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By | 30. September 2020

Gracia slimming drops to lose weight? Experience

Lose weight without doing much sport and feast extensively at the same time? With the Gracia slimming drops this is supposed to be possible, so the manufacturer promise. This “slimming product” advertises like others of its kind that losing weight by taking the drops is very easy and nothing has to be done without.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in order to reach your desired weight, you simply had to take a product every day and watch how slowly but surely the pounds drop?

Maybe this is exactly what Gracia can do. Can a single product cause the pounds to drop, even if nothing is dispensed with?

Are the Gracia slimming drops possibly the long-awaited miracle cure for all those who struggle with the extra kilos?

This test clarifies.

Field reports…

…so that you make the right decision

Ingredients, effect…

…and everything else you need to know!

Is it worth…

…is it worth the money?

Gracia slimming drop test

The test was to take place under natural conditions, so that I carried out checks at regular intervals throughout the test. The test person (Stefanie, 32) came to me with a starting weight of 83 kg and a height of 1.62 m. As a condition we agreed to do without fast food and twice a week a sporting activity for 30 minutes.

Day 1

There were no special incidents on day 1. I discussed the exact procedure with the test person and carried out a fat measurement on the arms and thighs as well as on the stomach and hips. All numbers were noted down and I sent Stefanie home with the preparation. We arranged a first control appointment in 14 days. There were no physical problems except overweight.

Day 15

Today, the test person came to me for the first time at 9 o’clock for a check-up, sober. She herself has not noticed any significant differences in appearance or weight loss so far. She only mentioned that it was particularly easy for her to take the preparation. She stuck to the agreements and did not eat any fast food at all, and exercised physically twice a week for about half an hour. We recorded a decrease of about 500 grams. Although this was less than we had hoped for, it was quite understandable in view of the rather low level of physical activity.

Day 30

After two more weeks Stefanie came to me for another check-up appointment and we carried out another measurement. In the meantime, one month has passed since the first intake of Gracia Novo; enough time for the product to take full effect in the body. It showed that the test person lost weight again and also that the circumference, especially on the stomach, decreased slightly. The total weight loss now amounted to 2 kilograms, which means she lost 1.5 kg more since her last weighing. Stefanie also reported that she tolerated the preparation well and did not notice any side effects.

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Day 45

The next control took place again about two weeks later. This time Stefanie lost another 2 kilograms and after 45 days she had a total weight loss of 4.5 kg. She also noticed that she felt less hungry and therefore automatically ate less. She also kept to the agreements.

Day 60

On day 60 we had our last checkup appointment. With another weight loss of 400 grams, Stefanie had lost almost 5 kg by now and weighed only 78.1 kg now. The last measurement on arms, legs, hips and belly also showed that she lost quite a bit of girth, which she herself noticed in the mirror. If you consider that she did only little sports during the week and, apart from not eating fast food, ate normally, the result is okay. Many people often do not lose much more weight even with a diet. Based on the result of this test alone, it can be said that the positive reports from the Internet about the Gracia drops are correct.

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Table of contents

  • Gracia slimming drops to lose weight? experiences
    • Gracia slimming drop test
      • Day 1
      • Day 15
      • Day 30
      • Day 45
      • Day 60
    • Gracia slimming drops: ingredients
    • Gracia slimming drops: Effect
    • Gracia Novo slimming drops: Consumption
    • Gracia Slimming Drop Experience
    • Gracia drops: Price
    • Is it worth the drops?
    • What alternatives to the weight loss drops do I have?
    • My closing words

Gracia slimming drops: Ingredients

The Gracia slimming drops consist of two components.

Brown algae.

On the one hand, brown algae is in the product. Brown algae, also known as bladderwrack, contain a number of edible seaweeds. All brown algae contain alginic acid (alginate) in their cell walls, which is commercially extracted and used as an industrial thickener in food and for other purposes, such as in dietary products.

Alginic acid can also be used in aquaculture. For example, alginic acid strengthens the immune system of rainbow trout. Younger fish are more likely to survive if they are fed with alginic acid.

Furthermore, the algae stimulate your thyroid hormones due to its high iodine content.

There is also a high amount of ethanol in the product. This pure alcohol has a supporting effect on weight loss.

A molecule of ethanol.

Ethanol is produced by fermentation (conversion) of sugars by yeasts or by “(petro)chemical” processes. Ethanol is most commonly consumed as a popular recreational drug in the form of alcohol.
It also has medical applications as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

The compound is often used as a chemical solvent either for scientific chemical testing or for the synthesis of other organic compounds and is a vital substance used in many different types of manufacturing industries.

Together the two ingredients resulted in a weight reduction.

Gracia slimming drops: Effect

Gracia slimming drops are a homeopathic preparation with purely natural ingredients. Therefore, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it can be assumed that it is well tolerated by the human organism.

The ingredients work together to stimulate your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland or the hormones it produces are responsible for many processes in the body, including the regulation of your metabolism.

By taking it, your metabolism is accelerated to natural whites and you burn more calories and therefore excess fat. For this reason, this product is particularly suitable for very overweight people who have problems with physical activity.

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Please keep in mind that even with natural ingredients, side effects can never be completely excluded. The reason for this is on the one hand a possible allergy to one of the substances. On the other hand, the effect of these on the body can often lead to side effects that are not always positive.

Gracia Novo Slimming Drops: Consumation

The manufacturer recommends taking the drops dissolved in water three times a day – preferably before meals.

You can also take the drops without liquid by drizzling them onto the back of your hand and picking them up with your tongue.

The water is rather seen as an additional appetite quenching aid. Taking it before a meal is also intended to help you eat less. However, it is not necessarily decisive for the effect when the intake takes place, provided that the quantity is adhered to.

Gracia slimming drop experiences

While on some pages on the Internet one can read about charlatanism, customers on other pages confirm the quick effect of the remedy.

Some experts confirm the effect, but only in combination with regular and sufficient physical activity. Such divided opinions can be found in practically every health product. You should always bear in mind that there are many people who simply do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding, for example, the amount to be taken and the way to take it. An incorrect intake can therefore have a negative effect on the effect.

To get an idea of the effect, I have carried out my own test.

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Gracia Drops: Price

Compared to other slimming products, the Gracia drops are relatively inexpensive. A bottle is available on the Internet for around 20 to 25 euros. The preparation can also be bought in the pharmacy. However, here you pay a little more for the same amount.

Are the drops worth it?

Eating what you want and losing weight with little exercise is possible in principle, as the test showed. Of course, the result cannot be compared with that obtained with intensive sports training and a proper diet.

But especially people who find it difficult to train, for example because they are very overweight, or who simply do not have time for sports, can benefit from this product.

The drops should rather be seen as an additional aid and not only taken for weight loss.

The test also showed that the product reduces appetite. It can therefore also be taken if you have problems controlling your portions while eating. This means you will automatically eat less.

Please remember that you should always take this product with caution. Despite the natural ingredients and the positive effect on the body, side effects can never be excluded.

It is also important that you understand that this product is not a miracle cure. It does not replace a healthy diet or physical activity. Even if you lose a lot of weight, only exercise will help you get a firm and good-looking body.

Furthermore, it can also happen that the drops have a completely different effect on you than on the test person in the test. It is possible that you will lose a lot of weight in the first week. It is also possible that you lose little or no weight even after a month.

Perhaps the drops have only a positive effect on your appetite. The reason for this is that this product is natural and therefore indirectly leads to weight loss.

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Since your thyroid gland is stimulated primarily, it depends on how your thyroid gland itself works. Many overweight people, for example, suffer from hyperthyroidism. If you do, it is quite possible that the slimming drops will have no effect.

What alternatives to weight loss drops do I have?

On the market there are a large number of preparations that promise a more or less rapid weight loss, but not all of them show an effect.

A suitable alternative to the Gracia slimming drops is riboSlim. This product naturally blocks the carbohydrates that you ingest. This is effective because a lower amount of carbohydrates automatically makes you lose weight.

The ingredient in riboSlim is HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), a herbal substance. It binds fat in the stomach, which means that it cannot be absorbed by the body.

If you consume too many carbohydrates, your body converts them into fat. Carbohydrates are actually there to provide your body with energy. The problem with these nutrients is that if you don’t use the energy, your body stores the excess carbohydrates as fat reserves.

HCA causes you to automatically excrete this fat before these carbohydrates have been digested.

Unlike the Gracia drops, riboSlim has no effect on your metabolism. This prevents possible side effects.

In addition, you benefit from a lower cholesterol level due to the lower fat accumulation, which in turn contributes positively to the maintenance of muscle mass.

riboSlim also promises that you will lose weight without starving or giving up certain foods.

Laboratory and animal studies on HCA have shown results that indicate a potential for modulating fat metabolism (i.e. fat reduction). It was also shown that one isomer (i.e. “molecule”) of HCA leads to a reduction in carbohydrate metabolism in vitro (“in the test tube”). In a study in sugar rats genetically predisposed to obesity, Garcinia Cambogia extract with HCA showed that high doses led to a significant suppression of epididymal fat accumulation.

HCA, as most tests show, is perfectly safe for most people to take for around 12 weeks or less. There may be minor and short-term side effects, but these are minimal. The long-term effects of the ingredient have not yet been studied.

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My closing words

Overall, it can be said of Gracia slimming drops that they have a positive effect on weight loss, but no miracle can be expected.

It is important to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, despite its use. This will result in greater weight loss and also improve overall well-being.

This preparation should therefore be taken rather to curb the appetite.

It is also important that the drops are not taken over a long period of time, as they have an effect on the thyroid gland and thus a hormone in the body. If you take them for too long and suddenly stop taking them, you could possibly experience side effects. It is also recommended that you consult a doctor before taking the first dose.

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