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By | 1. October 2020

Bathmate test and experiences – Can the Hercules pump keep its promise?

Bathmate is a series of pumps designed to increase the size of the penis in a short time. After all, many men are not satisfied with the natural size of the penis.

Through the 21st century there are more and more new methods and possibilities to enlarge the penis. Some techniques are more effective, others less so. One of the most popular penis enlargement methods are penis pumps.

More and more men report that the penis pumps are working and therefore often short-term, but sometimes also lasting results can be achieved.

If you wish to have a greater potency or a larger penis, you can use a penis pump. Through negative pressure blood gets into the penis and an erection is achieved.

According to the manufacturer, Bathmate Hercules is said to provide more endurance during sex, and many users also want to increase the performance of their penis.

It is not uncommon to experience more self-confidence, increased libido and more fun in bed for both men and women. Finally, the length and thickness of the penis plays an important role and this is lasting and also acute.

The Hercules pump is very often praised and the manufacturer promises a lot. But can the pump keep its promise or is there even a better alternative? Read on to find out the answer.

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Table of contents

  • Bathmate test and experience – Can the Hercules pump keep its promise?
    • What is Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Hydromax? How does it work?
      • Advantages of the Bathmate
      • Disadvantages of the Bathmate
    • Bathmate experiences: The Test – What Bathmate results are possible?
    • What are the alternatives to Bathmate?
    • Other Bathmate experiences from the forum
    • Conclusion

What is Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Hydromax? What is Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Hydromax?

The penis pumps are one of several techniques for the enlargement of the penis. They are relatively easy to use, because the penis is simply inserted into the special container. Pressure is created, which causes blood to flow into the penis.

The erectile tissue of the penis is expanded and thus there is the enlargement effect. Bathmate states that systematic use leads to the enlargement of the penis. The penis pumps are also a great help for men who have erection problems.

Bathmate can be used without water or even under water. However, the influence of water should give the more pleasant result and greater effectiveness. The erectile tissue of the penis is strengthened and stretched by regular use. Micro-cracks in the tissue are possible through the exercises and the penis swells with it.

The effect often lasts for several hours at this point. Bathmate Hercules is based on the patented hydraulic technology. The cylinder is not filled with air as usual, but with water. The pressure build-up is based on the accordion principle.

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Advantages of the Bathmate

The Bathmate penis pump is very easy to use. The water makes the vacuum feel very good and when using it gives the very pleasant feeling. The materials are very well made and yet the price is relatively low. The price-performance ratio of the product is therefore very impressive.

Since the users are usually in the bathtub or under the shower, cleaning is very easy. According to some testers, temporary lengthening is possible with the product without any problems. However, a permanent increase is doubted by many users. Every user should better plan Bathmate for temporary growth.

Disadvantages of the Bathmate

The disadvantage is that only active use is possible. Passive application, for example overnight, does not work with this product. Everybody should be actively involved with the device in order to achieve success. A bathtub or shower is usually required for the best results.

The water makes the application varied and the feeling is pleasant. The manufacturer describes that the application is also possible with air, but the results are not supposed to be as effective. A disadvantage at this point is that there is no pressure indication. However, by equalizing the pressure with water, the sudden overpressure is not possible.

Bathmate experiences: The Test – What Bathmate successes are possible?

Tobias from Frankfurt had tested Bathmate and this even over a longer period of 6 months. Tobias used Bathmate two to three times a day for 10 minutes each time. Tobias already knew beforehand that a certain amount of patience is necessary to enlarge the penis.

Tobias found that the volume and length of the penis improved after the application. The larger and stronger erection was also noted.

He could not determine whether the correction of a curvature of the penis is also possible. During the sexual intercourse the performance was increased and Tobias could feel completely like a man. However, even when used over a longer period of time, it was found that improvement has always been short-term. Directly after the application there was a thickening of about 1.5 centimetres and a lengthening of about 2 centimetres. However, a new application was always required to achieve the desired thickness and length.

Tobias did not experience any long-term extension. However, the short-term enlargement made new positions possible and the penis could penetrate deeper. For the partner this also means more intensive emotional experiences. For other intimate approaches the thicker and larger penis can also lead to more self-confidence. The penis becomes more attractive in any case, even if only for a short time. Tobias informs that the application can take place in standing or also in sitting position.

According to the test, it is best for everyone to first sit down in the bathtub – which is filled with warm water. Bathmate is then filled completely with water and then the device is placed on the slightly erect penis. If Bathmate is sitting on it, this can be pushed several times towards the base of the penis.

No more water should flow out of the pressure relief valve at the end. Once the gentle vacuum has been created, men remain relaxed in this position for a few minutes. Tobias then pumped further times until the optimum vacuum was reached.

The pressure relief valve can be used to reduce the pressure even if the vacuum is too strong. All pressure is released after about 10 minutes and then the pump is removed. When Tobias then looked at the penis, it was significantly longer and wider.

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Tobias used the device two or three times a day for about 10 minutes. Tobias found that the result was temporary and that regular, long-term use of the Bathmate not to the long-term outcome led. According to Tobias, the application is pleasantly possible and the strong vacuum can be created due to the high tightness. By the use under the shower or in the bathtub everything is practical, fast and the annoying cleaning is not necessary. During the whole 6 months the daily applications were very easy and there are quick results.

Tobias often showered in the morning and evening and this time was used for the tests. A third training session was then added sporadically if time allowed. Tobias then felt it as a horny feeling when he walked around with his inflated penis.

What are the alternatives to the Bathmate?

Many men with potency problems like to use herbal sexual enhancers. Compared to prescription drugs, the effect of these herbal sexual enhancers is often minimal. There are also products such as Bathmate or Phallosan Forte. Phallosan Forte is said to be a very effective alternative.

It is based on the proven principles and on the mechanical action. Even the primitive peoples used the principle to lengthen the necks. Pulling with negative pressure causes the increase of blood circulation, which also works with the penis.

Phallosan Forte is intended to have a permanent effect and the penis is proven to be enlarged. Underneath the clothing a comfortable use is possible and the erectile function increases. According to the manufacturer Phallosan Forte is used for penis straightening, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, stronger erection and problems with premature ejaculation.

Phallosan Forte is a painless and natural method. The stretching belt has been specially developed and the application draws on the long tradition of primitive peoples. Over a long period of time, its use has already proven itself accordingly. With the constant stretching of the body parts, new cells are formed and growth is achieved.

The cells in the penis are specifically stimulated and this should lead to good results. Without pain and without taking certain drugs an effective help should be possible.

The special advantage of Phallosan Forte is that this system can be worn in everyday life or even during sleep. The foreskin and glans are covered with the protective cap and the special condom. High-quality materials make the system comfortable to wear. The penis is then placed in the device with the stretching belt and here the even, continuous pull is exerted. There should be no rubbing or soreness and the shape remains elastic and flexible.

So that at Phallosan Forte Promising results are possible, the system must also be used for at least 3 months. The stretching belt always remains in place – yet the apparatus is hardly noticeable.

The apparatus is simply worn underneath the clothes and the locomotion in everyday life is possible. After all, Phallosan Forte is also recommended to be worn for six to eight hours a day and even wearing it at night is no problem. Not only the extension should then be possible, but also the adjustment of structure and size.

Even penile curvatures are corrected by Phallosan Forte. When used correctly, the manufacturer states that there are no side effects. The important thing with all these products is, of course, that it takes a short period of getting used to.

Now directly to the manufacturer

Other Bathmate experiences from the forum

Men in different forums are generally very satisfied, especially with the price-performance ratio. Bathmate should be absolutely suitable for short-term success. However, if you are looking for a permanent enlargement, it is better to use Phallosan Forte. If Bathmate was used, some men experienced a stronger and larger erection. In addition, it was often reported that men were better able to control ejaculation.

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As more and more men suffer from erectile dysfunction, products like Phallosan Forte or Bathmate are very suitable. According to experience, the only important thing is that the products must be used regularly to achieve the desired results. It is also clear that this requires a certain amount of patience.

According to experience, not only the length should be influenced, but also the thickness. The larger the penis, the better the sex is often. The orgasms and sensations should become all the more intense with Bathmate. According to some testers, Bathmate is also supposed to help correct the penis. If the penis is crooked, it can be used for short-term straightening.

Since, according to the testers, there are also fake products on the market, the best way to order is via the manufacturers’ websites. Original products with a guarantee are then purchased. If non-original products were purchased, some men are disappointed by the effect. With original products, consumers rave about affordable prices, good results and high quality.

Directly after use, the result is visible to many users and an extension of sometimes 2 to 7 centimetres should be possible, according to the testers. Of course it must be said at this point that all men achieve different results. Every man and every penis is different, which also means that the results are different.

Some testers then talked about the enlargement of the glans and more girth. Early ejaculations were improved and there was more stamina during sex. Some testers talked about the improved sex life and the increased self-confidence. The feelings during orgasm should have become more intense according to the users.


Bathmate is a successful product, and good experiences can be made with it. A short-term straightening and enlargement of the penis should be possible with it. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most frequently sold penis pumps worldwide. According to the manufacturer, successes have been achieved with Peyronie’s disease, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Enlargement can promote self-confidence after the penis gains in thickness and length.

It should be noted, however, that the success decreases over time and the product must be used again. If you want permanent penis enlargement, it is better to use Phallosan Forte. If you only want temporary gains, you may consider Bathmate. After use there is a small difference, the penis can be thickened easily. The results are only visible for a few hours, but can be reproduced at will.

However, if you want a long-term penis enlargement, penis straightening or potency increase, you should definitely use Phallosan forte, as it is worn for longer and can therefore provide long-lasting results.

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