste of money and that an alternative is better used. MSX6 is said to be an effective alternative according to opinions and experiences. The product is manufactured in Germany, there are natural ingredients and no side effects.

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