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By | 28. September 2020

Phallosan forte experiences 2019 – is penis enlargement possible?

We have already reported on Phallosan forte and its various effects in various articles. Last week we received a field report from Martin K., 37 years old. He thanked us for the factual explanation of what is possible with the extender and even took the time to describe his experiences with the Phallosan forte.

The program “Brisant” on ARD clarifies with a field report by Ewald Feuerstein, 59, about the mode of action and results of the Phallosan forte.

Comparison winner: Phallosan forte

Bestseller No. 1 in Penis Enlargement


Class 1 medical device


CE-certified & patented


up to 4.9cm longer penis


improved endurance


stronger erection


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PZN 08610086


To the manufacturer

On average the penis grows by 4.5 cm when using Phallosan® forte.

About the study

Table of contents

  • Phallosan forte experiences 2019 – is penis enlargement possible?
        • Class 1 medical device
        • CE-certified & patented
        • up to 4.9cm longer penis
        • improved endurance
        • stronger erection
        • prolonged erection
        • PZN 08610086
        • Germany
    • Phallosan forte Field report by Martin K., 37
      • What is Phallosan Forte?
      • Phallosan Forte in my 6th month test
        • Increase in penis length (flaccid):
        • Increase in penis length (erect):
        • Increase in penis circumference:
      • My first application with Phallosan Forte
        • The result:
      • Were there any side effects or disadvantages?
      • Would I recommend Phallosan Forte?
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Phallosan forte field report by Martin K., 37

Dear Health2Advisors Team,

first of all thank you for your education on the subject of penis extension. I have used many different alleged “wonder penis enlargement pills”.

The only thing that got bigger were the cash registers of the pill manufacturers.

Finally I found your article in which you took a closer look at the Phallosan forte and confirmed my impression on the topic of penis enlargement pills…

For years I had been looking for an optimal solution for penis enlargement, as well as an increase in erectile function. For years now my self-esteem has been suffering in the area of sexual relations with women.

By chance I came across Phallosan Forte. Of course there were also praises for the product Phallosan Forte, but also at least seemingly serious reports. I found the fact that Phallosan Forte is also approved as a medical aid and can be purchased in pharmacies very interesting.

On average the penis grows by 4.5 cm when using Phallosan® forte.

To the study

What is Phallosan Forte?

This is a mixture of penis belt and penis pump.
Phallosan Forte is used to lengthen the penis.
Here the penis is inserted into a cylinder which is closed around the penis and creates a slight vacuum. With the carrying device the penis can also be stretched at the same time. A CD and the necessary components and instructions are in the packaging.

The order turns out to be quite simple. Phallosan Forte can be purchased from a pharmacy or ordered on the Internet.
Due to the use of Phallosan Forte the penis achieves an average enlargement of 4.5 cm.
Phallosan also helps in cases of penis curvature or erectile dysfunction, as well as in prostate surgery aftercare.

Phallosan Forte in my 6th month test

During the first days I followed the recommended instructions and later varied them more or less according to my feelings. According to the description the wearing time per day should be six to eight hours. Personally, I have often worn Phallosan Forte over a period of 24 hours in a row.

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Phallosan Forte is best worn at night. After a few days I have completely got used to wearing the extender even when I sleep.
In general it is also important to measure correctly, otherwise you will not be able to make a proper comparison. In the test I noticed that mainly at the beginning you can feel and see significant changes in length.

The values become firmer after a longer use, even if you leave the belt off once.

On average the penis grows by 4.5 cm when using Phallosan® forte.

About the study

Increase in penis length (flaccid):

Initial value 6.0 cm.

  • Six weeks later 6.9 cm.
  • Three months later 8.7 cm.
  • Six months later 10.1 cm.

Increase of the penis length (erriyaw):

Initial value 12.4 cm.

  • Six weeks later 13.6 cm.
  • Three months later 15.1 cm.
  • Six months later 16.7 cm

Increase of the penis circumference:

Initial value 5.4 cm.

  • Six weeks later 6.6 cm.
  • Three months later 7.7 cm.
  • Six months later 7.7 cm.

At the beginning it’s a strange feeling, because the penis is always under tension, it’s not disturbing, but as a reflex you always want to adjust something down there. Also at work I had no problems with Phallosan Forte, at first I was only worried if you could see the extender through the pants. Fortunately this is not the case.

On the 2nd day I have worn the Phallosan Forte for more than 3 hours without any problems. It was always important to me to make sure that the extender is not too tight and always moves in the green area of the pump.

My first application with Phallosan Forte

I followed the instructions meticulously. At the beginning I had to determine the right size with a measuring template after I had prepared everything.

  1. The prepared bell must be plugged together with the suction pump until it clicks into place. Then the cuff condom is put over the bead.
  2. The cuff condom is now rolled back up to the bell.
  3. The protector cap is now drawn over the glans of the penis.
  4. The penis is now inserted into the suction bell, then the cuff condom is unrolled again, or rolled over the penis.
  5. The valve is now opened on the green part of the pump. By means of the suction setting, this is then actuated a few times. It should not appear unpleasant.
  6. A slight vacuum is then maintained with the valve setting on the lock symbol.
  7. Now the belt is put on. The large foam ring is pulled over the entire device and the belt is buckled around the hips and fixed with the two eyelets.
  8. With the buckle the tension is increased, and then at the pump the colors: yellow, green, red. At the beginning you should choose a more pleasant tension in the green area.
  9. It is important that the whole system sits securely and well, not too loose, but not too tight either, as you should also use it to move around in everyday use.
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On average the penis grows by 4.5 cm when using Phallosan® forte.

To the study

The result:

I am very satisfied with the result after about 20 weeks, I had expected much less.

Phallosan Forte actually helps, not only in the area of penis enlargement, it also helps the erectile function. I simply want to have sex more often and I can last much longer. In the past, I used to become tired after only 5 to 7 minutes, but now I can hold out for about 20 minutes. You cannot imagine the positive effect this has had on my relationship!